Though he looks like he should still be guzzling Enfamil by the gallons, don’t let the baby looks fool you: Cory Gunz’s lyrical mind frame is light years ahead of most platinum rappers. The offspring of Peter Gunz (He was hot for a few hours in ’97 with his and Lord Tarique’s classic “Déjà vu”) is looking to follow in his pop’s footsteps and make a name for himself in today’s dubious hip-hop game.

And after taking a listen to his Best Kept Secret mixtape I must say, for a nigga who really can’t stand it when rapper's babies try their hand at grabbing the mic, the young’n left me hella impressed.

Aside from the ripping it down over Ma$e’s “Feels So Good” instrumental on “Ma$e Freestyle” and his “Invasion Radio Freestyle"--where he was spewing tongue-twisting lyrics like a young Christopher Rios--son also showed he has the ability to make you groove to his flow. On “Addiction” he makes you feel like you can hit the dance floor without feeling like you’ll have points deducted from your ghetto pass. Few rappers have that ability in this day and age. Not to mention that he can change up the flow to sound like a true old school New York MC like he did on “Check The Rhyme.” That was gangsta. Made me feel like I was in high school again.

With the proper promotion and single, there’s a good chance that this young’n is gonna have niggas ribs touching, 'cause Cory is the type of MC that can show the masses that your favorite rapper is actually garbage.

With that said, all that’s really left to say is…this little bastard’s ill, son. I just hope that there aren’t any pictures of Cory in a hall monitor uniform shaking hands with old white women out there. That would just crush me.

Hottest Joint: "A Millie Remix" (Cory bodied Wayne on this)

Weakest Joint: "Busta Freestyle" feat. Young Hash