Former Cash Money artist Juvenile was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession on Tuesday near the town of Meridian, MS. According to the Associated Press, the rapper was pulled over for expired tags while traveling from Atlanta to his hometown of New Orleans on Interstate 20. "A small amount of marijuana was seized and he was placed under arrest," Lauderdale County Sheriff William Sollie explained. Another passenger was not charged. Website reports that he was booked by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department and released at around 2:12 p.m. It is not yet known whether Juvenile has retained an attorney or when he is due back in court. In related news, a grand jury in Jefferson County, Ky. declined to indict a man affiliated with Juvie on charges of rape. John Cantey Jr., a 46-year-old city councilman from Lumberton, NC, was accused of raping a Detroit woman at the Marriott Hotel at Embassy Square. At the time of his arrest he was traveling with Juvenile and claimed to be the rapper’s manager.