50 Mocks Young Buck, “Shawty Wanna Cry With Me,” And More In “The Roundup”

50 Cent doesn’t handle separation like most people. So when G-Unit took to the Nokia Theater last night in Manhattan, Fif made sure to take the opportunity to remind everyone where Young Buck stands in the pecking order now. “I wanna do Buck,” he said to the crowd, before impersonating the former G-Unit member. “‘Shawty Wanna Cry With Me,’ y’all wanna hear that?” 50 was joined on stage by Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. LL Cool J also made a surprise appearance, spittin’ his verse to the remix of G-Unit’s “Straight Outta Southside.” [MTV News]

Young Jeezy wants everyone to be clear. Although the former trap star told VIBE he respects John McCain, Jeezy has since taken to wearing “My President is Black” T-shirts, a nod to Barack Obama. Now the Def Jam star has posted a video on USDA2Day.com explaining the confusion, if there was any, about who he supports. “I represent the Democratic party,” he said. “I’ve never been nor do I plan to be a John McCain supporter. I support Barack Obama.”

DJ Irie, spinner to Shaquille O’Neal and the official Miami Heat DJ, celebrated his birthday this past weekend with his “Simply Fit Irie Weekend.” The three-day bash featured Timbaland debuting new songs from his upcoming album, Shock Value 2, Friday night at Cameo. And this past Saturday, a charity dinner attended by the beat maestro, as well as Ne-Yo, who performed and raised money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation—XXL Staff

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  • 239allday

    That nigga fifty is like a jealous ex girl. Crying over spilled milk. Buck was the G in the unit! And I swear ever since Game a Buck boated it them niggas rap game stepped up dramatically.

    L.A.X. is going to be a classic.

    • barock osama

      barak isnt going to change shit. he is always saying its time for a change yet he has no real plan or any plan to make a change. they guy has very little experience and the only thing hes good at is reading prewritten speeches that arent even his own. the dude is nothing more than a good public speaker and a con.

    • og bobby j

      son, seriously….the game? Butterfly game? Come on dog….it was a butterfly….he was on change of heart (and got played)….now he’s a blood?

      I swear…niggas think game is good….shit is hysterical.

  • Eclipse

    I don’t care but fuck it, this time I’m GONNA SAY FIRST!!! lol… yo fuck FIDDY man, homie Buck know whut it is. Game got dude’s back, so Fif really can’t do shit… He just mad everything is turning bad on him!!

    • shat

      lol, this retard said “game has buck back”.are you on drugs too, the blind leading the broke.cmon
      game cant even feed his own artist and they should be mad now too, non of the bws niggas have never been on a game album.why?BWS is a fake cornball label and add that cashville garbage(which i knew was’nt going no where but, i was routing for buck).
      game is a bi-polar fool and its july 2nd he currently has no beef with g-unit according to him

      • Eclipse

        yo man, read the list of who made the most money of the rap dudes in ’07!! But it’s not about that. But get your facts straight. BTW, how come u internett thugs so tough huh?? Oh game and BWS is pussy, he’s fake, I wonder if u could be that “gansta” in the streets when them red rags in front of you!!! Man these internett thugs, cmon G… u makin’ a fool outta ya self. FUCK TOS!!! GET LAX! REAL HIP HOP. AND NOT THAT MONEY, SHOOT YOU UP FAKE AS INDUSTRY SELL OUT BULLSHIT!!! 1

      • shakara617

        lmao…blind leading the broke

  • shat

    i knew them niggas was not gonna just let buck run his mouth and not respond.
    when they dont respond the other side always claims victory (game).buck need to leave that game strategy and go get some guap and pay uncle sam and curtis.

  • B Kinfe

    yo shat fuck u talkin bout 50 kept runnin his mouth b4 game ever responded 50 put out phone conversation shit thats popo all the way motherfuck fuck 50 bucks a fiflthy fuckin rapper

    • rako

      ya kno… buck said he records convos before 50 ever put that out… remember buck vs lil wayne or buck vs game last year? and i dnt see how buck can back game, makes buck look dumb as hell, atleast do shit wit wayne, since the whole cash money reunion bs, personally buck would do better off by himself, tryin to eat off game’s plate just makes him look like a dumbass

  • kingkeith

    50-cent is a bitch them up north niggas is bitches as well if that was your brother you would not have played that tape but that bitch ass new york niggas do

  • Tragic

    LOL, 3 niggas cant sell a milli.Know what TOS stands for backwards? Sold Only Three…….LMFAO. Thats cuz each bought one! Maybe it means “Tony only sucks”. That dude is a living Simpsons character, looks just like a dead ringer for one. They would have to actually make him look LESS like a Simpsons character. MWHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys are clowns and God help us all and they split up and we have to hear TRIPLE the dumbshit albums. Then if I was on insurance I would jab a pencil in my eardrums and super glue my ears shut. The greatest lie the devil ever told was convincing people he doesnt exist, it’s now that he convinces 50 that people really give a damn bout him or his BS singing.

    The truth is Tragic, u cant handle me. XXL can pull this like my other truth posts lately. I can single bar crush all 3 of those posers and I dont even rap. Dr.Dre has made one mistake that I know of and thats giving 50 a chance. We all screw up but its how u handle ur biz, Dre, we waiting for u to operate and fix this cancerous piece of g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g ARBAGE!

  • reppin407

    you can NEVER trust a person from ny. they are the shadiest motherfuckers ever.

  • Queens Boy

    yo fuck you kingkeith if it wasn’t for ny ya’ll south niggas wouldn’t even have a movement. you need to shut the fuck up

    • Aries

      This is to Queens Boy and all the NY cats readin this, I’m tired of yall NYC dudes hatin on the south, true hip-hop started in the bronx, but fuck if yall gonna keep eatin off of that fact, instead of coming with so quality shit yall put out garbage, and because yall NYC yall think you suppose to sell. NYC, instead of acting like proud parents to southern hip-hop. yall act like jelious step children, and won’t show love to the south, the reason why we sellin is because we united, you see, Atlanta fuckin with Houston, Houston with Miami,Mississippi, New Orleans, etc, so the whole south is seeing paper, so if the five boroughs could unite and kill the bullshit, we might see the movement shift back to the eastcoast

  • Devil’z Advokate

    Y’all niggaz lame go get a day job fuckin’ hatin’ fuckz…….GAME got nobody’s back he don’t give a fuck about BUCK he just usin’ BUCK for publicity and shit

  • G-unit: The Party is over

    There will be some debuts, however, headed by Interscope 50 Cent posse G-Unit, which should finish just behind the big three (Coldplay’s , Lil Wayne and Disney’s Camp Rock soundtrack) with a one-week total of 110k for its new album, T.O.S. (Terminate on Sight), their first in five years. (Source -Hits daily Double)

  • K.OLA

    kingkeith says:

    50-cent is a bitch them up north niggas is bitches as well if that was your brother you would not have played that tape but that bitch ass new york niggas do

    Buck did the same thing with wayne…

    south niccas kiss each other….

    south niccas where rags and never been in a gang or put on a gang in his life!!!!

    the south is wack… and i aint from the east…

    you dont bite the hand that heed you… i know u south niccas is slow but damn!!!

  • G UNIT Backlash from Young Buck


    Coldplay, Lil Wayne and Camp Rock Will Dominate, With G-Unit, Mayer the Top Debuts

    July 2, 2008

    Don’t expect too many fireworks at music retail over the Fourth of July weekend.
    Coldplay’s Capitol Music Group album Viva La Vida, Lil Wayne’s Cash Money/Universal Motown release Tha Carter III and Disney’s Camp Rock soundtrack will once again dominate next week’s chart, according to one-day sales reports from around the good ole U.S. of A as it prepares to celebrate its 232nd birthday in high style.

    There will be some debuts, however, headed by Interscope 50 Cent posse G-Unit, which should finish just behind the big three with a one-week total of 110k for its new album, T.O.S. (Terminate on Sight), their first in five years.

    Columbia serial dater John Mayer is up next with his new CD/DVD live album, Where the Light Is, which should do around 70k. Hopefully, it will include some of his excellent between-song stand-up patter as well as photos of his Caribbean vacation with Jennifer Aniston.

    Veteran Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne return with Killer, on his own Strange Music label, distributed through UMGD’s Fontana, which looks like it could do 40k.

    Epic’s Chicago proto-punks Alkaline Trio are back with their major label debut, Agony and Irony, with a target of 35k in first-week sales.

    Disney High School Musical ingénue (and Zac Efron squeeze) Vanessa Hudgens is in the 25-30k area for her new Hollywood Records solo album, Identified.

    Koch rapper Jim Jones’ Back 2 Back looks headed for 20k in sales, followed by Epic’s Los Lonely Boys’ third solo album, Forgiven, at 15-20k

    The market was down 8% vs. last week, down 13% vs. same week last year and now down 11% year-to-date.

    Just be sure not to blow off any of your fingers handling fireworks this week, kids.

  • diggsy

    Jeezy said it best:
    Bush = recession
    Obama = progression

  • ill G

    thank you diggsy…i was waiting for someone to comment on more important things than on the fact that “50 said sumthin bout Buck at his concert did you hear?” “fuck 50 buck is the shit” “fuck buck 50 is the bomb” its fuckin stupid niggas in here actin like fuckin WOMEN!!! he said she say shit its fuckin pathetic we bout to experience history in the makin…it sucks that its 2008 and we still are makin a big deal bout it but its reality…america is still this fuckin huge culturaly mixed country and yet we are JUST gettin the sights of a black president FUCKIN VOTE U FUCKIN GOSSIPING LITTLE FEMALES


    i respect 50 hustle but he isnt a real nigga and as far as u niggas sayin fuck the south bitch put some south in ur mouth bitch in the words of the late great PIMP C (R.I.P)”QUIT HATIN THE SOUTH” AND DNT GET IT TWISTED I AINT NO INTERNET GANGSTA BITCH U KAN KATCH ME ON THE NORTH SIDE OF HOUSTON,TX WIT MY RED FLAG HANGIN ON PARRAMATTA LN. IN ARBOR RIDGE ASK ABOUT DA YUNG DON

  • papi

    Yo that nigga fif is pussy and that nigga buck ya heard

  • Trickdd

    Young Buck Got A New G-Unit/Fifty Diss Out Listen To It. The Songs Called Terminate.On. Sight. And Young Buck Has Some Shit To Say I Like It Better Than The G-Unit Version On Some Real Shit

  • tommy

    fuk all of u haterz, gayme is fake ass bitch 5 years ago he was a nobody with no tats!!!! fuk L.A.X and fuck week ass buck!!!!! the UNIT run this shit loosers!!!!!! and buck performed live and 20 people came to his show… he nothin with out G-unit fuck all of the haterz “suck my dik while im pissin……”

  • tommy

    keep hatin we know who get the papper in this game…….
    50 paid his dues cuz he has the right to shine now… “POWER OF THE DOLLAR” best albulm ever….
    shout out to 40 glock…

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Meh publicity shit.
    I dont care if dude makes paper, so do some weak ass rappers. Dont mean they got skills.

  • Milka

    The Game and Young Buck can suck a dick.
    I’m patiently waitin’ how much albums they gon’ sell.50 000?Fuck y’all G-Unit haters.
    The Game and Young Buck without G-Unit is nothin’.GGG-UNIT!!!

  • eric

    yall niggas dat being sayin fuck 50 need to get a life FORREAL damn
    that nigga is the only nigga in rap dat is entertaining witout him this shit would be aSS boring

  • Jason Murk

    Why does 50 only have beef with someone when he has an album about to drop? This 50 vs. Buck shit is staged. It’s all for publicity.

    I bet the Carter 3 will sell more units in its third week out than TOS will sell in it’s first week.

    As for Young Jeezy, I’m glad he’s not fucking with McCain. I know Obama might not be perfect, but he is the lesser of the two evils, so Barack gets my vote.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mc585 MC

    Tony Only Sucks…lol TOS..that was a good one my dude…These niggaz garbage man”–50 lost all of his respect..He should join the wwf and spark up sht–cause obviously he can’t make good music anymore..I guess that’s what happen when you buy tyson sht”That bad luck sht stay with you,..LMAO

  • Trickdd

    Fuck Voteing If you think shits gunna change cause a president you crazy. On some real shit though I like Obama as a person he a cool man But all the bad shit that happens in this world we aint got no control over WE Liven in a hateful world Evrybody just needs to take a hit of some bud and it would be a better place no problems and they would look at shit different and weed dont make you dum I just advise someone who aint got commen aince not to smoke cause it well make a idiot sound retarded

  • Slim Kapone

    Dayum I h8 L.L. is even fukkin wit dem punks.G-Unot!, Bitchy cents,Tony Gayhoe, and Boy Raped.Dumb Fukk shudda listen to Game.Bitchy recorded this when him and Buck were on good terms (or at least Buck thought).
    So that pretty much proves that Bitchy’s loyalty and friendship were fake from the jump. But yall saw Beef, that bitch turned on people he came up with.

  • mecota

    g unit 4 life fuck buck n game