50 Cent appeared on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show this afternoon and spoke about Young Buck and their recent back and forth.

“People don’t actually see,” Fif said. “Within the situation, I was trying to be as humble as possible. Buck is really impulsive and when you add addiction….”

Fif went on to say Buck currently owes him $200, 000. Buck has been saying in interviews that he is due royalties, however, the Southern rapper had tax problems that he needed help to take care of.

The infamous phone conversation between 50 and Buck that leaked online and revealed the scale of their rift has been up for debate between the parties.

In his dis track, “The Taped Conversation,” Buck said the phone call was over a year old. Blue Williams, who is now managing Buck’s career, said the audio was doctored. Williams told XXLmag.com that he has been overseeing Young Buck’s career for a month now since the rapper’s last blow up with 50 Cent.

In the interview with Martinez, however, Fif said the taped phone conversation was just three months old.

The G-Unit head also talked about Buck’s impulsive actions: He noted how the Tennessee artist was pining to talk to Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine, how Buck reached out to The Game, and a phone call 50 received from Buck at a Cadillac dealership looking to purchase a car, as examples of odd behavior.

"I would have never put [the call] out if he wasn’t out in the middle of the show saying eff me and I created him,” 50 said.

“I’m not gonna respond on record to Young Buck,” he later added. “If he knew how to rap before he met me [maybe]. Before he met me no one knew who he was, period.”---Nino "Dubs" Deluca