50 Cent Says Young Buck Owes Him $200,000

50 Cent appeared on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show this afternoon and spoke about Young Buck and their recent back and forth.

“People don’t actually see,” Fif said. “Within the situation, I was trying to be as humble as possible. Buck is really impulsive and when you add addiction….”

Fif went on to say Buck currently owes him $200, 000. Buck has been saying in interviews that he is due royalties, however, the Southern rapper had tax problems that he needed help to take care of.

The infamous phone conversation between 50 and Buck that leaked online and revealed the scale of their rift has been up for debate between the parties.

In his dis track, “The Taped Conversation,” Buck said the phone call was over a year old. Blue Williams, who is now managing Buck’s career, said the audio was doctored. Williams told XXLmag.com that he has been overseeing Young Buck’s career for a month now since the rapper’s last blow up with 50 Cent.

In the interview with Martinez, however, Fif said the taped phone conversation was just three months old.

The G-Unit head also talked about Buck’s impulsive actions: He noted how the Tennessee artist was pining to talk to Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine, how Buck reached out to The Game, and a phone call 50 received from Buck at a Cadillac dealership looking to purchase a car, as examples of odd behavior.

“I would have never put [the call] out if he wasn’t out in the middle of the show saying eff me and I created him,” 50 said.

“I’m not gonna respond on record to Young Buck,” he later added. “If he knew how to rap before he met me [maybe]. Before he met me no one knew who he was, period.”—Nino “Dubs” Deluca

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  • nick

    dude has a point…..

    • Caine

      50 didn’t make Buck. In my opinion, Buck would ahve eventually shined. All you Buck fans, check Buck’s first CD, Thuggin Til Da End. It was him and D-Tay. Dat joint hard…

      • moe

        aint nobody checkin for that crybaby anymore.

  • DJ Big Poppa Moose

    Yo First…and fif need to stop lyin cos we knowz fif need some free publicity cos new cd droppin!!

  • dmac

    straight up,he dont deserve a response but i think its da drugs lol

  • http://xxl.com Young money


  • drox

    real talk.. if

  • Mimi



    50 cent is speaking the truth


    buck was crying like a little bitch
    that aint gangsta

    i respect Fif for leaking the phone call!!


    • evrybody killa

      how the hell can u call buck disloyal?50 bitch ass was the 1 who taped they private talks then leaked it 2 the net.thats disloyal as hell & that also shows that 50 was planing on shitting on buck from the jump.that nigga act like a spoiled 3yr.old girl that tries to destroy everything & everybody so she can have it all.

  • drox

    real talk… if the taped conv is actually 3 months old I can understand y 50 would actually leak it. But that still dont explain y he recoreded it?? it makes me wonder what kinda dirt he got on banks & yayo 2 make’em stick 2 him. It’s truly sad 2 c the unit act like bitches (& they all r) & buck jus truly showed his colors flippin here & there… down wit the unit, the game & everybody that’s involved in this fued cause all this publicity is hiding true hip hop.

  • og bobby j

    i was actually just listen to that shit on my break….and fif was just keepin it mo reala….he said buck need help and maybe they could make peace….and he said he tapes most of his convos when talkin with dummies who get outta pocket….

    when angie asked him about weezy numbers…fif said he was confused…she asked if he had any other words about it and he said “you’ll see next week….cant keep talkin then ima give it all away”

  • Beef

    fuck u bitch u obviously havent heard shit from buck. Buck is a better rapper than any1 in g-unit. YOUNG BUCK PUT THE G IN G-UNIT. if 50s girly ass didnt discover him sum1 else wuld have and g-unit wouldnt have been what it was. I GUESS WERE GUNNA HAVE TO SEE HOW G-UNITS ALBUM DOES W/O HIM AND SEE HOW BAD THEY SELL. G-UNOTTTTTTT

    • whatsbeef

      bitch youre just stating your opinion whats buck said that anyone from g unit didnt? I didnt know gs cry over the phone to another man about money someone mightve found him but he wouldnt have been as big cause hes not really good. g unit was already good buck was yayos temporary replacement like game said. even with buck tos aint gonna sell that good. 50 cent owns g unot thats why game stopped saying it retard

  • young beast

    wow this nigga buck 1st album went platinum, and the 1st gunit album went platinum too, and this nigga still owe fif money? fif gorilla pimpin this nigga and probably yayo, and banks too…i will never play a buck album ever again…

  • 239allday

    That nigga Fif is cold as ice. First he charge his babymother rent, and he want 200 stacks from Buck. What is Fif gon do with that but wipe his ass wit it. He just kickin buck while he down. Them other niggas in Girl Unit are scared to death to even have an opinion.That man is ruthless but he reminds me of Mr. Sprocket(you know George Jetson boss).

  • http://myspace.com/datnigkavi dat_nig_kavi

    Fuck 50. Niggas talken bout Buck disloyal. Think about it 50 seem disloyal 2 me. He was da 1 that started this shit sayen all buck do is snort cocaine and sip lean and he aint never sober. If 50 was a real nigga he woulda trid 2 help buck and get him some treatment but instead he talken bout him 2 da world. Buck still didnt even direspect da nigga after dat, He just made a song explainen da situation and admitted 2 all dat shit. Buck a real nigga and I believe if 50 woulda tried 2 help da nigga Buck woulda tried his best 2 get straight. And fa him smoken a blunt wit jadakiss and talken 2 people 50 beefen wit dat aint disloyal. Buck in da streets he gone see niggas 50 beefen wit but it aint his beef. 50 beef for publicity. He cant make a nigga do da same thing cause das some bitch made shit.

    • moresickaMC

      Actually if you check the record..it all started when Buck claimed 50 didnt pay him royalties, yet Buck was indebted to the IRS. Buck dug his own hole

  • niggafrommemphis

    FUCK BUCK!”Look at what you had,nigga”.when a bitch say some shit like that,you don’t really react to it,but when a “G” like buck say some shit like that,you can’t do nuthin but laugh at that shit.A man worth 500 million dollars just lost an artist who not only owes him money,but ain’t sellin records.If buck don’t die first he needs some rehabilation.

  • http://myspace.com/datnigkavi dat_nig_kavi

    You niggas need 2 get off 50 dick and read between da lines. 50 bitch made fareal.

  • Neven

    this whole situation is a joke and all I have to say is

    GAME did it why can’t BUCK

  • bucK BUCK

    50 cant rap a xmas present. no one takes him literally on wax anymore fake ass mother fucka.

    of course he wont respond on record.

    young buck you the man in this, take the high road and just make more of ya good music

  • TEA



    50 snitch
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    50 is killin hip hop

    • 50 50

      how his last album only went platinum

  • http://xxlmag.com Johnny Fontaine

    Real talk that dude 50 is the “Capo di tutti capi” in this rap shit.Damn Buck

  • A.R.

    he can’t mess with Buck on the mic dats why he won’t respond on wax

  • http://myspace.com/datnigkavi dat_nig_kavi

    And anotha thing about 50. Why da fuck is he suin his baby momma. Dat nigga got so much fucken money it dont make no sense. If I was as rich as 50 is I wouldnt give a fuck what my baby momma do or say unless she harmen my shorty. Dat nigga got enough money 2 just give her a mil or 2 and send her on her way. Das chump change 2 50. That just proove how bitch made dis nigga is. I swear 2 GOD dis nigga got me mad at him like he did suem 2 me. I hate bitch made ass niggas.

    • Flymasta


      MO’ MONEY
      MO’ MONEY
      MO’ MONEY

  • youngturk

    ayo fucc all 50 cent haters man 50 wasnt doin shit but tellin da truth buck is trippin out buck gone always b my nigga but 50 gon always b my favorite rapper so wat he taped a phone conversation buck did it to lil wayne when he said wayne was cryin bout money so wats da difference 50 was jus being real

  • wowz

    i dont care how much money you have but if someone owes me money ima say WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY yall niggas actin like u wouldnt do the same. and if the nigga was onstage sayin fuck gunit and 50 then he deserves that shit for bein fake as fuck now he gona make songs wit game and joe and everybody he already dissed wow fuck hip hop everyone is bitches

  • kellz

    Man fuck 50 for this one,…man Buck looked at 50 like a brother he got emotional,happens sometimes…i cry in front of my brother sometimes..dont give a fuck if the tape came out 3 mins ago…its not like he knew he was being recorded!! 50 A STR8 BITCH,THAT FUCKIN DO DO ASS ALBUM T.O.S,WHOSE GONNA BUY IT…HIS TIME IS DONE STICK A FORK IN HIM…NOBODY RESPECTS BANKS AND YAYO…HE SHITTING ON BANKS AND YAYO AND THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING…FUCK GUNIT!!!! GET EM BUCK!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/datnigkavi dat_nig_kavi

    I wuen sayen he shouldnt get his money from Buck if u know how 2 read u would no I was just given a example of how bitch made da nigga is. I was talken bout his baby momma and u niggas need 2 read what I put up top and try 2 understand how fake 50 really is. scroll up and read da otha 2 comments I left.

  • Jimm-o

    i still dont understand how/why 50 taped that conversation, you all calling buck untrustworthy? what type of gangster tapes phone calls of his “niggas” that aint street or gangster. so i hold up a big middle finger to 50 cent.

  • dizzle

    If buck didn’t act like such a bitch he could have been the next game. Maybe he can take a page out of T.I.’s handbook and start tellin’ so uncle sam forgets about the taxes.

  • http://myspace.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

    Ignorance. Flat out. 50 can’t just give his baby moms squat cuz no amount will ever be enough. It’ll be more next month and so on and so on. And this Buck situation is straight crazy. Why is 50 a bytch and wrong for showin Buck, a thug, to be what he truly is, a regular dude tryin to survive his day to day reality. How many addicts do any of you all know. If you know then you know you can not help someone who does not want help. Yea, 50 got albums to sell so its amped rite now but even when the press leaves it’ll still be questions to answer. If Buck turned in all that jewelry and cars then he could give 50 his money and call it a day. He a real nigga right. Yo, check me out @ myspace.com/marko4a0c


    I think we all forgot this dude be stabbing niggas on GP so soft probably wouldnt be the best word for this dude, I think he had an album cut called say it to my face sums it all up. 50 a hoe Buck has personal issues I pick Buck just off of musical talent I’m sure sure some of you pick 50 can’t hate I just let the music represent itself & honestly Buck just a better talent 50 is a better business man. Pac had the same flaws never saw the snakes around him thats why his situation turned out bad. Buck can recover but not under G unit get your paperwork right & get the fuck outta there 50 is a snake but hes also a good business man & from that those two go hand & hand.

  • 6MillionDollarMan

    Oh sum real shit is it really that hard?

    Buy a house

    Buy a couple of cars

    Pay uncle sam

    Sit the fuck down and live life with the rest of yo money

  • Negro Please

    Anyone but me still remember this?

    “I tried to spare you Young Buck, now it’s time for payback
    It go, how you from Cashville but you ain’t got no cash nigga?
    Say my name now that’s your fucking ass nigga
    Kept your mouth shut and I gave you a pass nigga
    Now I gotta lay you down like the last nigga
    Buck, buck, buck from my AK-47
    This nigga playing with his life, I might have to put him in heaven
    Tryna play the game, talking shit up on the stereo
    Prepare for burials, it’s when I’m reincarnating Harry-O
    And you don’t want that David cuz you love your life
    Get my Vibe, when it’s war he pull out butter knifes
    Muthafucka I’ma show you who the gangsta
    All you do is Murder Inc., now who the wangsta?
    When Suge had you, you were stranded on Tha Row
    Juve left you for dead and went back to the N-O
    50 heard you on the tour bus and felt your little flow
    Then he made you temporary replacement for Yayo
    You a bitch, and that’s hard to swallow
    And you got robbed for your spinning G-Unit chain in Chicago
    I call my nigga Jojo to get it back
    He had the shit in his hands, and you ain’t had the ten stacks
    Picture that, I thought we was G-Unit
    Then you ran and told 50 that I did that shit”

    With that being said, I think Buck can flow (only in relation to the other G Unit cronies, none of them nuccas can spit for shit, and Buck wouldn’t make it in a real lyrical battle ala Nas, Jay-Z… shit even Dr. Suess ‘rofl!)

    Two sides coming together now: a) Buck shouldn’t have cried, at least not in any situation that could lead to shit being duplicated on wax (I only cry in person, after doing a pat down to make sure nuccas ain’t wearing a wired ala The Departed) 2) 5-0 looks madd suspect for recording that shit. Aint that what the jakes do when they are building a file on you?

    But lastly:
    Who Tha Phuck Cares?

    • caucasion please

      i agree
      game already exposed buck and now buck is gonna hop on games dick like nothing ever happened just cute
      50 dont give a fuck cause hes rich as fuck and buck 200,000 in the hole and cant run his own company
      bucks a bitch and got robbed and couldnt buy it back even back then he was broke
      bucks music aint that good and wont be now that 50 aint gonna be writing for him
      it doesnt matter cause lil wayne is better than these guys and makes better music
      a million the first week

  • 727lovely

    On the real, 50 is a real bitch nigga. I mean this dude thrives off beef. If anyone doesn’t agree with him, he kicks them out off G-Unit. He did the same thing to Oliva. Once she left, dude started saying that she was gay. This is a woman, lets be for real, he knew that she wasn’t going to respond. The thing about Buck, is that he looked up to him, he came from nothing, so I can understand him being a little emotional on the phone, because we all know that he didn’t want to go back to where he come from. As far, as him having tax trouble, what rappe hasn’t they all spend beyond there means. 50 is trying to sell records and he knows that he can’t sell any records without it. POINT Blank. He knew Buck would do anything to be down with him, look what he did for Dr. Dre at the awards. He knows that Buck is a wild dude. I think that it was a mistake for him to sign with G-Unit anyway. Lloyd and Yayo would cross their own mother’s if 50 told them to. They are not real men, they can’t stand up, they are yes man. They agree with dude when they know he dead wrong. 50′s music is purchased by surburban white kids, no real dudes by into is shit. He called out T.I>, but this dude got a song snitching on real gansters. Question? Why is it that 50 doesn’t hang out with anyone besides his stans yayo and lloyd? No one real in the industry fucks with him. You know why? Because he is as pussy as a two day old tampon

  • poo

    LOL 50 cent owns.

    its the truth, without 50 there is no buck.


  • http://www.xxlmag.com o$$$

    1st of…fif is just about business…and buck done bit the hands that been feeding him….and know, shit just hitting the streets; and we all know that aint always nice. but what buck needs to iz simply get back w/ the unit. and that’s that and the only he’ll come up.

  • 306

    Buck couldnt rap before 50? How about listen to T.I.P. he made that shit when he was seventeen. fuckin morons

  • Trickdd

    Buck was allways Buck no matter who he would have sighn to on some real shit fifty would have not been as big as he is if it wasnt for Dre and Em plus Buck help make G-Unit sell alot of records it aint cool for fifty to say that shit sound like hes a bitch nigga

  • Y.O.

    all you 50 haters are so dumb
    no one would recognize buck if 50 didnt
    he wasnt even allowed to rap on cash money at the time when B.G. Juve n turk all left
    so for u guys to say he would get discovered is a fucking lie
    Buck is disloyal becuase all in his raps he said he wud never leave 50 n owes his life to 50 n all that bullshit
    so in total buck is shit without him
    n whoever said buck was the best in g-unit is dumb
    its clearly bank$
    btw “306″ T.I.P. was shit only good song was Crime Pays


  • Devildog

    g-unot is the addicts and don’t forget 50 is the
    the one taking a dick oh mean steroids

  • Kani

    taping and releasing the phone convo is plain stupid, childish and idiotic. young buck was the best rapper in g-unit, now that he’s gone the unit’s officially dead.

  • Mr Man

    50 cent is such a moron. he thinks this tape thing makes him look gangster or whatever, when this confirms how limited is brain is, that is if he has one to start with.

  • Tirrell

    Who else records phone conversations? POLICE that’s who. There is no reason to record your homies conversation…PERIOD. G-Unit? no, no, no, no, no, NYPD Crime- Unit.

  • niggafrommmemphis

    When it’s all over:50 cent wasn’t crying on the phone, Big Bad Ass “Buck” was crying.The nigga almost had me crying.

  • rrahha

    buck will always be gunit, but not to be funny or anything. he’s wilding out, telling fif one thing then saying fuck him the next day…AND PUBLICLY ON CAMERA AT THAT…. i really thing that those drugs have a strong hold over him. he said that he only did that because he was cautious of buck saying one thing and doing something else. basically, buck tried to play fif and lie/cheat, etc and he got fucked because fif was prepared for his bullshit. remember the convo was before buck said fif owes him money (isn’t true) and he only released it after that and after buck says fuck fif and everything that created him. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!

  • Jessica

    Who cares? We only care how to find these celerbities. Lucky me, I found Hilton on a celeb and millionaire dating site. Its name is like K i s s M i l l i o n a i r e s . C o M or something.




  • http://www.myspace.com/goongie A.Banks

    Lol the situation is funny real talk Buck isn’t that hot , and 50 well …. when was the last hot album fifty put out!!!!!! So any press is good press right now!!!!!

  • 11KAP

    50 has an uncanny way of destroying all the good rappers, so all we get to hear is his monkey ass. I’m tired of that nigga running his mug for the shytstem. that nigga’s a crab.

  • krock

    Stupid naggers acting like animals.

  • brasco

    To “Negro please”.

    You asked “who the phuck cares?”

    Cleary you for your 16 bar recital and following comments nigga!!!!

  • http://internetexplorer li pupu

    sounds like 50 is good at getting niggas in phone taps. and he trying to slick throw rocks at T.I. (bitch move)

  • Westcoast Mexican

    50 cryin over 200,000 we all know thats 50′s grocery money, why is he cryin, lil bitch he’s just looking to get more fame snitch ass muthafucka

  • Muphasa

    What is it with that nigga tryna beef wi ebody. without Buck in G Unit that group would be damn boring with him alone. So he also owes Buck for his fame.

  • 11KAP

    this rappin ass hip cop.

  • fred

    fif is right no one knew who buck was before
    he fucked with 50 fif the only nigga that gave him a chance cash money shitted on that nigga and never put him out!buck dug his own hole and his career is over!when he made his money he shoulda made smarter decisions than to sound like a bitch on the phone beggin for help like he was a child! i dont think trina would fuck you now homie!

  • Tone

    all you 50 haters need to read and get your facts striaght, first off..no one and i mean no one would have known buck if it wasn’t for 50 putting him on the mic and albums as yayos replacement when Juve introduced him to 50. 2nd, Buck ran off at the mouth about not getting paid when he knew he was…even in an XXL magazine he did the same thing and 3rd he ran off at the mouth again saying “eff 50 and g-unit” when he know what he did to get kicked out. Buck got what he got and if you listen to the phone call, 50 was trying to guide him to fix the situation and 4th, that convo was not no year ago so Buck’s a liar cause if you listen close to what they talking about..it all happened 3 months ago to Buck about his problems

  • Trickdd

    Who would have known 50 if he wasnt a victom gettin shot 9 times and if it wasnt for Dre and Em? Ima tell yall Buck would have been good without fifty but fifty wouldnt be who he was if it wasnt for Dre And Em I use to like fifty before the money got to his head know hes turnin into a bitch with all this lame shit hes doing hes just makeing it worse for hisself everytime tell eventually aint nobody gunna fuck with him O and who was fifty to make Buck so big in the game Fifty wasnt shit Buck a good artist and he dont need fifty Buck was G-Unit Buck and Banks the other two niggas wasnt shit

  • Didishow

    Fuck them all. Fuck 50, fuck Buck, fuck Bitch Unit.
    And why the fuck is 50 complainin about how Buck owes him money like he ain’t rich enough. Why the fuck does he care anyway ?
    All I gotta say is that them bitches are corrupt by money, you know what i’m sayin they dont know what hip hop is anymore all they care bout is dough and its fuckin sad…

  • Tone

    @ Trickdd- So you saying that Buck was big before 50? If Buck is that good of an artist as you say, where’s his people on his record label at? cause I don’t see them out with a solo project yet? He even got 2pac’s boys on that label..people said game was gonna do good without G-Unit, wheres his label at? No one came out with nothing but Game..and dude talkin bout killing himself, retiring just only after 3 albums, come on now. So how could Buck not be big cause of 50 when 50 put him on? Because according to what I know, Buck aint never got put out when we was with cash money..no one knew him. Now 50 on the other hand, if you know your history..50 was signed to Columbia records and to Jam Master J before JMJ passed (God rest his soul). It has nothing to do with Jay-Z saying his name at a concert or getting shot 9times or Dr. Dre or Em. Point is this..if Buck wouldn’t have done what he did and if we wouldn’t have lied saying the tape was a year ago when he know good and well it was 3 months ago, Buck wouldn’t have gotten what he got. You can say what you want cause you don’t like 50, but know the actual facts all the way from the very start first bro

  • Irish

    When r all u lil homies gonna realize being hard or being the ‘realest’ doesn’t apply in this situation. 50 came out on top because he’s the smarter businessman. Rappers are getting into the music biz with good music sense but no knowledge of the biz. It’s a fucked up truth, but sometimes the biz is more important than the music. That’s why u got the best lyricist out there that never drop an album, because the industry fucked ‘em. U think 50 needs Buck? It’s the opposite. Buck was borrowin from 50. 50 could retire today and b set for life. He already planned for the future with Vitamin Water, Reebok, record company and movies. Buck don’t got shit like that and he’s in debt. He was thinkin about today only and not the future.
    He got the house for moms and didn’t know shit about property tax and borrowed from 50 not thinkin about havin to pay him back. It doesn’t matter how hard u think he is. That’s why the hardest dudes on earth won’t earn anymore money because they’re doin life for tryin to get paid. People riskin their life for cash, but u can’t get paid when your dead.

  • Irish

    The bottom line is the only rappers that’s gonna last now r the ones gettin ownership of themselves. Rappers buildin their own studios and buyin their publishin so they don’t have to deal with the B.S. Buck’s goin thru. A lot of good rappers got fucked by sorry ones who went on to become more successful. The Shyne situation was a perfect example. He wanted to prove his street cred by defendin a bitchmade guy with better biz sense then him. Then he had the same legal team as Puff and Puff thru salt on his name and left him to fend for self. It’s not always about being harder, it’s about being smarter. The hardest gangster I ever knew is in a wheelchair right know from three shots. His babymom left ‘em and took his son because she didn’t want to be stuck takin care of a cripple. Now think about bein hard youngsters. Real shit.

  • Trickdd

    No im sayn Buck was Buck with Are without Fifty buck aint rich he wealthy he might be hood rich but fifty didnt do notheing for bucks carrer he sighned him big deal but whos fifty with out Dre and Em he aint shit Buck would have made it on his own Fifty got shot he sighn with emenim and his career blew up fifty didnt do shit for bucks career all that shit buck could have did on his own and if you ask alot of niggas they well tell you buck the only reason why G-unit sold in the south dont nobody fuck with fifty cent no more insept the same hos thats why he aint on no ones tracks cause hes a bitch boy that has to big of a ego