Cory Gunz: The Best Kept Secret

Though he looks like he should still be guzzling Enfamil by the gallons, don’t let the baby looks fool you: Cory Gunz’s lyrical mind frame is light years ahead of most platinum rappers. The offspring of Peter Gunz (He was hot for a few hours in ’97 with his and Lord Tarique’s classic “Déjà vu”) is looking to follow in his pop’s footsteps and make a name for himself in today’s dubious hip-hop game.

And after taking a listen to his Best Kept Secret mixtape I must say, for a nigga who really can’t stand it when rapper’s babies try their hand at grabbing the mic, the young’n left me hella impressed.

Aside from the ripping it down over Ma$e’s “Feels So Good” instrumental on “Ma$e Freestyle” and his “Invasion Radio Freestyle”–where he was spewing tongue-twisting lyrics like a young Christopher Rios–son also showed he has the ability to make you groove to his flow. On “Addiction” he makes you feel like you can hit the dance floor without feeling like you’ll have points deducted from your ghetto pass. Few rappers have that ability in this day and age. Not to mention that he can change up the flow to sound like a true old school New York MC like he did on “Check The Rhyme.” That was gangsta. Made me feel like I was in high school again.

With the proper promotion and single, there’s a good chance that this young’n is gonna have niggas ribs touching, ’cause Cory is the type of MC that can show the masses that your favorite rapper is actually garbage.

With that said, all that’s really left to say is…this little bastard’s ill, son. I just hope that there aren’t any pictures of Cory in a hall monitor uniform shaking hands with old white women out there. That would just crush me.

Hottest Joint: “A Millie Remix” (Cory bodied Wayne on this)

Weakest Joint: “Busta Freestyle” feat. Young Hash

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  • Ron Mexico

    cory, did you ever get that mario wallet back?

    cory, nigga. tell my how my arse taste.

    okay, i’m done.

    • real talk

      dont sleep on this nigga yall. this mixtaoe is tight

    • Pierzy

      Ron Mexico >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cory Gunz

  • Trouble

    I’ve been saying for years that this cat is one of the best in the game. He got tight lyrics, switches up his style alot, and he got pretty good hooks. But I think his lyrics are up there with Andrea 3000 or Nas. For real.

    After I heard the militia mixtape and all the apprentice mixtapes, I was convinced that this cat was gonna take the game someday. Folks say wayne the best young rapper, but I argued for Gunz. He needs to drop a LP ASAP.

    • chad bro chill

      i would argue the top 3 emcees are
      cory gunz, lil wayne and soulja boy

      but ur right on trouble

      • O

        The boy is nice as fuck, but he’s yet to drop a classic album like Andre and Nas. So y’all gotta slow ya roll…

      • Shaq the Don3x

        I cant belivethis asshole said said soulja boy iz top 3 mc bullshit ill give him this he does make the kids dance and shit but imma grown ass man with that said FUCK SOULJA BOY, i fucks wit cory gunz he’s comin for the crown!!!

        • CORY GUNZ

          I Knw On Summ Real SHit I Feel Yuu shaq The don3x DIs Niqqa Said Soulja Boy…WTF I Could Tell Yuu 1 Thinqq…Dat Niqqa IZ Not No Damn Soilder Put Him In Tha Rinqq With Me SHit…PPshh..Not A Chance…

        • CORY GUNZ

          I Knw On Summ Real SHit I Feel Yuu shaq The don3x DIs Niqqa Said Soulja Boy…WTF I Could Tell Yuu 1 Thinqq…Dat Niqqa IZ Not No Damn Soilder Put Him In Tha Rinqq With Me SHit…PPshh..Not A Chance……Wiz Khalifa IZ Prrty Gudd 2

  • NYG

    Andrea 3000 lmao

  • niggaz dont talk, they shoot

    this nigga is but rap to fast bra slow down his lyrics and he aint sayin shit he just sayin anything that ryhmes mad fast this dude is a buster cant battle rap cuz he’s a clown people would laugh especially in NY aint nobody tryin to here all that fast bullshit that intelligent bullshit rapin all fast about unicorns and shit, rap about that gangsta shit up there kid ya dig or sha’ll i say up here ya dig, harlem i commin baby cory smell like my b.o

  • Ryan

    I hope “Tell Me How My Ass Taste” is a bonus track on this mixtape. If him and Shaq are “sittin on about half a billion”, I’m assuming Corey’s share is 3 dollars and a pack of big league chew.

    • O

      ROOOOAST!!!! LOL

  • big lu

    yo Trouble r u crazy that guns lyrics is no where close to nas lyrics.

  • dj nice wit it

    I know someone always brings up wayne when the post has nothing to do with him, but In my opinion, this mixtape sounds like wayne around the dedication 2. Its tight but cant nobody who has listen to the tape say that it has no resemblence with each other.

    • real talk

      has no resemblence with each other. lol naw they sound alot alike bro.

  • mike

    Cory gunz is the truth. He been hot for a minute.

  • Trouble

    I agree that he doesnt have a classic album yet (like nas), but you can just tell he’s going in the right direction. I Dont think him and Wayne sound anything alike, but do think they will be compared just because of age, both are heavy on the mixtapes, and that they represent different regions. But the kid can definatly spit, on the apprentice mixtapes he used so many styles on so many beats, it was ridiculous.

    Classic Album = The Best of the Apprentice Mixtapes……

    LOL, Listen and you’ll see.

  • O

    I hope he drops a classic album. Its been a while since an NY MC’s dropped a timeless piece of work.

  • dj 214

    Still cant believe you shitted on Chris’s mixtape, that jawn was fire. i will check this tape out

  • yung storm

    yo you kids are really bugging. it’s one thing to compare cory to his pop’s. but don’t ever compare this kid to the likes of jay-z or even lil’ wayne. those artists are much more established and are on a way different level than cory bunz.i really don’t see whats the buzz with this kid anyway. he has an average flow like his father did. and other than that lil’ mixtape single he had floating around on smack dvd like 3 years ago. what else has he come out with?. seriously.

  • shawn t

    @ yung storm,

    go research the kid music.

    i agree, the dre3000 and nas comparisons are waaaaay premature. he needs a couple classics over a min of 10 to 12 years for that.
    let’s see what the kid can do

  • $HaRp SHooter

    Yo This niGGA CaN $pit Hi$ $Hit i$ Hoy CHeCC out $ome oF these SonGs (Body Bags),(InCRedable),(Rotate),(The Life)plus Her did the amilli beat by hiself fuCC the 1 WitH Wayne HE bodied is But He still No fuCCiN wit My son Cyssero The fuCCed that tRaCC up

    Two Gunz up For the Real Ni66as that GEt money Stay up Bang Ya Hood 60′z Bang 3 fingers

  • yung gunna

    yo i know dis nigga personally and he gets it in he was born ready……….. all dezz major labels are sleepin on da kid



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