Kanye West has decided to enter the lucrative internet search business. In connection with Prodege LLC., the superstar rapper yesterday launched searchwithkanyewest.com, a specialized search site that allows users to earn rewards when they search the internet. According to the Celebrity News Service, as people use the search engine they will earn Swag Bucks, a form of digital currency that can be exchanged for Kanye West merchandise. Fans can also download a Kanye West toolbar that will increase their chances of winning merchandise. Kanye joins a long list of artists and celebrities who have teamed with Prodege to create branded search engines, that includes Akon, Lil Wayne and Beyonce. In addition to their rewards based engines, Prodege also lets individuals and organizations raise funds for charity through their branded sites. "Being one of the top music artists of his generation, Kanye has a large and dedicated fan base,” says Prodege VP of Marketing Ron Leshem. “This is the perfect way for fans to support Kanye, while also earning a chance to win some amazing prizes for themselves.” Searchwithkanyewest.com is powered by Google and Ask.com.