Lil’ Wayne Number One Again, Kanye West And Common Sued, La Chat Is Back In “The Roundup”

Li-li-li-li-like number one. Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop” returns to number one this week on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The lead single from the Cash Money star’s forthcoming Tha Carter 3 makes its mark back on top after a three-week break. It’s the longest gap for one song to make it back to number one since Usher’s “U Got It Bad” went four weeks between number one status in January 2002. Weezy also hosted Bun B’s album release party this week in Houston’s Bar Rio. The Texas veteran performed in front of an audience that included Chamillionaire, Rap-A-Lot head J. Prince, among others…

Kanye West, Common, Method Man, and Redman, along with their record companies were sued yesterday (May 22) by a late Jazz artists’ daughter over a sample used in various songs by the rappers. Kathleen Firrantello, whose father is musician Joe Farrell, filed the suit in a U.S. District Court in New York. Firrantello claims portions of her father’s 1974 track “Upon This Rock” was used in West’s “Gone,” Common’s “Chi-City,” and Meth and Red’s “Run 4 Cover.” She’s seeking $1 million dollars in damages and asking that no further copies of the songs be sold or performed…

Former Three 6 Mafia associate La Chat is set to release her fifth solo album, Da Hood Home Girl, July 22 on indie label, Dime A Dozen Entertainment. The 16-track project features collaborations with Pastor Troy, Murphy Lee, and Gangsta Boo.-XXL staff.

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  • Dirty_S

    Fuck That First Bull Shit!!!

  • Khayan from the bronx

    All four of those artist are vets in the game and should know better than sampling music without clearance. Now home girl will get 10 times what they could have paid her from the jump.

  • Jerod

    What a greedy little bitch.
    Just knowing that three different rappers used part of my dad’s song would be payment enough for me.

    Money money money money… MONEY!

    • Cinsere

      The fact that she knows those three very distinct instances tells me she’s a hip hop fan, and was listening to them when she was like “wait, that sounds familiar.” Now she wants to shut niggaz down. If she wants compensation, that’s one thing, but telling an artist not to sell or perform their material anymore is ridiculous.

    • Notoriousagc

      LMAO, nah fuck it get payed, they used some of your shit and you aint gettin paid? if you would use some of they voice in a sample THEYD SUE THE FUCK OUTTA YOU TILL YOUR EATIN flies in the street. FUCK EM.

  • Rizob

    Wayne is a MONSTER! June 10 Bitches……

  • c

    5th album? LaChat don’t play. Get it girl.

  • Groove

    Lollipop is murderin the clubs and the charts and its probably the least best song on the album. Wow. Looks like Weezy’s crossin over like Tim Hardaway.

  • Arcey

    @ jerod: she might not give a fuck about rappers using her dad’s music!!!

    if she’s broke & found out (on the internet, I’m pretty sure!)that Def Jam/Universal & Geffen/Interscope/Universal forgot to clear the sample well…hey!

    That “run 4 cover” is almost 10 yrs. old, I think she’s not asking for much so hopefully they settle out of court.

  • Tha Ace

    only thing worth readin was that la chat got a new album comin, i’ll be on the lookout

  • http://xxlmag pistol

    shid…dat nigga wayne is so muthafuckin sucessful….yall lil faggots need to take note

  • Seriously

    So tell me who the fuck really cares about a La Chat album! That bitch looks like Biz Markie in the face!!

  • A3

    I can’t believe she wants a mil for a damn drum break!!! Producers can’t even loop up breaks anymore without gettin sued, sad.

  • Prize

    So all this time, Kanye hasn’t been clearing those samples after all???

  • pimp

    Ya’ll comments suck!!!!!!!! Who cares what ya’ll think anyway!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Killamac15

    LaChat is one of the most overlooked female MCs out there for all U sucka-ass fools that dont realize that shit by now….U dont know shit bout rap. Period.

  • shek

    man fuk this bitch, sampling is part of music, greedy whore

  • Espy

    Sometimes cats don’t get ALL of their samples cleared. Mainly for saving from having to fork out too much from their advance, or if they think it won’t get noticed, like in this case, where the artist sampled is currently dead.

    As far as them getting these songs taken off their albums as part of the lawsuit, that’s not too huge a deal considering most of those are older songs and we know how disposable hip hop is nowadays. I listen to Kanye and Method Man and Redman, and I can’t even recall what those songs listed sound like.

    I wonder how Wayne pulled that shit off of bouncing back to number one, that shit doesn’t happen for musicians at all, no matter what genre.
    Maybe everything else that’s been out for the last 3 weeks just wasn’t as hitting.

  • old skool rules

    lil wayne is a “ringtone rapper” yall fools need to stop listen in to that bullsh*t rap and get de la soul said back in the day, STAKES IS HIGH…listen to that and learn from it suckas!!!!!

  • Trickdd

    What the hell is a ringtone rapper? This is the way I feel I can give a fuck what niggas think about my music I just love to make music you think Lil Wayne needs to make money Nope he does the shit cause he loves makeing music he can say fuck it anyday and retire from the game he gots passion for it something you might not no about.

  • whats CraCCin

    june 10 haterz run out and 6uy 10 copies