NAS: “I’ll Go On Bill O’Reilly’s Show When He Goes On Mine First”

Nas joined a throng of supporters and press in front of the Fox News headquarters in Manhattan to protest the network’s treatment of Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.

The rapper arrived an hour late to the scheduled 2pm rally, and read prepared remarks.

“Is that fair,” he asked the crowd after citing instances where Fox News called Obama’s wife his “baby mama.” “Is that racist,” he finished with the audience responding yes.

Nas spoke for three minutes then took a couple of questions from the media, which included Access Hollywood, The Associated Press, and Fox News, among others.

One reporter asked the rapper when he would appear on Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly’s show.

“I’ll go on Bill O’Reilly’s show when he goes on mine first,” the rapper responded, pointing to the street.

Nas quickly left as fast as he appeared, but returned 10 minutes later to take more questions. supporters in the crowd held signs that read “Put an end to propaganda” and “Your source for racist smears.”

Fox News has come under fire for remarks made my pundits and hosts on air recently. Among the offensive items: Barack Obama and his wife’s fist pound being referred to as a “terrorist” fist pound; and Obama’s surname omitted instead for Osama.—Anthony Thomas

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  • dusty boy

    Nas is the voice of our gen.!!! We need more people to stand up and fight like this nigga!!! FUCK Bill O’Reilly!!!


    • ATL = All Trannies Live

      Sorry but that middle school dropout doesn’t speak for me. Nas doesn’t have the mental capacity to debate somebody like Bill O’Riellly. Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Dr. Cornell West, Micheal Clark Dyson – YES. Your favorite rapper – NO

      He’s an entertainer people. Stop looking to your favorite rapper for political, moral, and spiritual counseling and read a book children.

      • Phil

        Well, then why weren’t you at the protest speaking intelligently? Get over yourself and be glad SOMEONE of note said SOMETHING. Some cats can never be happy for nothing. Pathetic.

        Nuff respect to and Mr. Jones. Keep it up. SOMEONE has to, jesus!

        • A

          It’s funny how we haven’t even heard from many black intellectuals with the “mental capacity” debating on the the presidential race. They rather attack hip-hop. These are our hero’s. But here’s hip-hop taking a political stance. This is the most important hip-hop news to date.

          On a side note. Nas is a class act.
          The best to ever rap and continuing to live out his music.

          Here’s a nice ticket:
          Obama/Nas 08

      • ko

        ATL eat a dick…you sound like you have the mental capacity of a nat. Nas doesn’t have the mental capacity? I’m sure he does. It’s not all about book smarts, common sense plays a part too, something bill o’reily doesn’t have. I dont care what type of degree O’reily has, he is as ignorant as they come. Even Cam’ron and Luda have sonned Bill O’Racist.

      • SouthCakC23

        What Dusty Boy meant to say was

        “KILLER MIKE is the voice of our gen.!!! We need more people to stand up and fight like this proud, intelligent, African-American Man!!! FUCK Bill O’Reilly!!!


      • Tre

        americas eductaion is corrupt. Just because you know America’s education doesn’t mean you’re smart. lol. why do you think every other country is destroying us in intelligence. Those who think Americas education is the way that is. Nas self taught himself. he read the bible the q’uaran, african scrolls, and many other books. art of war, of course encyclopedia, dictionary. and he wound up being really successfull and intelligent. america puts intelligence in a box, thats why they can’t undertand anything other that the confusion they teach. Like for Example

        Colombus discovered America – yea right
        Jesus has blond hair and blue eyes – yea right
        Evoltion theory is correct – yea right
        The cars america makes don’t stand a chance to foreign cars. america built it, and over seas profected it. lol

        Beyond the walls of intellignce life is defined – NaS

  • Smitty


  • yaboyd

    lemme tell ya why nas is killing every rapper out there in more ways then his rap skills.. because he is not afriad to go there and speak his mind and put out a album saying what he wants instead of this kids rap shit that the lable thinks everyone wants to hear stupid boy, vic and all these clowns are killing the the whole rap game and the love for it

  • the real – real talk

    , the word movement is overused way too dam much, and most often when someone is actually doing nothing. nas is starting a real movement. He is doing somthing great that may have him remembered over his rap career. He is doing for all people, kinda of like what martin luther king was doing for black people. Now if he takes it as far as martin luther king will be the quistion. I dont know, hopefully he does. But nas speaks for all people. Not just black people. I think his idea is that all people should not be aloud to voice a racist opinion on telivision. cause then that helps the cause when every body watchs it. It makes people who are not racist not like those race of people who say it. Even though not all people feel like that. I dont know if this makes any sence but. Its past music with nas. All people no matter what race should not be allowed to comment negative on telivision of another race. I think so atleast.

  • Rockcity

    I hope he is serious about this and not just caught up in some hype ya know, We need more artist like Nas and I hope he is truly sincere about what he is doing.

  • 239allday

    Yall didn’t see the kid Nas on the Colbert Report last night? Stephen Colbert earned his ghetto pass. I’ve been fuckin with the Report but I consider him a real nigga now.

  • AZ40

    Like I said before ya’ll just NOW protesting Fox news…I guess better late than never. Most niggas who replyin’ just now getting up on Fox’s smear tactics, the fact of the matter is they are a biased news network who only wants to scare there already blind and ignorant auidence by reinforcing sterotypes

  • realtalk

    nas is gettin real dumb. by asking us to vote for obama based purely on race like he does on black president, hes asking our entire race to be defined by one man. if obama fucks up like bush did its gonna look bad on our whole race, since black people voted for him just cuz hes “one of us”. we need to stop being so anxious for a black president that well vote anyone in. we need to be real careful about that shit, cuz black people gain nothing by having obama there we only gain something if he does good if obama fucks up itll be a good while before we have another black nominee.

    and for nas to protest and write a song about fox news it just makes us look weak. it makes us look like we cant take any criticism. im from ATL and do you know how many white people ive seen outside of the cnn center protesting theyre treatment of bush? none.

    nas and people like him only accelerate racism they dont stop it.

  • Laron

    Foxnews always deny racism because they believe they are morally superior.They are a bunch of Republican bigots who are hypocrites and they need to be exposed.Im not a big Nas fan in terms of being a rapper but as an activist he is the man.He does wat no rapper can do, speak the truth!FUCK FOXNEWS!!!!FUCK O’REILLY!!

  • Ryan

    Michael Clarke Duncan > Michael Clark Dyson

  • Danny

    Finally someone that does what he raps!!

  • The_Truth

    Nas will have a full legacy to look back on when his time comes. . .what rapper takes on these issues that has Nas’ name power? Jay can’t do it because the white man owns to much of him. . .FACT!

  • Laron

    Nas is different from Jay-Z in terms of their way of doing things.Nas is an activist while Jay-Z is a business man.Wats unique about Nas is his independance.

  • SouthCakC23

    Fuck Nas. Legacy my ass. That Kat has been biten other rappers and gettin the credit for it.


    1. Outkast told you in 1996 about laying face down in the “mainstream”

    Yet Nas comes out in 2006 on some Hip hop is dead shit.

    2. Killer mike told you in 2003 that “Rap is Dead”

    Yet Nas comes out in 2006 on some hip hop is dead shit

    3. Nas comes out in 2008 with his “nigger” album

    Yet Goodie Mob already told the world about “The Experience”.

    All this recognition that Nas is getting is for subject matters that have already been covered by Southern Artists AT LEAST 1O YEARS AGO.

    O’Reilly doesn’t want rappers like Killer Mike or David Banner on his show because they will destroy his ass to the point that he will have to go off the air. Killer Mike will bitch slap hanity and force that bitch to listen to him.

    Fuck NAS and his unoriginal ass.

  • kdizzle

    Wow..It surprises me that many of us (Including me)talk about the lack of meaningful content in our music; and yes we do make ourselves look stupid in many cases. But to be critical of this brotha for what he’s trying to do makes me ask wtf? Oh and for those who don’t know the name, it’s Michael Eric Dyson! Your dumbass don’t want Nas to speak for you it’s quite evident that you HAVE NO FUCKIN IDEA WHO YOU WANT TO SPEAK FOR YOU! Get it right NIGGA! Not to mention, if you know anything about M.E.Dyson you would know that on this front he would probably agree with Nas. Not to mention there are not many people (White or Black) including O’Reily that could touch the mental capacity of intellectual thought that Dyson exudes. This Nigga Nas is shaking up shit so people can take a look at themselves and the world around them.. That’s why he wanted to name the album “Nigger” He’s smarter than you give him credit for and I’m sure he could hold his own with Bill O’Reily. Some of ya’ll niggas must want CAm’Ron’s dumbass to do another interview or something! Last, try finding someone who was born sometime after 1934 to speak to the issues of today cause times have changed and so do leaders. Alvin F. Poussaint has prolly never heard a Nas record in his life so how will he represent a generation that grew up on Nas? I can at least say Dr. West And Dr. Dyson may have. But the point still stands Nas can be quite intellectual so give a black man credit when it’s due then ask your self what am I doing to make a difference?

  • balaramesh

    SouthCakC23, just say you hate nas. you are correct, others have said things comparable to that before. but keep it real, do you think killer mike was even on nas’s radius?

    okay, so what do you have to say about killer mike?!? do you think he was the first one to make a song about “adidas”? NEGATIVE. what about “i pledge allegiance to the grind”? if i am not mistaken, another rapper made an album “i pledge allegiance to the streets” years before. now, how u doin? fag

  • Lupe Snow

    Heh I am literally the first comment to your incredible article!?