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After being delayed several times and changing directors, the Biggie biopic Notorious finally seems to be in production. New York Magazine got their hands on the 113-page script, which was written by veteran music journalist Cheo Hodari Coker (who also wrote the Biggie biography Unbelieveable), but the verdict does not seem to be a positive one. In a review posted in their Vulture blog, they claim that the script falls flat because it tries to pack Big’s entire life into 2 hours, rather than focusing on a short period of his life, like other biopics have done (i.e. 8 Mile). Or, in other words, they say that it “plays like a loose-knit highlight reel; it’s basically the screenplay adaptation of Biggie’s Wikipedia entry.” For more details on what the script covers, check out this excerpt from the review:

It opens with his murder and funeral, then doubles back to his Brooklyn childhood. We get a few scenes of Biggie at home, in the classroom, and on the corner dealing crack; there are some rap posters in his bedroom, and we see him fill a rhyme book during a nine-month prison sentence, but there’s no real explanation given for how he went from enthusiastic fan to one of hip-hop’s all-time most revered emcees. Nevertheless, by page 30, he’s signed to Puffy’s label, and from there it’s a mad, tensionless dash to the end of his biography, with all emerging conflicts — his mom’s breast cancer, baby-mama drama, various love triangles (Biggie, Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim; Biggie, Evans, Tupac) — resolved within a scene or two.

Notorious was purportedly written with input from Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace, and his managers Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts, all of whom are credited producers on the project. This much is clear in the way that many of Biggie’s most important moments are told after the fact through his conversations with them; we only learn about Biggie’s marriage to Evans when he tells Barrow and Pitts about a month later (though, curiously, we’re there when he asks them both to be his managers), and it’s only in phone calls with his mother that he denies involvement both times Tupac gets shot.

No killer is explicitly fingered in Biggie’s own death either (understandably, we guess); the script makes clear that we never see the shooter’s face. We do, however, see him in a garage cleaning and oiling his weapon in preparation. He has police scanners on his workbench and in his car, along with LAPD credentials on his dashboard that lets him drive past a police blockade on his way to the murder, though there’s no speculation on who he is or who he might’ve been working for.

CLICK HERE to read NYMag’s full review.

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  • Ryan

    This is an interesting take on the script.

    It sounds like somebody’s trying to cash in on this movie. Not a surprise.

  • billybones

    biggie was shot?

  • Killa

    o shit motherfacker

  • marlo stanfield

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  • Emissary

    good then puffy can’t shit on big mom by not giving her royalties and other things

  • Stu

    This is no real suprise to be honest. To many people are trying to cash in on dead rappers, especially when they paint a bad picture of them.

    BIG = Legend.

  • G

    I think it is great that now people will get to see more of the late great Notorious B.I.G…Damn I just think it shoulda been done a long time ago!!! Any 1 hatein suck a dick!!

  • MiRKED

    no matter if it gets good reviews or bad im watching it….i hope its not wack!!!

  • texasleen

    ill see whatever they come up with

    • Cinsere

      Exactly why Hollywood makes shitty movies, esp. for black people.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check out So Cocky Vol.1 tracks and add me if you like what you hear thanks.

  • NYG

    my dad knew Biggie he used to sell drugs around his store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn he bought food a couple of times from him lol RIP BIG

    • the one

      Biggie or ur dad used to sell?

  • west philly’s finest

    They should start the movie like Ready To Die with the music playing at the different parts of his life that shit would be crazy

  • Trickdd


    • Ramz

      Some1 should slap you, and take you to a doctor to get your ears checked, because i did not just see you tryna quote BIGGIE SMALLS with Lil wayne.


    • Super R

      Wow you Should Go And Suck A Dick,
      Are You Kidding ME Nobody KNows The First Single Off His Last Album, Trickdd You A Dumbass,

    • Mr.Wang

      dont even put biggie an wayne in da same sentence u fuckin crack baby

      wayne could NEVER be biggie

      biggie is da greatest rapper ever!!!


    That comparisson you just made, makes me cringe at the thought of putting those two in the same category.

    Go listen to some soulja boy, biaaatch

  • NYG

    Biggie used to sell my dad owned a corner store there

  • moresickaMC

    Trickdd says:


  • B.I.G.

    It Was Puffy, he shot biggie

  • B.I.G.

    It Was Puffy, he shot biggie

  • B.I.G.

    It Was Puffy, he shot biggie, damn

  • Jack

    they shouldn’t let it be made if it’s not gunna be great like big was. it has to do him justice they should go back to the drawing board and narrow it down. and why does everyone gotta get off topic ever time someone say the name lil wayne an one who ever listend to rap knows lil wayne has a long way to go before he can be sayed in the same breath at big.

  • Tay Sean

    If they can’t shorten his life story down to 2 hrs then they ought to make a 3 hr film. They did it with Ali and X and Ghandi and I appreciate that they didn’t cut out material just to make the movies more TV-friendly. Biggie is a cultural icon and his life-story is ultrarelevant to our (my) generation.

  • Enlightened

    I remember Biggie’s mother saying she never had breast cancer and that Biggie made up parts of his stories to make them better. So, which part is the mistake? Is the breast cancer thing really not in there or did they really not get her input?

  • moresickaMC

    Hollywood better not f&cc up a 2pac biopic! or i’ll….bust a cap:)