In a new interview with, Fat Joe discusses everything from his use of the n-word to the dismal state of New York rap. He also gets a chance to respond to a recent G-Unit song, where 50 disses Joe for what seems like the millionth time. Here's what the Elephant in the Room had to say on the subject of Curtis:

C: Speaking on that, a few weeks ago, you called 50 out on Rap City. He responded on a track called “I’m Leaving.”
Fat Joe: What do you mean he responded? Like what, he threatened me on the record?

C: Yeah, How do you take that?
Fat Joe: I don’t know how to take it. I take it as people being mad because we’re winning and we’re successful. As far as him, he’s got shot by people who he knows and he doesn’t do nothing about it. He sees Ja Rule, little Ja Rule, and he never even fought him one on one. He’s going to come fuck with Fat Joe? Are you serious? He still don’t leave his house.

C: Does this take the so-called “battle” to the next level?
Fat Joe: I mean, battle what? What, you want me to battle rap him? I just want to know what does he want to get out of it. (Laughs) You know, make a hot record. Like, what are you doing? I’m going to curse him out again. If that’s what you’re asking, yeah, I’m going to curse him out. So we’re going to curse each other out and four years from now, most likely, we’ll still be here. He’s wasting his time.

C: I see.
Fat Joe: He’s looking for attention, I’m gonna diss him. I’m gonna tell him to suck my dick, everything you can think. I’m gonna tell him that. What does he want out of me? He’s gonna tell me, “Oh, Fat Joe, you’re a sucka.” This, this, that and I’m gonna be like, “suck my dick?” “You punk ass mother fucker.” And that’s it. And then, you know, do a survey and draft to clubs and draft to the ghetto and see who’s really out there and who’s not. He said, come down to Madison Square Garden and see him or something. Get the fuck out of here.

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