DJ Whoo Kid & Gain Greene present Max B: Public Domain 3 (Domain Pain)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another old mixtape. Just bare with me for one more sec, will ya!

For the past few years Max B’s celebrity has been gaining notoriety via his beef with Jim Jones (who he more recently began referring to as Milly), his appearances on street DVD’s and Internet videos trashing his former homie, and the street joints that he’s been releasing. And while everyone’s heard the rumors that Max B was the pen behind Jim’s breakthrough hit “We Fly High,” the question remains: Can he create a strong commercial hit for himself?

Just listening to Public Domain you can make a strong case that aside from Lil’ Wayne and 50 Cent, Max B is probably the only other rapper than can make mumbling on a record sound gangsta. Not to say that it made the music good. I’m not saying that at all. But you have to give the man some kind of credit. He did have y’all–not me–bouncing to his rhymes on “Ballin.’”

But like Nas once said, “A thug changes, and love changes and best friends become strangers.” Where Max was once Jimbo Jones’ ghost writer, now he’s become NY’s Rider Man’s worst enemy. Max a.k.a. Biggaveli (that’s really just the dumbest sh*t ever) is declaring war on his former comrades; referring to Jim Jones and Juelz as Milly Vinilly (It’s spelled Vanilli, but Max mumbles a lot so he probably tried to word it out and… whatever.) He set’s it off on “Paperwork,” spittin’, “Things done changed / you so hard, he can’t even walk through Harlem again / got them choppers for them niggas–got him runnin’ around scared / trembling / send my men to get you for your emblem.”

Son continues talking to them as if they bled once a month on “Baby I Wonder (7:30 Dip Diss).” He continues to keep the beef interesting and entertaining on “Lip Sing” where he talks about a certain someone’s mama getting her Karrine Steffans on for a few cents. That’s just a low blow. No pun intended.Now, he isn’t the best rapper in the game. Sh*t, he isn’t even a good one, but his style does in fact make him an interesting one. Though his lyrics are simple (from what I could understand) he does have a good flow. And while his diehard fans (which can mostly be found around his block) will love this, I don’t see it taking him anywhere near where “We Fly High” took Jones in 2006.

Hottest Joint: “Paperwork”

Weakest Joint: “Try Me”

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  • Peru

    Max B looks like one of those limelight starved niggas. Like he mad that he didn’t get all the honey’s that Jones and Santana got so he left on some jealous bitch shit and noe he is gonna try to make a career by saying he built their career. And for all ya’ll that be like “Max B wrote all of that hot Jones shit ya’ll like”…NIGGA PLEASE, Jones aint never had no hot shit!!! Ballin was his biggest hit and that shit wasn’t shit!!!

    • yo

      Yall niggas are some squares max b is the truth

  • whats CraCCin

    who the fuCC is max 6 JJ Is ass and js is ass

  • Hey

    You forgot to mention “Picture Me Rollin”, no 2Pac. That track is coke in the nostrils!

  • future

    u niggaz is crazy max b is fire u niggaz is buggin out. the nigga is wavy and the rason u niggaz don’t uderstand is cuz ya not in the loop

  • Chris Mac250

    Max B has some commercial material and thats where he should stay.

  • fast

    max b suck hard

    all he do is wack singing

    fuck him

  • TOWN Business

    wouldn’t know how coke in the nostrils would feel like. But aside from the dopefiend shit… Max B got some catchy stuff

  • Bigga

    Max B got some hot shit but since he left bitchgang i mean byrd gang his shit hasnt been as good but his Jen jones disses are crack.
    haters do your thing fuck the b gang
    R.I.P Stack B

  • d-wi

    max-b is a wanna be PAC to the fullest.
    i think he needs another bottle smashed over his head!
    when P is FREE, he’ll drop a gem on em

  • Macdatruest

    Max B shit he been droppin is way better than whatever the fuck byrdgang or skullgang put out. Nigga got some skills I aint even know who Max B was but I kept hearing him. I aint think he was wit Jim Jones Dirtbag Ass Had he not been associated with Jim Jones nigga woulda been looked at completely different by now. It’s funny about dude, cause just like whoever wrote this article the whole East Coast got they head stuck up they ass. Instead of supporting the new artists that are good, yall niggas is waiting on L.L. Cool J to come back. Yall niggas will buy another tribute Biggie Pop Album Diddy put together before yall try to break a new artist. Funk Master Flex wont play shit without getting paid first, so there goes the future. Max, get the fuck from the LEastcoast and get money on them niggas

  • Trouble

    Man Max-B Is The Truth. The mixtape is pretty good, The songs I Liked Best Were “Uncle” & “Sunami”. I Think He will eventually Get another hit like Ballin’. He should stop wasting time dissin Jimmy, Ive never thought Jim Was That good of a artist anyway, Max could make hits consistantly. He showed that, anything that was Byrgang/Jim Jones was wrote by Max or Stacks (R.I.P), never Jim.

    But Max-B Gon Shine, He Gotta Get Out Of That ByrdGang/Warner Bros. deal.

  • 239allday

    Niggas up here kill metalkin bout this monotone ass nigga Max B the truth. Max B cool and I fucks with his records but this niggas ok. I seriously don’t understand why yall niggas is on his dick like yall is.


    HE has his own style which is ok if you like simple rhymes. But is very disrespectful with his mouth towards talking about mothers he gotta calm down hes a light weight dude.

  • Nzagy

    Why would people give this guy a time of they day is beyond me.
    Boy is clearly retarded ( no ebonics or hyperbole).
    Clinically insane.
    I’m bet my life that if Smoking Gun did a “google” on this guy life they will find evidence (and history-as we know its hereditary) of mental illness on this dude.
    Signs are there _ speech impediment, Napoleonic syndrome and delusion grandeur.
    That’s said _ill buy his album (for mercy)
    God knows he needs some medical attention nd we all know that aint free in U . S of A.
    Have mercy – buy he’s album.
    He needs HELP.
    (Also pledge to post this every time I see dudes name online).
    No pun.

  • http://na Jonathan

    I aint on nobody’s dick but max b has some ferocious ass hooks and bars….to the dumbfuck that said hes not a good nigga if you knew about bars and rap you would recognize max is harder than any emcee out here…..all yall motherfuckers care about now is how many records niggas sell not about the material anymore HIP HOP IS DEAD!

  • Jonathan


    • O

      LOLOLOL. I love this job…

  • goon

    BABY BOY your a soft ass bitch get the fuck outta here with yo soft ass pussy max b iight he aint all that

  • supaboy

    ayo dis nigga is hatin on max b hard as hell in dis article , stop hatin on a nigga, madd niggas luv da work he do, n dat song Try me is far from wack my nigga

  • O

    I ain’t hating on Max B at all. I’m just keeping it 100. He isn’t a wack rapper, but he ain’t good. He’s average. You could pop in this CD and i won’t tell niggas to turn it off. It’s not like throwing in a Bow Wow album where me and my muthafuckin’ hood would DEMAND that shit be taken off immediately.

  • Trouble

    All Im Saying is That Max-B Has A lot Of Tight Music Out. He Got His Own Style And Delivery, his Hooks Be mad addictive (i.e. Ballin, Baby Girl, Dont Forget About Me, Etc Etc) And He Be Rippin Thru Bars on Them mixtapes. I Think He did extremly Well With Dipset, But He put In A Lot Of Work That Never Got recognized, Cause He Was Under Someone (Dirt Angel).

    But Time Will Tell, Max On That Mixtape Circuit Hard. And Like I Said B4, Jim Will Never Sell records Again, unless he make up with Cam or Max. The Lead Single Of the Brydgang Lp That Just Came Out, “Byrdgang Money” Max Wrote right B4 he Left The Group, So Now They Got Someone Lipsinkin The Shit.

    Hip-Hop Needs Artist Like Max-B, He’s Authentic And Original.


    look i agree he aint da best rapper out but he far from being da wackest…his delivery is wut makes him hot content aint dat serious…but nowadays who has content?…dat shit went out da window years ago…and da rappers dat actually hav content yall dnt wanna listen or show respect 2 them…bottomline, i thought max b wasnt a big deal…shit i still dnt think he is but he is entertainin and his music is pretty good…if given a chance he could make a joint dats @ least ringtone worthy

  • moresickaMC

    If he markets himself right and makes hit records he could potentially be a huge star

  • fatjoesuckscock

    yo i copped this shit like a month/month an half ago so this shit is old news and this review like fuckin month overdue…but by the way this shit is way betta than average and i bang this shit hard in the whip….all ya mafuckas hatin on max is the reason y these faggot ass mafuckas like lil wayne sell a million copies in a week…cuz u aint got no mafuckin taste in whats official and u support garbage ass music….. u aint real cuz real recognize real and that shit that lil wayne spit aint the truth!!!!

  • fatjoesuckscock

    o and by the way baby boy….u sound like a pussy ass sensitive ass nigga whinin about how he talkin about niggas moms..shut the fuck up ur cornball wannagee!!! u bleedin bitch? its that time of month?

  • ghip

    haha the asshole is in jail u gat money and u goin and rob someone son of a bitch dumb ass

  • bossdon

    Whoever the writer for dis magazine shit is dumb as shit. Max B is one of the most realest niggas alive. The thing yall dont understand is dat Max B has a different way of rappin. He’s better than 95% of the rappers out now. His wave is impeccable. Yall dont kno the definition of music.Real Talk. Free Max BiggaVeli!!!!