Plies Almost Made It On Usher’s “Club” Track And More In “The Roundup”

Usher’s made a splash with his Polow Da Don-produced smash “Love in This Club,” featuring Young Jeezy. The remix pits Ursh’s vocals alongside Beyonce and Lil Wayne. But according to Plies, he and Mariah Carey were suppose to take the “Club” track to the next level, not B and Weezy. “At the time, it was conveyed to me that it was supposed to be Usher, Mariah Carey and me,” Plies explained. “Obviously, that was a no-brainer as far as putting down what I had to do. I sent two verses to them. Then I get a call from a friend of mine at a radio station that they was getting ready to go with the record, but the version they had didn’t have me on it.” [MTV News]

Lil Flip is okay and, in fact, just returned from touring overseas, according to his manager, Sandy Lal. Reports surfaced that the Houston rapper was injured recently in a car accident and BCD music even released a statement on the incident. But Lal cleared up the mistake. “Lil Flip was not involved in any accident,” he said. “He’s very healthy and just returned from overseas touring.” [AHH]

He’s been a rap star for years now, and has had his turn on the big screen, now Snoop Dogg takes his turn in the cartoon world. The Los Angeles rapper is set to release “Adventures of Tha Blue Carpet Treatment,” an animated production that follows Tha Doggfather in a series of comedic run-ins and various plots and situations. The story will feature guest appearances from a number of stars, including The Game, Katt Williams, and E-40. The DVD is set to be released June 24.—XXL staff.

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    Thank God that coon nigga didn`t make it.Who gives a fuck anyway.that song is trash

    • Real as they Come

      coon nigga, u square as fuck jit hatin on the next man, get a hustle bout ya self coochie

      • ill G

        lol @ callin that nigga a coochie lmaoo.

  • sagnik baksi

    Its a good thing he did’nt make the cut for the final song, he would have killed the song (in bad way) all these Dj khaled affialiate rappers need to go retire and do something else with their liveS!! G UNIT TOS JULY 1sT!!

    • me nigga

      why would they do that??? even if your not a fan they obviously making money(more than the both of us) sometimes the lack of talent makes me wanna try rapping but then again….. nah

  • kingston

    lmao i sure club songs are below mariah’s level.

  • P.

    Yea Plies wouldnt have went. Then again lil wayne shouldnt be on ther either.


  • Gorrilah

    Fuck that wack-ass gaystone guy for putting lies about Flip

  • iLL

    LoL. Flip must have got the word that T.I go to jail so he’s back again..lolol. Wow.

  • westcoast mexican

    XXl need to Put Flip On The Cover, & who gives a shit about plies, callin he’s album “Definition Of Real” u a fake ass lame muthafucka.

    • Me nigga

      again i ask why?? Flips last hit was “game over” that was during his beef with tip. coincidence???? Im just saying since their little clash tips career has sky rocketed while flip has basically been reduced to an underground artist. He relly isnt deserving of the cover. not even close

      “i’ll treat you like milk and do nothing but spoil you”

      • Westcoast mexican

        u dont need a hit to be in a magazine, everybody makes it seem that way, flip is an underground artist & still better than t.i. plus this foo has gone hollywood

        • ill G

          and thats a bad thing??? T.I.:”hey man i done made like 2 or 3 albums and ppl like me and buy my records…i have a fan base, and warner bros is askin me to make a movie, cus they know those same fans will go dish out 8.50 to watch me on the big screen so i’m gonna go hollywood” lesscoast mexican: “nah ese u a sellout homes, u should stay in the trailers with me and my 9 cusins ese… why would u wanna go expand and make millions more doing sumthing else thats stoopid carnal, dont better urself, stay in the hood like me and work as a dishwasher all ur life” lmaooo fuckin haters man so many of yall dont u know hate is a fuckin emotion u emotional beeeeches…lmao aaaaand im spent

  • SImple like ABC, 123

    This are the lyrics of Plies on every song:

    (TR&G T!*(&)Y *!&YE*()&#v #

    His rap are nonsenses and his voice is annoying!!!

    Plies = excrement!!!



      Yo you had me rollin on the floor with that comment!!



  • Irish

    Plies and 2 pistols starting to look and sound like the same rapper more and more and both of them tryin to be like a new version of nelly.

  • Emma

    Im glad he didnt

  • g_da_don

    Before yall say plies is garbage listen 2 runnin my momma crazy and kept it 2 real. He’s iite.