Don Cannon & DJ Drama Present…Asher Roth

The self proclaimed “rap’s Bill Murray” obviously has no problem knowing that he’s gonna be looked at as the hip-hop herb. I mean, on “CANNON!!!” he took the time to declare that he’s a fan of Dakota Fanning. Isn’t that boarder-line pedophile shit? Why you studying her so hard, son? I don’t think I can support this man’s views. The boy does say some funny shit, though. I was cracking up when he spit, “You know the world’s gone mad when blacks wear plaid and Mariah has married Nick Cannon / Or when a boy from the ‘burbs has the nerve to converge on a mixtape with DJ Cannon…”

The kid’s got skills, no doubt. He got tight rhymes and can pretty much flow to any beat he’s given. You can tell he’s done his hip-hop homework and and got MC extra credit.

I can’t front that the kid definitely got some Snickers bars (that satisfy), but it’s mostly music for frat guys who get wasted on weekends and end up “experimenting” on each other. Another thing is he sounds too much like a ’99 Slim Shady. Not just his style, but voice. “Demonic” was a Slim song all the way through. He picked some pretty dope beats to spit over, but at the end of the day he’s got a voice that can get annoying after a few songs. Loved him in that movie “Revenge of The Nerds” though….

Hottest Joint: “Battle Me.”

Weakest Joint: “Black Magic.”

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  • Pierzy

    Being from Philly, I heard of this dude a few years ago. I peeped this mixtape and I immediately thought he sounded exactly like a young Slim Shady. His voice, flow, cadence, ad-libs, EVERYTHING. That’s not a formula as much as it is straight biting.

  • DJ Knox

    Damn, Little Brother, Pharrell, now this? Does this mean Gangsta Grillz is officially over? LOL

    • O

      That’s TOOO funny.

  • moe


  • real talk

    this dude asher can spit. I think even though he sounds a lot like eminem, he is still dope. I think his word play is a little nicer. Cant lie this dude is still nice, i think that mixtape will be tough for him to beat. I came har on this tape. I like the whole tape except the song about the cartoon chicks, its kinda gay, but funny. But this dude is cool in my book.

  • rikashae

    i feel wut u sayin all da way…but he does actually have a meaning 2 his shit(a milli remix)but its sad when a white boy did that beat better than ALMOST everyone else

  • chad bro chill

    honestly what the fuck is this u say its bad to sound lik eminem then u erviewed jim jones shit ass album and u said that one guy sounded exactly lik jay z and its good

  • chad bro chill

    honestly what the fuck is this u say its bad to sound lik eminem then u erviewed jim jones shit ass album and u said that one guy sounded exactly lik jay z and its good

    • O

      Chad, first, spell correctly when talkin to me. Second, what the fuck are you talking about? I’ve never reviewed a Jim Jones album. Much less said anyone that sounded like Jay was all good. Remember Sacaro? Angie Martinez’s artist. He sounded JUST like Jay and i never gave that kid any props.

  • andres

    blacks can’t wear plaid?

  • andrew

    YOur job is to hate so Im not mad at you. But this kid is nice. His mixtape is the best Ive heard in years. Gonna be next no doubt

  • yoprince

    dude’s garbage.. i don’t wanna hear somebody’s affable white college roommate rappin’… fuck outta here

  • yoprince

    dude’s garbage.. i don’t wanna hear somebody’s affable white college roommate rappin’… fuck outta here

    • render

      the word is affluent homie

  • Matt Herbz

    I can’t front neither. That shit sucks, mang. I wanted to like it, but his voice is annoying as hell. If you wanna check two non-negro rap bandits with DEEP voices, peep my two ace homies, JMoney and DJ Lucky Luke… They got all the non-blackness with deep voices and hard lyrics to boot…

    Asher is gay.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Gnixs

    Man, the kid can flow but he sounds way too much like Em. Maybe if he flowed about some real shit he’d get a pass, but he has a fuckin’ song called “Rub On Your Titties”!?!?!

  • yaboy

    not feeling this herb’s music at all..

  • G Funk

    Asher Roth has a unique flow and style about him.. whether or not you’re into it you have to respect it.. yes he sounds like Eminem but how many times have you heard a rapper sound like someone else? probably a lot.. The mixtape was put out for free and it certainly created a buzz (hence the haters, blogs, and interviews). Asher Roth isn’t tryin to be the next big thing, I believe he’s just doing his thing, hate it or love it..see me? ahaha

  • G Funk

    i dont think Asher Roth is tryin to be the next best thing, i just think he’s doing his thing.. and who are we to hate on him? kinda sounds like Em but he has a different style.. i mean check out his site he’s a college kid who can spit some serious (and hilarious) shit. Luda, Akon and DJ Drama can’t be wrong..
    hate it or love it.. you’ll see more of this kid.

  • grp03

    I agree with chad bro chill, spelling errors and all. What you want asher to do, change his fucking voice? He’s what hip-hop needs right now–someone who knows about the history of rap, cares about lyrics, isn’t in it for the money, and still has fun with it all. Eminem’s new album is gonna be insane, no doubt, but he won’t be around for a whole lot longer. It’s time we get used to some new white rappers for the post-Em era. (Anyone who interjects here with the words “Paul Wall”, may you be beaten with a sledge hammer and some cough syrup)

    They’re rap content isn’t the same either. Em didn’t get political till his third album, where as Asher is rapping about politics from the start. Also, Asher’s rhymes are quit as ridiculous as Em’s, but then again, no one else’s ever will.

    For you who want an example, peep Exhibit A:
    “I Ain’t no fuckin G I’m a cannibal, I Ain’t tryin to shoot you, i’m trying to chop you into pieces and eat you. Rap you in rope and plastic, stab you with broken glass, then have you with open gash you, strapped to a soaking matress.
    Coke and acid, Black magic, cloaks and daggers, fuck the planet till it spins on a broken axis.

    I’m so bananas, I’m showing up to your open casket, to fill it full of explosive gases and close it back with a lit match in it, while i sit back and just hope it catches, blow you to fragments, laugh, roll you and smoke your ashes. “

  • G Funk

    hate it or love it this kid spits some serious (and hilarious) shit.. and he MURKED a milli better than all the other 50 people who did it.. i dont think he’s tryin to be king i just think he’s doing his thing.. keep pushin asher roth

  • grp03

    aren’t quite**

  • andrew

    Hes not trying to be hood, what is with this magazine? You guys are fucking up hip hop. Its not about whos got the most street cred, I could care less. Its about lyrics, punchlines and delivery. If your grandma could flow like this guy I’d listen to her too.

  • alice

    Yes, it is very funny, but the men are nice, more pictures on the site of ******, some made me laugh off head.

  • producer James Moore

    I’m a fan after hearing this tape, although I dont like that he was getting hyped as “early Em” the same way they would say “early Nas” when it was similar voice as opposed to lyrics … but you can’t discredit the dude for making frat boy music, you want him to rap hood so you can compare him to Vanilla Ice? even if its not your flavor, I don’t think anyone hear disputed that he has lyrics, your just not his audience … and to the guy that mention Rub On Ya Titties, remember Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says” and Junior M.a.f.i.a.’s “Player’s Anthem” ? so Biggie and Pharoahe aren’t real? are niggas supposed to be gay? I’m sure you wanna see a chick rubbin her titties … what you want him to say? rub on ya dicks?

  • producer James Moore

    and being from Pittsburgh … the “Jay passed on me for Pittsburgh Slim line” caught my attention enough to keep listening lol

  • todd uno

    “he’s what hiphop needs right now” yeah like a fucking hematoma, exactly what hiphop needs another heavily marketed and streetteamed whiteboy who hasnt paid dues but is looked at as a marketable next check to everybody working the project…….maaaan as many starving truly original talented mcs there are out tere and y’all trying to put on somebody who don’t even take the culture serious….It’s a fucking funny joke on us and it’s his “hobby”…I know alot of favors have been called in and alot of marketing money has been spent, but the kid aint even nice or funny like that…At least when Eminem came out you COULDN’T front on his lyrics……What the fuck does Asher Rothschild bring to the table other than his families money and a supercorny swagger. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves…fucking culture vultures……..

  • tobasko

    All this talk about white boys and no one is mentioning Copywrite?

    Don’t believe me? Download the jerk volume 0 his last mixtape and whoever the fuck thinks he’s on top can politely hand the crown over to the whiteboy from Ohio.

  • grp03

    “and being from Pittsburgh … the “Jay passed on me for Pittsburgh Slim line” caught my attention enough to keep listening lol”

    word, im from pittsburgh too and slim is garbage. speaking of which, “Make it Hot” is another insane song by wiz khalifa. I wonder if Wiz and Juliano will ever stop making hits.

  • midnightkat26

    just listen to his verson of a milli and tell me he is wack and i wont say nothing else

  • AlSween

    sounding like eminem doesn’t make you as good. just means you can copy the flow. he’s no where as good with rhyme scheme and multis. to compare asher roth to em is having this dude leap frog a lot of black rappers. but most battle mcs that aren’t black flow like this. asians and white kids.

  • paulito

    he is trash rifkind fucked up on this one lmao

  • dee

    john brown is da king Of da burbz,fuck dis guy

  • LegalAlien

    Asher Roth is clearly tryna mimic Em and give a clean cut college boy alternative for the suburban people. Hip Hop was meant for the ghetto trash, whether you’re black, latin, white, arab, asian, whoever and Asher Roth aint it. Because Hip Hop comes from the streets, you goddamn right you need street cred. Just because a few of us white people get on, now every nerd wanna rap. Even Cosby lookin’/actin’ muh fuckaz who are just as corny tryna rap nowadays (Kanye West, Kid Cuddi, etc). It sickens me.


  • LegalAlien

    By the way, have y’all heard of Copywrite’s diss track to Asher called Cremation? YouTube it, that shit is pure crack and if Copy had mainstream status and recognition Asher would’ve been KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT soon as people heard that diss. Matter of fact I think I’ll put the link to the video.