The self proclaimed “rap’s Bill Murray” obviously has no problem knowing that he’s gonna be looked at as the hip-hop herb. I mean, on “CANNON!!!” he took the time to declare that he’s a fan of Dakota Fanning. Isn’t that boarder-line pedophile shit? Why you studying her so hard, son? I don’t think I can support this man’s views. The boy does say some funny shit, though. I was cracking up when he spit, “You know the world’s gone mad when blacks wear plaid and Mariah has married Nick Cannon / Or when a boy from the 'burbs has the nerve to converge on a mixtape with DJ Cannon…”

The kid’s got skills, no doubt. He got tight rhymes and can pretty much flow to any beat he’s given. You can tell he’s done his hip-hop homework and and got MC extra credit.

I can’t front that the kid definitely got some Snickers bars (that satisfy), but it’s mostly music for frat guys who get wasted on weekends and end up “experimenting” on each other. Another thing is he sounds too much like a ’99 Slim Shady. Not just his style, but voice. “Demonic” was a Slim song all the way through. He picked some pretty dope beats to spit over, but at the end of the day he’s got a voice that can get annoying after a few songs. Loved him in that movie "Revenge of The Nerds" though….

Hottest Joint: "Battle Me."

Weakest Joint: "Black Magic."