Nas joined a throng of supporters and press in front of the Fox News headquarters in Manhattan to protest the network's treatment of Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.

The rapper arrived an hour late to the scheduled 2pm rally, and read prepared remarks.

"Is that fair," he asked the crowd after citing instances where Fox News called Obama's wife his "baby mama." "Is that racist," he finished with the audience responding yes.

Nas spoke for three minutes then took a couple of questions from the media, which included Access Hollywood, The Associated Press, and Fox News, among others.

One reporter asked the rapper when he would appear on Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly's show.

"I'll go on Bill O'Reilly's show when he goes on mine first," the rapper responded, pointing to the street.

Nas quickly left as fast as he appeared, but returned 10 minutes later to take more questions. supporters in the crowd held signs that read "Put an end to propaganda" and "Your source for racist smears."

Fox News has come under fire for remarks made my pundits and hosts on air recently. Among the offensive items: Barack Obama and his wife's fist pound being referred to as a "terrorist" fist pound; and Obama's surname omitted instead for Osama.---Anthony Thomas