Big Tigger wrapped his 7th annual Celebrity Classic yesterday in Washington D.C., with T.I., DJ Drama, Melyssa Ford, and others in attendance.

His longtime retreat is centered on HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

“My message for the community is please love yourself, get tested, know your status, it’s very important,” Tigger said in a past PSA announcement. “If you have a partner, it’s important for both of y’all to get tested so y’all can have a happy, safe, monogamous relationship. If you’re not in a monogamous relationship, please wrap it up. It’s that simple. HIV and AIDS are diseases of choice. People mostly—like 99 percent of the time—choose to get the disease by not wearing condoms or by sharing needles. It’s not something that pops up in the air; it’s not contagious like that. You choose to do it by your behaviors. If you change your behaviors we really can get rid of this disease."

The former BET host kicked off his three-day weekend with an opening reception on Thursday that included a celebrity panel discussion and a Town Hall meeting. Friday featured a VIP bash, followed the celebrity basketball game on Saturday.

T.I. delivered the Keynote Address during the lunch soirée on Saturday. The rapper addressed the young crowd and imparted the notion of personal responsibility onto the children.

Other attendees included XXL editor-in-chief Datwon Thomas, DJ Clue, singer Tiffany Evans, model Toccara, and BET legend Donnie Simpson.

CW Network, Brand Jordan, Volkswagon USA, and Harley Davidson were among those that supported Big Tigger and his Street Corner Foundation. The group raised thousands of dollars over the three days that will help fun raising awareness for HIV testing and AIDS education.---LaTisha Robbins