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  • Warren


  • tj12gage

    never heard of dis nigga????????? kinda lame tho…phoenix? didnt even know it was gangstas dea??? LOL

  • TJ

    I love this video…..I am from Phoenix and you are a lame mutherfucka if you think it isn’t gangsta’s there. But since you think it’s not get yo lame ass off the internet & take a trip. Get to South Phoenix and tell nigga’s what you said on the internet. Oh yeah….it’s legal to carry guns in Arizona and no lic is required…that means we all got strapps, BITCH Original gun slangers, We will be respected!!!

  • AY

    ^^Nigga kome 2 da southside or Westside of Phx & see if its gangsta down here blood real talk fam get ur head splaaattttt….

    Most niggaz in AZ not even 4rm here…like me I was born n Carol City Dade county…raised n Southeast D.C. ya feel me…AZ bout 2 do dere thang..we got more nikkaz gettin signed…Willy can spit 4real..check out his myspace…& da nigga who made dis beat was only 13.

  • Ron

    He is Hot Rods hommie you dumbass!! Hot Rod is on G-Unit

  • Ronald Mponda

    Thats Hot Rods hommie you dumb ass

  • Tef Poe

    not really feeling dude spit game his lyrics are real mediocre..the video looks good but his lyrics not doing nothing for me….actually kinda annoying

  • Darkman

    WAT THE fuck? Is that wayne on his hook?Ok enough of this real niggas fuck if u real u don’t deal wit fake niggas real recognise real mu’fuckas.The beat is aite


    i like this joint and the video is good to

  • castmoney

    ss all day everyday. phx is where its at. never heard of willy northpole hes not that big in the southside 19th ave and southern thats true southside! !familia mafia!

  • StalliDotMan

    Dis is a BIG tune…relevant to the tymz aswel, as evryone all of a sudden is on dis tattoo ting…righteous tune my Nig…

  • Pyro

    i never heard of this dude. but i fucks wit this. he got like that westcoast meets southcoast style. i aint even kno phnx or anywhere in arizona be bangin like that n shit. u gotta give that nigga his props frm comin outta somewere nobody even mentions when it comes to rap.

    anway check my myspace out yall

  • Murdicopa County Kid

    Man this nigga i fucking sick fuck all you wack ass haterz…
    He said brodway and 24th and its fucking real talk there you slip up and your bitch ass disapears in the desert…
    His rymes are tight better than any of you wack ass haterz…
    This shits real real talk you lame ass bitches just hatin cuz your from wack ass neighborhoods…
    What the fuck is carol city sounds like a town wack ass bitches come from…
    Its alll about Phoenix Arizona Real shit happens there…
    Your just hating cuz you suck
    Willy northpole does his shit real talk…
    Hes got luda in his video yeah wack im sure none of you got luda or any major rapper in your video…
    ok shut the fuck up Phoenix Arizona…
    Murdacopa county…