Snoop Dogg Presents Newest West Coast Recruits And More In “The Roundup”

Snoop Dogg is set to introduce his latest proteges Dubb Union, it was announced today; the group is set to release their debut album, Snoop Dogg Presents Dubb Union, September 2 via Doggystyle Records/Koch Records. The trio is comprised of veteran Soopafly, Damani and Bad Lucc. Their LP is scheduled to feature appearances by Tha Doggfather, Kurupt, and Daz. “Dubb Union has accomplished what few can d–create an incredible album that you’re gonna want to bang from top to bottom,” Snoop said in a statement. “Damani, Bad Lucc, and Soopafly have crazy chemistry! And they represent that West Coast unity that I’ve been pushing hard. This is Los Angeles music at its finest- with fresh, new music for the streets, the clubs, and the ladies.” Their first single, “Westurn Union,” will be releases soon and feature a video clip directed by Rik Cordero.

Ludacris is making headlines, but not for an movie or his upcoming headline. Barack Obama’s press aide denounced the Atlanta-based rapper for his recent track “Politics,” where Luda takes Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and a number of Obama’s rivals, to task, even calling Clinton a “b*tch.” Obama’s camp stated their surprise that an intelligent artist like Ludacris would put together such a song. The song is featured on Luda’s new mixtape with DJ Drama.

Heavy D recently released a new single, “Long Distance Girlfriend,” from his forthcoming album Vibes. However, the Hevster has been credited as working with Junior Reid on the track. The song is all Hev, but the Jamaican artist will appear on the New York’s rapper on a different song. Vibes is due in September.—XXL staff

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  • Obama

    Hip hop please shut up. Yall are gonna fuck this up for me. I already got the young/black vote on lock without yall putting my face on tshirts. Yall keep this up and Im gonna lose the white swing votes cause they’ll think Im cool with this shit. Dont make me treat you like I did my pastor, I’ll you under the bus hip hop if you cant get it together.

    PS: Tell Nas, I dont want him or Jezzy and David Banner speaking on my behalf no time soon. Fox News is making a fool of you.

  • nv

    FIRST (who the fuck cares)

  • REAL TALK 08

    1st..bitches…any who….i’m a big Luda fan,but his timing on dissing ppl to side wit Obama is bad….its bad enuff Barack has to deal wit the negaitive media….Vote Obama!…and Luda chillout…let us get a black president be4 talking crazy…

  • rickrude

    wait till obama gets in office then talk all the shit u want. but let him get his ass in the chair first damn…niggas

  • sevencity

    Smooth move Luda. The up side to this is now Obama knows he has all of our support. If Luda wants to address issues such as the political race then pick a topic. Nas set the tone. Pick a topic and kill it. Don’t resort to insulting his collegues. Bad move.

  • Vote 08

    can somebody y is everyone riding wit Obama.. i kno that he would be tha 1st black president but that can not be tha only reason we vote for him.. all this rappers and n actors ridin wit him cuz he african american thats jus stupid.. somone give me 5 reasons to vote for him besides his black.. and its time for a change bullshit.. so someone please give me 5 reasons to vote for Obama..


      1. Economy

      2. The War

      3. Foreign policy

      4. He’s not John McSameasBush

      5. HE’S NOT BUSH!!

      Honoroble mentions: Gas prices, universal healthcare, will lower taxes for the working class, new energy policy, should I keep going?…

  • Tito Santana

    1) Getting combat troops out of Iraq at a reasonable pace because we all know the real reason they’re there..(OIL)

    2) Passing the universal healthcare plan for the U.S.(just like other countries around the world do your research)

    3) Creating a new energy policy that keeps us from dependance on forign oil

    4) deals with ending global warming

    5)He’s a democrat. Republicans are only for them keeping there taxes lower for the upper class(mostly white people) and raising them for middle class.
    To all people(not just black or white) wake up to the bullshit media,tv,video games ect thats going on around YOU to keep YOU from seeing the bigger picture and the state of which we’re living in. Is that good enouGH..VOTE 08 you must be for MCCAIN..GIVE ME 5 REASONS i SHOULD VOTE FOR MCCAIN BESIDES HE’S WHITE..obama 08

  • Mika

    lol @ XXL getting tht 4+5 sh** out ! i cant believe y’all actually took notice of the hate lol ……… and as for my dude Luda, he just got it bad cuz he be getting all revved up knowing he be on the future Prez Ipod lol ……… its all love though ….but luda didnt help the cause …..this is politics luda, let your man do his thng and you handle yours.


  • Jack

    old white folks most likley won’t even hear the song so Obama will be fine

  • Q

    Change is:
    -sound economy policy
    -solid foreign plicy
    -removal of troops in foreign land
    -implimention of excellent poverty,health,oil programmes
    -aid 2 undevelope & developing countries

  • Tony Grand$

    I gotta say this right off the bat, I’m sorry but Soopafly might be a bit too late to ride this train. He’s a G fa sho, but runnin with Bad Lucc and Damani is kinda like an uncle tryin to start a group with a couple nephews. I’m WestCoast to the full, I even smoked out with that nig yrs ago when I wrote for this one indy mag. He’s cool folk, but most these hippity hopsters aint gone have no idea bout this cat. But I got faith in my city. Would’ve preferred maybe a Crooked I instead of double og soopa, but let’s see if Uncle Snoopy can pull this one off! LA LA big city of dreams……

    Now shame on u ‘Cris! This is just what the “man” would xpect from some “country ass rap nigga”. Did Jesse Jackson put you up to this? I wonder… Now I feel u hoss, but u could’ve jazzed it up a tad bit just for President Obama’s sake. We’ve already seen how he reponds when his supporters get a lil willie nillie, so you should’ve known that you would’nt be treated any different! But, jimmy hats off to you sir for sayin a couple things niggas wanted to say. First Bill Orally, now Billary Clinton? Next you gon be doin drivebys on Bill Cosby! Get em Luda! I aint mad atcha, ol’ crazy ass man…..P.S. Fuck Arnold Schwatzeneggar!

    Last and mos def least, is there really a motherfucker out there who wants to hear a new Heavy D record? Say it with a nigga people, HELL naw. GTFOH! I’d rather hear the next joint from Rev Run! This nigga ned to be doin jingles for Subway, like a rappin ass Jared. Heavy, my man, its over. No, seriously, its not poppin homie. I grew up listenin to you “bundidlyidlydee”-ing, but I’m grown now. Go take a nap champ. Lookin like a gay Kool-Aid man. I’m laughing my ass off out loud.

  • HERM

    Not the best timing, not to mention, message, for ‘Cris.

    We got our own thang. Chea!