Young Jeezy Purchases Wheelchair Accessible Van for Disabled Teenager

Young Jeezy revealed his softer side at Justin’s Restaurant in Atlanta last night (February 26) when he presented a wheelchair accessible van to 13 year-old Davon Jenkins and his mother Tamara. Davon, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was the winner of the rapper’s Make Your Dreams Come True contest. Announced last summer, the contest was Jeezy’s way of sharing his success with his fans. “I wanted to do more than just say ‘thank you,’ I wanted to show them how thankful I am that they’re helping me realize my dreams,” he explained. Entrants were required to submit a short letter explaining what their dream was and why the trapstar should make it come true. Davon’s mom wrote a short note explaining how hard it was for her to leave the house with the boy because of his disability. She also explained that she is Davon’s only caregiver, as his father is a soldier currently stationed in Iraq. During last night’s meeting, Jeezy presented the family with the van and a personalized wardrobe for Davon from the rapper’s 8732 clothing line.

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  • Caine

    Dats a good look Jeezy…

  • judge dredd

    Co-sign. But go no Jeezy. There are plenty of others who need help. It’s not that he should help everybody but he could make others to help.

  • b. piff

    finally a rapper doing something for someone.

  • yerp

    bet 150 mil (if i had it) that this won’t ever be mentioned in the media outside of hip-hop publications.

  • Bol

    I bet that kid wasn’t even retarded.

    • AB

      You’re fat, ugly, and gay. I’d rather be that kid than you any day.

    • Krime

      Ur a fuckin idiot bol… Let jeezy do his thing man

      • Yeeee

        Bol just because someone isn’t as fugly as you, doesn’t mean that they are fakin’ retardation. You try that shit out though, get you flowers for alvernon bitch game goin’.

    • This Guy

      Why does everyone like posing as Byron Crawford?? That ugly ass nigga

    • P

      No, he’s not retarded. He has cereberal palsy. It’s not the same thing.

    • Pyrex $lim

      real recognize real and dats real nigga shit dat boy jeezy doin.and 4 dat nigga bol…on BOS if i ever bump into u im knock ya grill down ya mufuckin throat. dont do that shit w/ a kid who aint gonna strike back, n my hood…u a pussy azz nigga!

  • dave

    nice going mr 17,5 err i mean donatello the ninja turtle!

  • MGG


  • NIG


  • Nate

    Not a huge jeezy fan! But thats the shit u need to see more often from rappers!

  • Chris [Free Bobby]

    My man Jeezy!… From purely an IMPACT standpoint (not wordplay or lyrics etc), Jeezy is arguably the closest thing to Tupac in this era of hip-hop.

    • hiphip

      thats an insult to pac lol

    • BrownWonda

      uhh dont get ahead of urself
      no doubt what he did here and his toyz n the hood shit was great, but i dont think hes had a huge IMPACT
      i think Kanye, although he is a different type of rap, has brought more of an impact cuz he has more mainstream appeal with a wider audience, and he singlehandedly brought the backpack genre to the mainstream,
      u hav no idea how many exgangsta wannabes now where popped collar polos now

  • k-rod

    It’s about damn time he went ahead and bought the van, after avoiding the kid’s mother for the last 7 months. He only bought it because she complained to the press about how his mangement company wouldn’t pay up for the van.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest So Cocky Vol 1 singles up check em out add me if you like thanks.

  • Mr.Wang

    good look Jeezy

    dats a REAL good look

  • Rockcity

    Yea so he waited til the kids mother went public and put his lame ass on blast then he bought the fuckin van. .. fuck jeezy

  • sean_izzle

    i never thought Young Jeezy was a good person, no offence, but this is great Young Jeezy shows that he is good and i love good persons no doubt! good luck jeezy and davon

  • enzow

    very touching. props to jeezy

  • http://xxl

    thats some good shit jeezy did, real talk

  • Stu

    Hope dude done this because he cares, not just for publicity. Props to him though.

  • ChiChi

    Wait, which one is the kid with CP? I see two niggaz in the pic that both look suspect. Which nigga is it?

  • Trickdd

    that shits sad man that kid prolly lives a happier life than all u haters,people need to learn how to charish life cause the grass aint allways greener on the other side be happy about what you got and god let you even wake up to day good look for jeezy keep maken your music man and maken money real people do real things.239

  • b-ease

    That kid and Jeezy could be fucking twins…

  • Jack

    man he coulda bought some ice with that money jk it great that he did that for that poor kid it’s to bad that we even have shit like cerebral palsy.

  • paperboy

    LOL, which one is retarded??

  • Mac Sleepy

    That Was Some Real Shyt. I’m Glad 2 Hear Ni66az Doin Something Positive Wit Their Money.. Much Love!

  • A

    Real good thing to hear- at least Jeezy has a heart.


    OMG, I thought dude in the photo was the newest member of USDA!

  • Chuck Taylor AKA Fuc Cripples

    Fuck that cripple he should sign me to CTE

  • gamma

    yo man shout out to all my people at war right now man thats about his dad sad man but hold your heads shout out to jezzy man lets see if this will be on the bill hoe whitey show!

  • Ali

    that’s cool when rappers do this man, make their money useful that’s a great thing to see…..ima Jeezy fan but he’s prolly tha worst rapper that i like lol but 4 real it’s great to see guys like him & David Banner get involved……..when i see em do shit like this i can’t even hate on their songs no more

  • flo rida evans

    Is Jeezy the one sitting down in the picture?


    Jeezy is a down to earth kat..

  • Danny Myers

    Thats great Jeezy. Thats what more rappers need to do. And by the way, all yall niggaz with those retarded jokes need to grow the fuck up! Ole boy disabled and yall wanna crack jokes? Get a fuckin job and a buy yourselves a can of respect! West up.

  • Ghost Deini

    Good looks Jeezy. Nice to hear.

  • Slick Talker

    This is real good and all, but isn’t it odd that he “randomly” picks some kid named Davon Jenkins, when his name is Jay Jenkins? Just seems odd to me. But good look anyway

  • gerald n. the birdman

    WHICH ONE IS JEEZY???????????

  • Snowman

    Good blez that nigga…
    And God cez all em haters 4 makin em dump ass jokes..
    all yall haters ask ya selfs this,would u make da same jokes if lil dude was ya brotha.
    No wanda people stil say we blacks are stupid,coz of em lame ass non crackin piss of shit ya col jokes..
    Much love Jeezy
    Africa loves ya man.

  • Gully

    Good look snowman nuff respect.
    and co sign on danny myers shit.
    u bitch ass haters is nothing but cowards.

  • Chaka

    @Bol,flo rida evans,RAPPERS ARE RETARDS,paperboy,b-ease,ChiChi,Rockcity,k-rod,and gerald n. the birdman.

    I dont believe any grown up with a good sense of humor could take Jeezy’s action to that kid or the kids condition as an avenue to make jest at Jeezy or the kid.You all are probably spoilt little brats;or if adults,then you all are in a second childhood state.Go get a life and try to use what you have got to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in your community.Another advise,you all should go and read the post NIG directed at Bol(see above).I believe NIG’s statment there also applies to you all…Jeezy that was a nice one.keep it up.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

  • Trickdd

    All i gotta say is god knows who you are you might not think anybody knows who it is behind the computer but god knows god knows whos be in ignorant. if the kid wasnt mentally/physically declined then jeezy wouldnt have done nothen for the kid and who would want a wheel chair van if they wasnt theres surtain shit to joke about yea some shit was funny people sayd but you can tell when some one is series about what there sayn and when there joken im just glad i aint that kind off person my momma raised me right in lee county lol my nigga dedrick has a family member thats like that and the shits just straight up sad man guess i got a bigger <3 than most and ill never be ashamed of it.239 Thats my Home