Nas Records New Song For Mike Tyson Documentary, Salaam Remi To Score Project

Salaam Remi is onboard to score a Mike Tyson documentary directed by James Toback (“Black and White,” “Bugsy”) that will feature a new song by Nas called “Legendary.” The doc is set to premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival in May and be released as early as this summer. The embattled boxer will narrate his life’s story, according to the music producer. “It’s really chilling, ” Remi told In addition to the Tyson documentary, Remi is finishing up music for the “Sex and The City” movie. He’s serving as the executive music producer for the film and has worked with Fergie, Jennifer Hudson, and collaborative effort between Josh Stone and Al Green. Remi also produced Nas’s recent single, “Be a Nigger, Too.” With so many projects on his plate, however, Remi hasn’t heard much feedback on the first selection off of Nas’s controversially titled album, Nigger. He added he’s felt no pressure from anyone regarding the title. “For me, it’s all routine, ” Remi explained. “Musically, I’m able to expand because I’m working with brilliant writers. They say things that are provocative, eye-brow raising, and everything else. So it gives me a chance to do the same. Expectations are cool, but at the end of the day, the content is the same. The fact that is raises eyebrows is cool, but you have to get it.”

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  • moresickaMC

    Mike shoulda been the greatest next to Ali if he didnt f*c it up

    • One Blood-One Flag-Hella Purpose

      Fuck dat mike is the greatist and was the greatist… in the ring or on the streets couldnt no nigga touch him… hes a beast… it jus makes me sick that he took a wrong turn and fucked up his life

  • ill G

    I’d like to watch this…so we can see where the hell Mike went wrong…cus he was a beast i was watchin his earlier fights Mike was the greatest

  • Worley

    NYOIL is gonna be tight about this.

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  • melchizodok

    mike still the greatest, just gullible to don king and women. Definitely watch it!

  • ahaha

    how you go from Sex and the City movie to “Nigger” album is beyond me

  • http://sb sb

    moresicka….im sorry tyson would have been in the top ten for sure if he hadn’t screwed up his life…. but he wouldn’t be next to the G.O.A.T. …If you really studied mike he was a charger and a brawler and not a boxer..Fighters were intimidated by his agreesive style and he wasn’t like anything in boxing at that time…so fighters were already going in scared and with a losing attitude….But he got kncocked out by a bum..buster douglass and holleyfield took hime to school twice and you saw then that he could not penetrate once he fought a saw when he fought wack ass lenox lewis..he just had reach….Can you imagine Ali and Tyson…Ali would of got in his unstable head before the fight he would of quit before he stepped in the ring…Ali was such a smart fighter with power,speed and stamina….Hell Tyson couldn’t handle Foreman from the 70′s or the 90′s…Foreman would of destroyed saw what he did to joe frazier

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