Tupac Shakur Remembered On His Birthday By Many And More In “The Roundup”

He’s remembered for his tragic death more than his fulfilled life. But today marks what would have been Tupac Shakur’s 37th birthday. Hip-hop historian Davey D takes a minute to remember the life of this Outlaw. [DaveyD]

Rollin down the street smokin’ indo and sippin’ on Gin and juice didn’t do Snoop Dogg’s wife justice. Shante Broadus, the rapper’s wife of 11 years, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence over the weekend. Police pulled her car over, booked her, and gave her notice to appear in court. [E!]

Ice Cube is known for his legendary ice grill and his bodyguards guards seem to have the same bite. Cube’s muscle flexed on photographers outside of the Los Angeles Airport. Luckily for the snappers, today was a good day. No one got hurt. [TMZ]

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  • giantstepp

    “…eternally and my mission is to be than just a rap musician, the elevation of today’s generation if i can make’em lissen…” Tupac, from Unconditional Love.

    RIP to the legendary Tupac Shakur.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com whats really good?

    R.I.P to 2pac.

  • WCC

    R.I.P. to the best rapper ever 2PAC

  • miguel aka el meksikano aka tha phenom

    yo r.i.p. to tha greatest mc to have ever lived…..n happy birthday mah nigg

    • Valdez

      Definite CO-SIGN!!!

  • daneedum


  • Cake A!

    We keep it lit for you my nig! R.I.P the greatest rapper, and realest dude to do it… 100 hunnid

  • 239allday

    I woke up this mornin and turned on MTV jams wonderin why they were playin a whole bunch of pac jams, until I remembered it was his birthday. Only reason I know dat is its 3 days after mine. But I been jammin to all that classic pac on my media player since mornin.

  • t-bone

    if they were on crenshaw cube woulda shot they ass

  • southside

    rip tupac happy b day

  • Jonathan Carradine

    Happy Birthday 2pac and R.I.P.



  • Memphis tn

    Best Rapper Alive!! Yes I said “Alive” we hear Pac everyday, an his music still has positive influence!!! Whille yall claiming other rappers are “The Best Rappers Alive” hints: Lil Wayne, yall need to step yall game up like pac and get on some “Real” shit an not just cars, money, and hoes all the time.

  • Kani

    2PAC is the KING OF RAP/HIP-HOP. Period. This Kani,and I approve this message

  • http://myspace.com/datnigkavi dat_nig_kavi

    R.I.P. Pac.

  • REAL TALK 08

    Fuck..Jay-z and Lil’ Wayne..The Best that ever did it is ‘Pac!…..he is what Jimi Hendrix is to RNR..What Bob Marley is to Reggae….my fave ‘Pac line is..”even though I act crazy,I gotta thank the Lord that ya made me”…”Dear Mama”….RIP THUG IMMORTAL!

  • arice

    Tupac is not the g.o.a.t Hov is period…Im young wild in don’t give a fuck i have no respect

  • freakzilla504

    Enough with this overrated ,hypocritcal hasbeen. Long live Scarface!!

  • 239allday


    Fuck your whole life! Please log off and one
    yourself. Scarface is one of the greatest though!!!

  • Lostgyrl

    Loving you forever Tupac!!!


  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    In life there’s gonna b’ sum stuff that’s gonna make it difficult 2 smile.What’eva’ u do through all the rain & the pain. U gotta keep ur sense of humour. Smile)

  • King Rames

    RIP Makaveli…. 2pac best ever..