50 Cent, “Not Seeing My Son Is Toughest Challenge In My Life.”

50 Cent has been involved in a few battles in his day (mostly initiated by him, of course). But the G-Unit star is enduring his toughest battle yet, with the mother of his child.

Fif told MTV News he hasn’t been able to seen his son, Marquis, 11, because of the ongoing child custody case between him and Shaniqua Tompkins.

The two have been battling in court for some time now, over their son, and a mansion 50 owns that Tompkins lived in before it was burned down in May.

The brawny rapper is defiant regarding the case, but also dismayed over not being able to see his son.

“I’m not going through a custody battle; just a transition,” he told MTV News. “I’d like to be able to just see my baby.

“In the summertime, for the first two years I was successful, my son has traveled with us on those tours,” Fif added. “He was on the Rock the Mic Tour, he was on the Anger Management Tour. This summer, when he’s free, it’s, like, no communication. It’s tough.”

50 is faced with a restraining order that Tompkins took out on him. The stipulations require the rapper to stay away from Tompkins when she is out in public, to forfeit any firearms he may have, and Fif only can pick up his son from a curb-side distance.

“My relationship with my son is changing because he and his mom aren’t friends anymore,” 50 said. “There’s different channels I have to go through. He has lawyers appointed to him through the court. So I have to talk to his lawyer to get things situated for me to actually get him.”

The next court date between 50 and Tompkins in their child custody dispute has not been set yet.—Jayson Rodriguez

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  • dubbzz

    Damn..bitches aint shit

  • AZ40

    I ain’t no 50 fan but that’s fucked when a parent wants to see and spend time w/ their child and can’t, I know about that shit personally. That’s one way to really get to any parent, in all reality tha nigga could not even be there or even tryin’ to make the effort.

  • 50centsucks

    50 sucks, hes a stalker, with rhymes like an old lady in a walker, weezys the best yes, better the rest

    • C-Strait

      Your obviously nott listening to rhymes or beats or the overall product in general! 50 is 10 times better then “lil winer” will ever be. He ain’t even the best from Lousiana, let along the world!

  • queen mami

    lol you damn right

  • chad bro chill

    fuck 50 go shaniquo keep that kid away from curtis he’d probably try to shoot up his sons ass with steroids anyway

  • tea

    what goes around comes around, you can’t contiue to do people dirty and think your gonna be blessed with nothing but good. KARMA fif.. wize up

  • B Knife

    yo 50 probably cares more about dat fuckin mansion then his kid we all kno it the guys a prick and like nas sed what goes around comes around

  • jason

    You guys talk like people with no kids….ever think about how it hurts the YOUTH not to see his old man?

  • Jazz Man

    Karma Smarma…Karma is a b*%#@, but at the same time a person’s child is a person’s child and you can’t get back the time lost. He may have been shady with certain people and his artist, but for the man who wants to be in his childs life is no comparison when you can’t!!!

  • giantstepp

    No matter what drama adult parents are going thru, the child should stay seperate. If 50 has done nothing to hurt his child (abuse etc.) and has provided financial support, he deserves every right to see his son. Women use the children against the father all the time. Remember ” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”….or some sh*t like that!

  • dusty boy

    Maan hol’ up!! That nigga 50 might not be a trill rapper but fuck that bitch for keepin’ him from his son. BITCHES are always doin’ shady shit like that!!! Fuckin’ lame ass bitch!! She just wants that nigga to give her big bread!! What she need to do is gon’ make her own money!!!

    That nigga need to off that boppa!!!

  • Dre’ from the “Bay” N.Cal”

    These evil ass broads will do anything to try to bring a brother down.Shit,money ain’t going to make him love you anymore.Let,that man see his child.And you wonder why a lot of these young black men have so much resentment towards these black women.A woman can’t teach a boy everything about being a man,only a man can…..as well as a man can’t teach his daughter everything being a women…only a women can.Leave the kid’s out of it!!!!
    If he was broke and running the street’s she wouldn’t give a damn.Just like my baby momma I ain’t got Fifty’s money..But,hey the $900.00 a month i pay for child support doesn’t do anything but make me dislike my daughter’s mom..”These Broads are motivated by money”.It’s not about the children it’s about the money & revenge….”Church”

  • John Brown

    I aint no 50 hater or fan but for the people above who are saying Karma is a B!tch and all, yall some fools for real. How the fuck are yall gonna compare what 50 say or do to rappers to a personal thing like that. Yeah 50 opens his mouth about everything and gets on peoples nerves but family issues are second to none. The only reason that Karma can come back and bite 50 is if he gets drop from Interscope and never gets another deal anywhere. Karma aint keeping him away from his son, the mother’s kid is.

  • Shawty J

    Man, that sucks for 50. But if he and his baby’s mother weren’t playing games wit each other, he’d able to see his kid. People have to find a way to make thing work for the sake of their kids.

  • Ayre

    @ John Brown; You know them little kids up there^^^ don’t know any better, obviously they don’t have kids..

  • skuuuuuurrrt

    i’m honestly glad i don’t have any kids yet but i’ve seen it happen to alot of my friends. get with some fuckin dumb bitch. have a kid. shit goes sour. and the bitch starts tripping and then the dad cant see the kids. its always the same shit. they should start taking kids away from bitches and see how the fuck they like it and just make them pay child support. start giving them whores a bad name like guys got. the shit pisses me off and i dont even have kids lol.

  • ito

    wow ya people hate on 50 like if ya know him personally.. I have a kid on my own, it would suck not bein able to see her and spend time with her..

  • YeEhAha

    50 is the best hip hop artist in the world!!!!

  • Ms. Pam

    50 cent was not thinking about how JaRule felt when he was calling JaRule’s children dirty bastards, he was not thinking about Fat Joe’s children when he said their mother slept with Benzino, he was not thinking about Nas’ daughter when he helped Nas’ baby mama get that tell-all-book deal in hopes to get back at Nas! Got on radio talking about how Nas’ daughter will grow up not respecting and how every time Nas looks at his daughter he will feel less than a man because he signed with Def Jam- so yes karma is a b*tch and now he is feeling rejected by his own son and now his baby mama is disrespecticng him far worse than he every expected!

  • fireforreal

    I’m not a 50 fan but I think he’s gonna use this as fuel to really bring out a better album. In life you go through shit that brings out your real hunger and him having it made and people kissing his ass these last couple years hurt him in the long run and his music has only gotten worst.

  • Ms. Toson

    As I recall; in an interview prior to this fiasco, 50 admitted to not having a relationship with his son because it was by choice. All he was doing was sending money. Now all of a sudden, it’s tough to not be able to see his son. How is it tough when in the beginning, he didn’t want to and it was because he chose not to? He did not start spending time with his kid until late 2002 and that was in spurts.

  • K.ola

    As I recall; in an interview prior to this fiasco, 50 admitted to not having a relationship with his son because it was by choice. All he was doing was sending money. Now all of a sudden, it’s tough to not be able to see his son. How is it tough when in the beginning, he didn’t want to and it was because he chose not to? He did not start spending time with his kid until late 2002 and that was in spurts.

    Bitch What?

    quit making up shit… he aint never said that shyt…

  • K.ola

    cant stand whhen rappers pose as commenters to hate…

  • Macdatruest

    Damn nigga, you can make a trillion dollars, but you can’t make moves to secure yo seed? You gotta be smarter than just pulling white man industry tricks and selling huff water. With all the money and time you claim he spent with you on tour, your profession or finances must not be the problem so what is it? for some reason, the courts see your son better off with “Shaqueekee” than you. I dont see why, and if you know why they wont let u have him then man up and make the necessary changes to get your son instead of using the custody battle to try and gain a “deadbeat dad” fanbase. Nigga now that you Ja Ruled yourself out the game with all that soft today hard tommorow shit-you got all the time in the world to spend with little Nickle

  • Macdatruest

    Next time take that fuckin doo rag and hat off when you go to court. You don’t gotta wear that shit everyday Curtis. To be so much of a great businessman you don’t dress, act, or talk like a businessman. Jay-Z seem like a real live businessman. Fiddy seem more like stuff just conveniently fall into his lap while he make all the wrong moves and sign the most unmarketable people he can find. He still get magazine coverage though and specials on T.V. and whatever else which leads me to believe Dude is Hip Hop Undercover Police. Have you ever seen a Undercover? They always “too hood to be true” but the streets arent the ones telling you, its the authorities. a conveniently super-gangster background story, supposedly he’s a felon-wearing a bulletproof vest!!!!and a gun holster with firearm in public!!! I’m not stupid, that Ja Rule shit was just a distraction while the Feds investigated Murder Inc. cuz nobody would question them being investigated for some shit linked to Preme if they falling off anyway. Wake up and smell the Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    curtis is straight pussy. You a 300 million dollar havin ass niggah, that has no control over his baby’s mother. Ass, cause you know what?, even if the bitch is fucking, so the fuck what? You supposed to have enough class about yourself, and worry about your realtionship with your son first, bitch ass niggah. Not worry about what the fuck she doing, cause even if the pussy ain’t yours no more, you should always respect the pussy, cause it bore you a seed, the most precious gift a pussy could ever bless a man with. curtis is one of the wackest Black men in existence right about now, straight corny, and it is downright blasphemous, that this kid is getting all this money for shit, cause he can’t even spit or really entertain, and there are real hard working good ass Black men, getting shitted on in this motherfuckin lifetime. Fuck curtis, he should be ashamed of himself, all of his personal family business out in the motherfucker street, and he holding 300 million. Straight clitoris niggah, get your dick out of Lloyd banks ass, you homo, and get with reality. You is wack ass dude, fix that part of you cccuuurrrttiiissss. Now you all emotional and caring, this niggah will do anything for sales. Fucking prostitute.

  • tea

    high5 to mike. how you over 300 million strong plus other endorsments and you cant give the womyn who held you down when you got shot 9 times and picked you up had your seed taking care of him and you cant just let her have the lil bytch ass house. but you walking around with houses around your neck. fuc fif. he is the king of bytchassness

  • Bold

    liar. you set the house on fire while he and his mom were in it.

    what the fuck?

    Don’t try dat Bill Cosby bullshit, nigga. You are a fake bastard and I, along with many, see through your gay ass.

    Who’s turn is it to suck your dick, nigga?

    Gayo or BOYd??


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