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  • katt

    now we’re just reachin’…

  • INF

    Definetly a reach.

  • Trevor fell the fuck off.

    Ya’ll jumped out the gate and managed to pass up AHH n SOHH, but now you got rid of EVERY good columnist, and post obvious reachin bullshit like this.

  • LAV

    how about AVANT & LEBRON JAMES?

  • Braile

    this shit is funny

  • Ali

    lol I was waiting for another real one….i’m tellin yall mayn….Method Man & Kenyon Martin

  • steven

    what travor said. it used to be slim thug=frankenstein big gipp=curious george raekwon=alvin the chimpmunk not corny fucks like this dressing up like people and that equals an a alike, ive never been so disappointed in a mage/site falling off. bring YN back! oh, too late..