He made his bones below the Mason-Dixon line, but DJ Drama is heading to Hollywood with his next series of mixtapes. Ok, more like Los Angeles.

“I got a trifecta of West Coast tapes coming,” Drama told XXLmag.com “I got Snoop Dogg’s tape, Tha Dogg Pound, and Terrace Martin.

“I figured if I go to the West Coast, I might as well come heavy, I might as well come strong, and who better to introduce me than the OGs," he continued. "I’ma go with the veterans and then help introduce Terrace Martin to the scene."

The Aphilliates top man said the idea for the Cali mixtape series started when he and the DPG announced they would collaborate on a mixtape. Then Snoop wanted to do an individual project, which Drama said would be titled The City Is In Good Hands. Then the idea to break a new artist came to mind. "He's incredible," the DJ said of Martin.

In addition to his West Coast work, Drama said he just began working on the follow-up to his major label debut, Gangsta Grillz: The Album. The Atlantic-backed project was released December 2007 and has sold around 200,000 units since. The Atlanta-based DJ was happy with the numbers, but thinks he can gain greater success with a more rounded single.

“Feds Takin’ Pictures” and “5000 Ones” were Drana’s two singles.

“For me and Atlantic, we both came to the understanding on what we did wrong last time and this is what we can do better,” Drama explained. “If we were able to push that many units strictly off of the brand that I created just imagine what we can do once we have that hit record, once the video is in rotation and once things are everywhere.

“I realize what I’m capable of doing and once we get that record, and get radio and TV on our side, we’re ready to go,” he added. “Other than that, I think my album was highly received. If you look at the climate today, I think I did quite good without a hit record or a [video] on television everyday.”

Dram is looking to release his sophomore album this December.

He's also working on a number of AMG projects with La The Darkman and protege Willie The Kid. The latter is set to release an independent mixtape album through Asylum Records.---Jayson Rodriguez