Nate Dogg Charged In Highway Chase With Estranged Wife And More In “The Roundup”

Nate Dogg was charged with three felony counts stemming from his arrest last month after a highway chase with his estranged wife. According to TMZ, the gangsta rap crooner got slapped with three charges of making criminal threats, one misdemeanor count of driving with a suspended license, and stalking. He was released from holding after his arrest and is now due in court at a later date. [TMZ]

When the Bawwwss speaks, folks tend to listen. Rick Ross announced his second annual “Be Out” day today, taking place August 6th in Miami, Florida. The event is a part of the Def Jam star’s charity group. Ross will help parents prep their kids to return back to school by passing out backpacks and school supplies. The Rick Ross Charities, Inc. Scholarship Award will also be given out. DJ Khaled, Brisco, Gorilla Zoe, and Flo Rida are also set to attend.

It ain’t quite ladies night, but it sure is close enough. Lady of Rage, Lady Luck, Babs Bunny, and Amil will partner together, led by Ed Lover and Uneek (manager to Babs and Luck), to form F.E.M. (Females Earning Money Movement). The group is working on a mixtape to be released soon hosted by DJ Doo Wop. Rah Digga is scheduled to appear on the project. “This is the perfect time to do a project like this,” Ed Lover said in a statement. “A lot of people have been wondering what happened to the female emcees, well these ladies are about to prove that they are here and they are better than ever. The F.E.M. movement is great for the future of hip-hop.”—XXL staff

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  • John Brown

    A lot of people have been wondering what happened to the female emcees – ED LOVER


    The F.E.M. movement is great for the future of hip-hop. – ED LOVER


  • Hideous Duframe

    Look the female mc era is not dead its just unconscious, personally its got to be them lauryn hill standards. babs?lady luck? I’m not hatin but makin a band was a joke, puff has millions of dollars but he didn’t want to invest in babs bunny plain and simple. and if anybody saw making the band the first season you would know why. they got to have that mixture. sex sells but intelect carries, thats why they hurtin right now. Amil please she was with jay z, in past interviews he said he would beat her to the studio!!!!!!!!! C’mon man I purchased the lady of rage album it had production from premier and daz, and she said the same shit each song.there time is done.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    We need real female Mc’s!! Not hoes like Trina and Khia etc who only rap about sex. I don’t know what Amil is doing on that project but whatever lol! As for Nate Dogg real pimps don’t get arrested for stalking chicks lol!! The pussy can’t be that good.

    • Zas

      Fool… the only thing decent about female Mc’s is the rap about sex. I truly don’t want to hear about any other shit a trick has to say. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but bitches aren’t exactly holding their tongues even when they ain’t rapping. They will talk all day. Find your nearest ho, pick out a dope beat, and let that ho talk over it. There’s what you’re looking for fool.
      Oh, and don’t hate on Nate Dogg. I’m sure he’s gotten banged by some fine ass pussy more times than your screen door son. You can’t talk like you know.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    Look don’t call people names over the internet….that’s corny..Now…
    If you only wanna hear females that rhyme only about sex it shows how limited you are. That’s why for the most part females rappers never get respect. Females like Lauren, Lyte and Latifah set the foundation cuz they talked about real shit. Ladies gotta show some real lyrics or they will never gonna get the credit there due. As for Nate Dogg as i’m saying is that he shouldn’t be talking all that pimp shit if his own game ain’t intact. You got cats out here that take these record’s serious when it’s only entertainment.

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      I cosign that!

  • SUN

    Lady of Rage is a beast on the mic tho, she can kick it with any man

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  • niggafrommemphis

    I bet you erykah badu outrap not only all the females,but half of these niggas as well.

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