Former Chopper City Boyz Member VL Mike Shot to Death

VL Mike, a New Orleans based MC and former member of B.G.’s Chopper City Boyz, was shot and killed in his hometown on Sunday afternoon (April 20). According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, the rapper, whose full name was Michael Allen, was exiting his vehicle on the 4700 block of Miles Drive at around 1:00 p.m. when a gunman approached him and started shooting. Mike was taken to University Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The shooter is believed to have escaped on foot and no arrests have been made. B.G. introduced the Chopper City Boyz last year with the release of their debut LP, We Got This. After a disagreement with B.G., Mike left the group to pursue his solo career. The rapper’s murder was the seventh recorded in New Orleans over a four day period.

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  • Trickdd

    DAM VL Mike Had his whole future ahead of him and he wasnt one them soft ass dance rappers his shit was raw that soulja shit thats crazy man like Fifty Said Fuck the Hood. If the Murder didnt take anything than it must have been a hit cant beleive this shit fucking pussy ass niggas gotta fuck up the world dam man dam thats all i can say R.I.P. MY NIGGA VL MIKE YOUR LEGACY WILL LIVE ON THREW YOUR MUSIC

  • CJ

    BG prolly had some niggaz handle dat beef for em BG da king of da NO

    • Ghost Deini

      A man just died. Grow up, asshole.

    • N.O.


  • AzRealAsDeyCum

    R.I.P. VL Mike

    He was a real gutta gangsta rapper. The rawest out of the Chopper City Boyz!

  • http://thesenuts! JAY RIGGS

    1st…man thats fucked nigga be hating!

  • 305TrapBoi

    That’s fucked up. He had got a deal with Sony/Epic to release his debut album “There’s Only 1 Me” Too bad it will never come out now. His first single off the album, was pretty tight. It featured Mannie Fresh, it was called Money In Here!

    VL Mike Feat. Mannie Fresh – Money In Here

  • what it do?

    Man people need to quit killing each other. RIP bro

  • Three4

    R.I.P. VL Mike…

  • Trickdd

    B.G. Didnt Have Shit To Do With His Murder He Got Killed On 4.20 shits crazy sometimes i think its better to just stay in your crib like fifty does real shit who gives a fuck about what people think about you being soft any niggas soft when they got a choppa put to they body sad world we liven in just goes to show fuck niggas and slimy hos make the world flip the script. VL Allways talked about how he shot people on the block to so if thats tru you get what you got comeing to you like i allways say niggas that use guns are pussys

  • $tuckfresh

    R.I.P vl mike!

    Nigga ran his mouth 2 much! You cant war w/ niggaz that got more $$$ then you!! Its a fucked up thing but he bought it on his self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL TALK!!!!!!!!

  • Drew Nichz

    Dats sad..Another one of my favorite NO rappers gone becuz of some bullshit…RIP VL

  • Black Spyder

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    Beats for $1.00 at

    1 new track everyweek

  • prakash

    those new orleans dudes are backwards.

    killing is the only thing they are good at.

    oh, they are good at getting gold teeth too.

    however, dont expect those negroes to have homeowners insurance

  • prakash

    those new orleans dudes are backwards.

    killing is the only thing they are good at.

    oh, they are good at getting gold teeth too.

    however, dont expect those negroes to have homeowners insurance

    • N.O. Blue Corleone

      1st off R.I.P. 2 My hommie V.L.MIKE, it’s sad to c another real soulja gone. 2nd, F&*k that B*tch a*s ni*ga parkash, don’t let yo fingers get ahead of u hommie! U wouldn’t last 10 seconds n my city so don’t speak on s*it that go on down here! If u so bad, spare the typein’ & make yo way down here & see what happen! If not keep ya mouth shut bout people u don’t know about!

      • nellz

        wow…u just proved dudes point…

        • INF


    • jamaal

      prakask fuck u dick take bitch just because u see a few people die in da N.O. people die in every major city in the US so eat peanuts out my shit u old monkey ass nigga.OH yeah fuck your mom too.

  • bosshogg


  • N.O. Blue Corleone

    1st, R.I.P. To my nigga V.L.Mike, sad 2 c another real nigga gone. 2nd, to prakash bitch ass, nigga don’t talk bout my city cuz u wouldn’t last a second down here! Stop lettin’ yo bitch ass fingers do tha talkin’ & make yo way 2 New Orleans & see what tha fuck happin hommie! DON’T GET AHEAD OF YOSELF FAGGIT! ANYBODY GOT A PROBLEM, GET AT ME!

    • N.O. Hot Boy

      The way some of these niggas be acting on this site man, they wouldn’t last 2 hours in New Orleans. They got bitch made femenine ways. Then on top of that, they always got some bullshit hatin non-sense to say. The lil 11 and 12 year olds are packing Ak-47′s and M-16′s in the N.O., the youngsters would knock them off in a heartbeat, they don’t call it Chopper City for nothing.. Everybody and they mama got Assault Rifles. But all the bullshit aside. This isn’t the time and place to discuss that. A man just died.

      R.I.P. VL Mike

      The Streets Go Miss You!

  • K.ola

    @ real catz from the N.O?

    are we sure the clean up man… had nothing to do with this…

    he was comming at the geezle kind if hard… and i aint gone lie the shit ya boy has been talking since choppa city n da ghetto… it mad me lose respect for my boy…

    Anyway rest n piece… shouts out to the whole boot… i fuckz with ya’ll music…

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks.

    • jamaal

      ohio’s finest a nigga just died promote dat wack ass shit some where else.



  • Juanita Soldrich

    You die the way that you live your life. It’s sad that another young soul is gone but that’s carma I guess!!

  • Doobie42

    “Don’t go to war unless you got your money right.” – Pac

    “I’ll pay for it, I’ll pay for it, if i want it.” – Soulja Slim

  • N.O. Blue Corleone

    Nigga ran his mouth 2 much!

  • yeah

    Yeah…1 less Southern crap we have to hear. R.I.P.

  • mac derron

    man vl mike was the shit i love his music that person who killed him need his head cut off he was coming up in the game his solo song its real was hard as hell RIP to VL MIKE and SOULJA SLIM DirtySoundzEnt. La MONT Coming soon piece of tha pie

  • Mac DERRON


  • VL Troy

    check out

    we dedicated a lil letter to him. He was a real gutta nigga. He was really bout that street shit, he had just signed a record deal and we were the first he told about it.


  • paychexx

    does it ever ends?



  • Sonny

    On the real who know this nigga is yeah its fucked up he died (R.I.P.)the hip hop world didnt know him

    • Caine

      On some real shit a lot of niggas knew who VL Mike was. Just cause you listen to mainstream commercial rap don’t mean you gotta take shots at the deceased. Straight up!

      Rip VL…

  • Rednose pit bull


  • 504to501

    No huh? Thats fukd up fa real. Yall nigs @ home need to get off that B.S. man

  • Lotto

    R.I.P VL mike – Lotto

  • Bling D

    Damn… There goes another one.. Once again killer not found and a rapper dead, does this sound familiar, anyone??

    RIP VL Mike

  • Anonymous

    the realist street nigga damn vl if he had never die this nigga would be a muthafuckin don in the street shit vlp vl mike

  • Anonymous

    i’mma hold ha crown 4 u n thats real itty nigga eastside rip vl mike

  • http://youtube gizzle bad azz

    r.i.p. to vl mike i grew up in new orleans. that bitch just duffy. but that nigga vl mike was the shit still is the shit. real niggas is the ones who always get killed. r.i.p. slim.

  • amir

    man peep game who eva got my dogg vl touched they already dead beleave dat whoadi

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  • aaronboylan

    vl mike had heart. 4 two yrs i lived outside that lower ninth after katrina, ya hurd may! the n.o aint no joke. ya`ll know what it do baby. its real n da field, offtop! 80% of outta towners fall victim 2 the lights n glitter; n they really don`t see it comin when it hits um anyways,ya hurd may nigga! the other 20% might get by, if, they`re bout they`re business,n act like they know what time it is! Nuawlins bout big paper, beleedat!i I know that vl mike rapped bout things he seen and did!Knowin nuawlins, and them concrete jungle streets, mike wasn`t fakin at nothin.ya hurd may nigga. im a real ass street nigga, consider me that boy who made things happen outchair. yea, datboy! from paris road all the way to power drive, nigga been bout big checks!22hundred a week nigga, whats happenen?!!Cashed some down on royal off canal, ya hurd may!Big Bolo at unique groceries KNow bout a tru ass nigga.God knows,cause He`s the 1 who guided me past all the devils schemes in da n.o!Snuck out dat city after i grabbed bout 70 stacks helpin rebuild.God bless anyone who can prosper down in the n.o! it`s a real war zone, right here n america!Sadly, alot of um aint got a clue.God,thru Christ, is all bout life, and an abundant life(!), it`s the devil who comes to steal,kill,and destroy.All my brothers n the n.o,you honestly do know what time it is! a nu awlins nigga, offtop,done peeped game already,baby. A nuawliins nigga sees past the sweet; cause aint nothin sweet bout nuawlins,except theyr`e lemonade.when vl mike said in 1 of his songs, *you can even bring a pastor,i`ll tell him i done it*, to me, thats when he took his fall;maybe im wrong,n i truly dont know the specifics surrounding his life; i just admired his heroic flow and style! If your`e bout yo paper, and truly possess Godly wisdom and courage, and you happen2get a chance2hit the n.o,here`s a little advice*Uplift JESUS, cause truly,thats the only power that truly has an effect in new orleans. The lack of real life urban warfare against murder,is the result of a white world that truly wants a better dinner than lunch;they could care less if us blacks even eat!And 4 the white man who tells me im wrong?Put cha money where your mouth is,ol man!Better yet;hit any back street off claiborne,rampart,gentilly,chef,uptown,downtown,actually,dont go by them spots,cause i can tell already, you aint built da last!4 my n.o niggas, God aint playin either!He`s comin back,mark my word;KATRINA was just a warning!Keep on hustlin, n wind up n hell forever.Most brothas n the game,truly think it`s agame.God aint playin with you bro! dog, you already know what it is,but you keep movin dat stuff nigga! yea, ya gettin some cheese; but the big ratt is comin baby! He knows ya doin somethin dirty, ya hurd may?Any ,any murderer will spend eternity n hell, that simple.Its a race problem.A race to get it before the next man has a chance2 figure it all out. I say, love your neighbor as your self. Actually, those are JESUS words. The whites do it thru an unseen hate;and deep within them, they disrespect the creator,God. Theres is comin, and man;it`s gonna be an aweful sight. They`ve lied to us4 years! God aint playin whith you white man.You can have your nice,upscale lifestyle, but i`d love to watch 1 of um run outta gas by the nolia round 11:30 at night, then start talkin all that conservative crap!what a sad sight,as all these starvin folks walk up on your nice new honda.better have a billion dollar mouthpeice,and allotta street smarts, or else, its gonna b a sad sight! dont hate white man; you created this monster!All whites, renounce your evil hearts, and be loving 2 the black race. We dont hate you whites, we dislike your subtle ways, while you play us like the fool. God knows, im done rappin, you crooked brood of demons!r.i.p vl mike

  • tru/poet

    VL mike spit some venomous lyrics,lil bruh had alot of potential,I hate that madness that dealt with him & took him away from the world……………R.I.P.