Since being arrested on weapons charges and being placed on house arrest, Atlanta rapper T.I. has been understandably quiet in the press. But now, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Tip breaks his silence. The interview begins with his thoughts on working with Denzel as well as his take on Jay-Z's American Gangster. Then, he goes on to confirm various details about his upcoming follow-up to T.I. Vs. T.I.P., which he has been recording in his home studio. Check this excerpt:

RS: Are you still working on your album?
T.I.: Absolutely. It’s called Paper Trail. It’s going great.

RS: How many tracks do you have done already?
T.I.: I’ve got about thirty-some tracks done, but I’ve got like sixteen that I’m in love with and I’m still working. After you get those sixteen, you try to make sixteen more to top them and you pick the best.

RS: Who have you been working with?
T.I.: I’ve got records with Danja, I’ve got one record so far from DJ Toomp. I’ve got records from Little C and Keith Mack from Grand Hustle Productions, and records from J.R. Rotem and Jay Rock [XXL ED NOTE: We believe that T.I. meant Miami-based producer "JRock," not the Cali rapper "Jay Rock," as Rolling Stone printed]. Quite a few people.

RS: Do you have a sense yet of how this album is going to be different from the last one?
T.I.: I don’t know if I can put into words how it will be different from the last album, but I know you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference. The people who I’ve played it for, they say it reminds them a lot of the earlier albums I’m Serious and Trap Muzik. It’s called Paper Trail because for the first time since my very first album, I’m actually writing the lyrics down, pen and pad, old school style. I used to just listen to the music and go in the booth and rap. And now that I’m writing things down, I think it’s a little more eloquent.

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