DJ Steph Floss & Young Chris: Last Man Standing

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Once part of a dynasty that couldn’t lose and a member of Philadelphia super-group State Property, Young Chris seemed like he was bound to blow at any given moment. But before you knew it, the two hands that created the “diamond in the sky” pulled apart and Young C. and his partner-in-rhyme Neef, were children of a bitter music divorce. It wasn’t long before they began imitating rap legends from the ’80s on their album cover. Needless to say this pretty much put in question any street credibility they had accumulated up to that point. They had officially hit rock bottom.

Since then Young Chris has been trying to destroy that last commercial image of himself and rebuild his street reputation via the mixtape game and underground freestyles.

The effort continues on his latest offering, Last Man Standing. Daring to be different from your average mixtape, DJ Steph and Chris decided to make songs over original tracks as opposed to jacking for beats. And I will say that the production was rather impressive.

He sets off the street album with the slow-paced “Gangsta,” where Chris describes his thug life and thoughts. Nothing too original there. He then picks up the tempo on “Rush,” where he teams with the mentor Beanie Sigel who torches the mic with more intensity than any pipe Amy Crackhouse could handle.

Aside from Beans, there’s a cool crop of guest appearances. We also hear from Pastor Mase (or is it Murda Mase nowadays?) on “Ghetto Girl,” Peedi Crakk (Another disgruntled former Roc alum) on “Kill Me,”and even the hip-hop Martian himself, Lil’ Wayne (His verse, though, reeked of effortlessness) on the Caribbean-sounding “Paradise.”

For most of his career Chris has always been known as an above average rapper–but he’s always had his own identity. That’s no longer the issue now. If Jay-Z were to ever say, “That’s my son,” there’d be no argument. The Philly native sounded like a teen Jigga man on this mixtape. Obviously he’s studied his big homie’s early albums enough and applied that style to his own. From the way the rhymes were lined up, to the delivery used, Chris seems to have fallen into a rap identity crisis, which leads him to imitate the hip-hop legend one way or another. So while the music was actually OK, I’m still bothered by the fact that he’s trying to be someone he’s not. Will the real Young Chris please stand up?

Hottest Joint: “Rush”

Weakest Joint: “Tell Me How You Like That”

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    • aybay

      If anything Hov bit Chris’s flow…….

      Young Chris is the future tho, if you haven’t heard it already check out his first single off of the album its called “party.” its fire!!

      • King B

        What???? Hov bit chris’s flow???? shit Hov been doing this rap shit before young chris could even say his first two words

  • that nigga

    For most of his career Chris has always been known as an above average rapper–but he’s always had his own identity. That’s no longer the issue now. If Jay-Z were to ever say, “That’s my son,” there’d be no argument. The Philly native sounded like a teen Jigga man on this mixtape. Obviously he’s studied his big homie’s early albums enough and applied that style to his own

    Yeah, step your game up Omar Chris been rappin like that. Jay should pay him royalties for jackin his style. Big bitin ass nigga. No pun intended.

  • O

    Ain’t NO way Hov bit Chris’s flow.

  • O

    And It ain’t just the flow, it’s the tone of his voice and the way the rhymes are aligned. I know what I’m talking about.

  • js

    u think young chris is the future? let me guess u bought the v.i.c. album…

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    ^ Hahahaha. Yeah, these niggas are wildin. As much as I fuck with Young Chris it’s true. His flow/delivery/tone/bar structure are VERY similar to Hov’s. SMH @ niggas saying it’s the other way around. He wasn’t spitting like that on “Tough Luv” or even the second State Property album.

  • Bliz

    please dude, chris is hot as hell he’s BEEN rapping like that you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • capt. obvious

    yea i hate to tell you but chris been had that delivery, jig wasnt rapping like that in the early part of his career check up on it. but that semi-whisper/yelling shit i think big homie did first.

    P.S. Killa took his style from Santana check SDE when Juelz said “fuck A & R’s who want me to stand and pose, i’d rather stand on poles with grams and O’s” Cam took that and ran the fuck off wit it so i guess thats the thing!

  • VR


    “excuse me” was Young Chris’s.

    Chris been on that!

  • Hahz

    Angel luv, Lil’ Kim and LisaRaye McCoy-Misick pictures inside

  • Huh?

    Not saying that Jay bit Chris’ style, but anyone who knows anything about rappers from Philly knows that Jay definitely picked up on Philly rap-styles and slang just being around them so much. Definitely need to do your homework.

  • 215sause

    the mixtape is fire go get it. trust me it’s fire.



  • trouble

    Until They Get At Katt Williams, Neither Of These Young Gun Cats Should Be Working.

    He Ethered They Whole Careeer On ONE Track !!!

  • Rich-Porter

    Listen to The Dynasty Album and pay attention to Hov flow, this when Chris first appeared on a Roc album ( 1-800-hustlers). Then listen to The Blueprint and notice how Hov flow changed in between those albums.

  • Real Talk

    “Chris must have studied JayZ’s early albums”,… “teen Jigga man”. WTF?!

    Chris didn’t jack JayZ’s style, it was the other way around! Jigga plucked Philly’s style. Everyone knows that. Nothin wrong wit refreshin your style like Jigga did, but don’t sit here and say Chris is just a JayZ copycat when it’s not true. lol, You might as well say Gillie da Kid is a copycat of Lil Wayne. lol….


    Aww man Ive seen this coming for YEARS!!! I aint mad at you cats that say Jay didnt bite Chris. BUt look Most of us cats from Philly or South Jerzee or basically most of us who were down with the ROC from day one will agree. Jay did imitate the Philly Flow of Young Chris, Go Study!! NO disrespect to jay hes one of my all time favorite, but Jay has changed styles over the years. And if yall go waaaaay back to when the young guns were 1st put one You will NoTICE young Chris was spittin the same way he spittin now. The tone of his voice the way he whispers over a part of a verse the delivery and all. Jay Bit him, Jay was not rhyming like that before the Dynasty album or before he got up with State P. Jay basically borrowed from Philly and everyone knows Jay Z is phillys favorite rapper. YOung Chris its time to speak up on this and pull out the audio to save your career these cats tryna sweep u under the rug. I know this 4 a fact because Chris was my favorite out of State P I always knew he was ahead. Next thing I know Jay was borrowing from them cats. DONT SLEEP!!!!!! Oh and I also agree that Chris studied jay, but hey all rappers borrow and learn from each other. BUt stop saying Chris bit jay thats wrong and the facts will come out go check 4 urself heres how. Go listen to in my lifetime vol 3, then find out what year that was. Then listen to the 1st trax young chris did then find out what year that was. Then listen to the DYnasty thats when he signed state P. Then you will C 4 self.

  • Blizzie Mac

    all i have to say is this….young C. willis mixtape got about 5 songs i listen to in this order because they are the best songs on the mixtape…. Gangsta, PROMISED LAND(this shit so fuckin crack), You dont even know, Never die, and the song right after promised land..

  • HipHop4Lyfe

    Its obvious that Hov is on the Roids, Lil’Wayne is on them too, Game and Jim Jones(4all the good its doin him). I’m sure there are more heads out there that are subscribing to this new wave of entrepreneurs. But i believe its taking away from the purity of the culture. Just like in Baseball there should be an asterisk by these so-called artists names. They should’nt be allowed to call them selves the greatest rapper alive or dead. I’m alittle late to the response, but i feel that the Hip Hop culture(especially those heads that really listen to the music) Should start turning their backs On individuals who’s believe their egos are definately bigger then the culture. These so-called artists do put in the work on stage, but their Integrity is null; making them void in the eyes of true Hip Hop heads. Its about time that older artist put a panel together to determine a more focused look at the better TRUE artists. For example KRS One, Rakim, Scarface, Dr.Dre, Uncle Luke, and MC Lyte should help to determine. Or maybe a panel of producers. I really getting tired of these joker parading around claiming they are the greatest of all time because of sales.

  • HipHop4Lyfe

    Roids = Having help In the booth Or Jaking someones style or buying someones style.