A Michigan man filed a lawsuit against Eminem claiming the rapper attacked him in the bathroom of a local strip club. Now TMZ has details regarding the incident.

The man, Miad Jarbou, alleges he was in the bathroom when the Shady CEO entered with a bodyguard. Another man entered shortly after and reportedly spoke to Em. The suit claims the man walked in and recognized the superstar and said "Hey Eminem, What's up?"

Jarbou claims the rapper's bodyguard replied "Shut the fuck up, man! Don't say another word."

When Jarbou interjected to defend the second man, explaining he was a friend, the lawsuit accuses Eminem then attacked him.

He allegedly "stepped back from the urinal and without warning or provocation, as Jarbou continued to urinate, drove his fist in a violent punching manner into the side of Jarbou's face, knocking him to the ground."

The incident in question happened two years ago and Jarbou has filed suit against the rapper seeking unspecified damages.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca