Kanye West Must Pay His Mother’s Debt, Suge Knight Ordered To Auction Death Row & More In “The Roundup”

Kanye West apparently has a new mortgage on his hands. TMZ reports ‘Ye must fork up $600,000 to an Illinois trust company to pay off the mortgage on his late mother’s condo. The creditor’s claim documents, which can be viewed on TMZ, state that Dr. Donda West owed over $600,000 plus interest at the time of her death. As the executor of Donda’s estate, the Louis Vutton Don inherited the debt. Just last year TMZ reported that Dr. West passed with less than $250, 000 in cash and didn’t leave a will. [TMZ]

The gossip site is also reporting that Death Row Records was bought for $24 million yesterday after a bankruptcy court judge ordered it to be auctioned. Global Music Group president Susan Berg outbid all comers to secure the legendary label. The deal also includes 20 unreleased 2Pac Shakur tracks. [TMZ]

D-Block has just announced the release of their first clique album, Prepare For Glory. In addition to featuring LOX MCs, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P, the set will also include verses from D-Block members like Poobs, Trav, Straws, A.P., T.Y., Bucky, Bully, Don D. and Large Amount. “That’s My Nigga,” the album’s first offering just leaked onto the internet. Prepare For Glory is scheduled to hit stores August 19 via Babygrande Records. [The Lox Speaks On Prepare For Glory] –XXL Staff

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  • Young Rich

    shit happens for reasons

  • Rosco

    “Suge Lost”

  • real talk

    thats a hell of an investment. May be someone can bring deathrows washed up lable back.

    • JAY

      AINT nothing gonna bring deathrow back dumb cocksucker just like the homey maino said deathrow is dead “TAKE IT LIKE A MAN”

  • Deez Nutz

    Why the hell didnt Dr. Dre just buy Death Row and then he would have the Chronic, all the other albums and the last laugh? Let me find out Suge still got nukkas shook even after he was Debo’d…wtf?

  • Peru

    Ya’ll need to stop saying shit “leaked” onto the net. Niggas aint stupid, we know the fuckin song got POSTED to see what kind of feedback they would get. Dont shit get “leaked” now adays, who you think you foolin. Do you just say that in hopes that the word “leaked” makes people think its something they shouldn’t be able to hear so that will make them want it more??? NEGRO PLEASE!!!

  • Bo$$ Hogg

    Man I’d pay that debt with the quickness. For Mama that’s a debt I wouldn’t even trip off. And with Kanye’s money thould wouldnt even be an issue. TMZ need to fall back.


    WOOOW Death Row…WOOOWW

    XXL you wrong for that picture of Kayne West’s momma on the front of the site…ya’ll wrong for that shit.

  • big skiz

    FUQ SUGE hes a punk for killing pac in the first place. i know none of you white boys on here know what im talkin about back in those days you were listenin to red hot chili peckers. nukka. only white boys say that shit nigga.fuq soulja boy too. i just wanted too say that. anybody got som to say com see me. 87th and bandera L>A> posted bitches. ask for el franky boy. fuqin honkeys.

  • Rage Against the Machine

    Damn, that’s just like “THE MAN” to make a nicca pay of someone else’s debt. Mother or not, that debt should’ve died with her(Especially if he didn’t co-sign for it). But “THE MAN” knows Ye’ got ends, and he will stops at no ends to get it.

    Fuck “THE MAN”!

    When I die, I hope I owe’em “A MILLI”! Just my way of given the system “THE BIRD” from the grave. Bitchessss

  • Yohance

    Yo on the XXL, this is not cool. To say that the records are on TMZ and put someone’s business all out there like that? For real?!
    Man fuck that dude, that’s not cool.
    Whether anyone likes Kanye or not, he lost his mother. His rock.
    Have some damn class.

  • Jack

    2pac still has 20 unheard tracks dammmmnnn hope those come out soon. and prepare for glory should come out the same day as TOS get that battle of the sales marketing scheme set up again surprised 50 hasn’t gone at jada in a while.

  • Yohance

    I think my first post didn’t go through.
    I hope others read this and agree.
    Shame on XXL for posting all of Kanye and his mother’s business out there. Especially from a source like TMZ that thrives off gossip.
    Whether anyone likes Kanye or not, that was his mother. Give them some respect and have some class.
    Puttin all that personal business out there is extremly disrespectful.
    I was hoping to read something a little bit more informative that telling me about their personal finances.
    May she reast in peace.

  • droopey

    man only 24 mill for death row do you know how many hits theyve got i would have bought that in a heart beat damn…..hustling.

  • Gorrilah

    Fuck this shit u know.If somebody is dead and it was not suicide then all his or her debts must be cancelled.Fuck this stupid-ass system man.Now your Kanye has to pay his mother debts.Fuck George Bush and when Obama takes over he must look at the thing from the Ghetto’s eye.U just cant pay a dead-man debts for real.How is his or her debts have to do with u anyway.

  • A-WEST

    dam suge death row is still being talked about like 15 years later , thats amazing to me

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