Nate Dogg Arrested After Highway Chase With Estranged Wife

Nate Dogg was arrested early this morning after making “death threats” toward his estranged wife, TMZ is reporting.

The rap crooner allegedly followed behind his wife’s car, driving “dangerously” close before she called 911.

Officers arrived and quested both parties. Nate Dogg was then arrested for making terrorist threats and driving with a suspended license. The incident took place at 8:30 this morning and occurred on highway 405 in Los Angeles.

A call placed to Nate Dogg’s manager by was not returned by press time.

The former Death Row affiliate has been in the news lately, making multiple headlines. First, he suffered a stroke late last year and later TMZ released the 911 call on their Web site. Then rumors regarding his death spread on the Internet.—Nick “Dubs” Deluca

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  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    I got love for nate but he’s a fucking stalker! LOL!!!! The pussy can’t be that good. LOL!

  • Lol

    well at least we know he recovered from the stroke. LOL

  • Gadah

    Come on Nate, you got to use your head. lol

  • Mutada al sader the king

    What ever happned to fuck a bitch ? But when its the wife its all diffrent. He’s a legend hope he gets better

  • dusty boy

    Maan Hol’ Up!! Nate a damn foo!! Do tha damn thang Nate!!! Get that Bitch!!!!


  • chad bro chill

    she probly called him fat then he freaked out

  • M.B.Ranch

    Nate Dogg about to make a brothers body turn cold.

    I just suprized he didn’t hit that trick with a golf club.

  • Vicious Seiger

    So that’s what inspired him to recover! I know crazy people have been known to be really strong but now my man turned T-1000. Why can I see Nate in his hospital robe running down the hall chasing her like T-1000? Seriously, WTF is going on with the original gangsta crooner?

    P.S. – With Nate out of the picture expect more work for his heir to-be replacement T-Pain.


  • niggafrommemphis

    Is this how you gonna make a comeback? GET A TRADE MOTHERFUCKA!!I still think you was humming and makin good shit back in the day,right now…just get yo mind right,don’t nobody miss you that much!And thanks to ice t for apologizing…..naw i don’t bump that bullshit either,but these days,if these kids parents ain’t teachin em shit,there’s not too much we can say,without neglecting our own shit.

    • Westcoast Mexican

      shut the fuck up, u proly on that soulja bullshit too

      • niggafrommemphis

        Go back to mexico,drink that nasty ass water and die you bean eatining mouse!

  • 11KAP

    word? no good news for black entertainersmfers, huh? just bad news. go ahead and tell them DMX’s mugshot is on the webfront page of while you’re at it.

  • henry

    i though he was unable to move

  • Mean Greene

    This is not the behavior of a man who doesn’t love dem hoes Nate Dogg. Was my whole childhodd a lie??

  • jojochicago

    Let It Go! DAM! Niggaz still get pussy whipped?!

  • Westcoast Mexican

    The law cracks me up, how is this shit a terrorist threat they just full of shit, & Nate Dogg, Stay Up Homie

  • Trickdd

    Ita aint the law its the fucked up popratzi makeing shit sound all hyped up and shit


    i thought he was in a nursing home recovering from his stroke?

  • 239allday

    Cus I have never met a girl that I have loved in this whole wide world. I want some of that shit nate been puffin on. Some of that goodness!