LINK: Complex Interviews Fat Joe About 50

In a new interview with, Fat Joe discusses everything from his use of the n-word to the dismal state of New York rap. He also gets a chance to respond to a recent G-Unit song, where 50 disses Joe for what seems like the millionth time. Here’s what the Elephant in the Room had to say on the subject of Curtis:

C: Speaking on that, a few weeks ago, you called 50 out on Rap City. He responded on a track called “I’m Leaving.”
Fat Joe: What do you mean he responded? Like what, he threatened me on the record?

C: Yeah, How do you take that?
Fat Joe: I don’t know how to take it. I take it as people being mad because we’re winning and we’re successful. As far as him, he’s got shot by people who he knows and he doesn’t do nothing about it. He sees Ja Rule, little Ja Rule, and he never even fought him one on one. He’s going to come fuck with Fat Joe? Are you serious? He still don’t leave his house.

C: Does this take the so-called “battle” to the next level?
Fat Joe: I mean, battle what? What, you want me to battle rap him? I just want to know what does he want to get out of it. (Laughs) You know, make a hot record. Like, what are you doing? I’m going to curse him out again. If that’s what you’re asking, yeah, I’m going to curse him out. So we’re going to curse each other out and four years from now, most likely, we’ll still be here. He’s wasting his time.

C: I see.
Fat Joe: He’s looking for attention, I’m gonna diss him. I’m gonna tell him to suck my dick, everything you can think. I’m gonna tell him that. What does he want out of me? He’s gonna tell me, “Oh, Fat Joe, you’re a sucka.” This, this, that and I’m gonna be like, “suck my dick?” “You punk ass mother fucker.” And that’s it. And then, you know, do a survey and draft to clubs and draft to the ghetto and see who’s really out there and who’s not. He said, come down to Madison Square Garden and see him or something. Get the fuck out of here.

CLICK HERE to read Complex’s full interview with Fat Joe.

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  • Cryz

    Fat Joe should focus on paying his bills. Remember collaborating with the cops fat boy? I’m just saying you can’t really talk no more since you’z a rat. Wanna deny that?

    • EReal

      Real Talk,

      Hes dumb, the dude that shot 50 is dead. Fight JA? LMAO! plus if he’s “wasting his time” then why would you “waste your time” responding? Plus I thot he was making millions beefin with 50? But only declared 250K? At least 50 dosent lie. Thats why people hate him so much, he’s cocky but at least its truth.

      You’re winnin and he’s mad? Dude is platinum and #2 on the forbes list, and you sold out to go ringtone, whos winnin again?

      250K this year, liar.

      • real talk

        And how do you know the dude who shot 50 is dead? Your dumb for acting like you really know. get off 50′s nuts before you get pregnant dude. Fat Joe just thinks 50 cent is dumb for taking all that time to make songs about him and he dont even know the dude. their both pop artist man. those dude dont make lyrical music. and 50 does lie, he got mad cause cam makes 8 buck a cd on koch then he tried to say cam was lieing, Then like 5other Koch artist said in previous XXL mags that they get paid 8 bucks a cd. 50 is mad cause he cant make fat joe go away like ja.

        • Igetmoney

          On May 24, 2000, 50 Cent was attacked by a gunman outside his grandmother’s former home in South Jamaica, Queens. He went into a friend’s car, but was asked to return to the house to get jewelry. His son was in the house while his grandmother was in the front yard.[5] On returning to the back seat of the car, another car pulled up nearby. An assailant then walked up to 50 Cent’s left side with a 9mm handgun and fired nine shots at close range. He was shot nine times—in the hand (a round hit his right thumb and came out of his pinky), arm, hip, both legs, chest, and left cheek.[4][8][25] The face wound resulted in a swollen tongue, the loss of a wisdom tooth, and a small slur in his voice.[7][8][26] His friend also sustained a gunshot wound to the hand. They were driven to the hospital where 50 Cent spent thirteen days. The alleged shooter, Darryl “Hommo” Baum, was killed three weeks later.[27]

          theres your proof you dumb fuck! check your sources.

        • the truth

          not the most trustworthy info site.

          i used to read it for some info, but can trust that.
          used to read akon got killed, 2pac was back, WTF o_O

          even the kiler got killed so what, who cares, or you mean 50 is mightyall shit he was behind the murder.

        • EReal

          @Real talk

          You already got owned so I dont gotta say much, but if you think ANYONE in the industry is making 8 bucks a CD you’re a fucking moron.

          Uhm, Prodigy has a KOCH deal that 50 had to co-sign you fucking idiot. He knows what koch is payin out, how come koch didnt co-sign that figure? Cause its fake, now get the fuck off my dick, lil homie.

        • e-real is an idiot

          i wonder why 50 cent would say that they dont KOCH dont pay? okay depending on the artist at KOCH you get paid any where from 5 to 8 bucks a cd. so lets say fat joe makes only 5 cd, and he sells i dont know …lets say 250,000 thats $1,000,000. right? now since 50 is on a major, he makes any where form 2 cents a cd to a dollar. Lets say 50 cent makes a dollar a cd (which he more then likly dont) but lets say he does. If 50 cent sells 1,000,000 units right? thats a million back. Dont forget Then he gotta pay his label back for some of the marketing/promotion money. But regardless what 50 says man, joe is under a better buissness then him.fat joe has more control over his lable situation then 50 does. espaecially over the material that can be put on the cd. Joe dont have to make as much jingle music like 50 does for his album to get released. 50 is under contract with interscope and aint going no where for a while without paying a very large penalty fee. Yeah we all know 50 has got more money then joe but as far as a lable joe is in the upperhand. for an established artist who every one already knows like fat joe, koch records is a by far good decision for him. Dudes like e-reel need to stop taliking out the side of they neck. and 50′s shooter is still walking around, dudes on you tube that are from 50′s hood are talking bout the dude who shot him is still walking around like nothing happen. 50 and joe are both said to be informants.

      • M.A.C

        not even because imma 50 fan, but u summed it up. I said all dat in my head, read ya comment and now i don’t have to post one. big up fam

      • real talk

        dudes just cant quit talking out your ass can they. If you think no one is making 8 dollers a cd in the industry then you mis-informed dude. AZ, Sheek, Cam, Jimmy, Jr writer, Styles P, B.G., Xzibit, Dj khaled, Master P, Hell Rell, 40cal, Bone, Scarface, MOP, Dj Unk the list goes on….all of these dudes said they make 8 dollers a cd on Koch. So your tellin me since 50 said its not true all of these dudes are liars? I dont know if your an 80′s baby 0r a 70′s baby. but just cause you may be older then me dont mean you know more then me. 50 is mad cause him dissing fat joe is only motivating joe even more. 50 is making joe more hungry every time he says somthing about him. Joe refuses to be ruined like ja. I dont even like fat joe but he is doin what he is suppposed to do. The hate is motivating dude. So back up fool and let Joe do his thang. I understand you mad but sit back and let him shine.

  • Sol

    Joe is an idiot. Let me explain: Now that he is basically saying that nobody in the Unit is gonna touch him, he’s putting the biggest fucking target on Earth on himself. He’s asking for a nigga to fuck him up. How stupid can you be to tell a nigga who you already know got way more hood niggas riding wit him to come at you? Are you fuckin crazy? All Fif gotta do is tell a lil nigga to go and fuck him up for some change. If Jeezy put 10 stacks on Gucci’s chain and got Gucci fucked up, then Fif’ll put up some cash for somebody to fuck this fat bitch up. Thats like motha fuckin Canada tellin the U.S. to do something to them! Are you serious??? Banks was right. This fat nigga must got a death wish.

    • big jew


  • real talk

    i dont really like fat joe, but he just made 50 cent sound like a morron. At the end of the day regardless what any one else thinks or says, This is all a bunch of talk and aint nothing gonna happen, 50 aint gonna do shit and neither is fat joe. End Of Discussion.

    • Trickdd

      co-sign, e real needs to get off five o’s joc.

      • EReal

        And touchdowns like you need to hop off my jock.

        You 90s babies kill me. You think the definition of dickriding is having an opinion. Fuck outta here. loser.

        • whatever fag boy

          internet thugs……

  • Rockcity

    Is this what success all about? A bunch a nigga’s actin like Bitches wit big moufs????

    They both lame y not just kill each other and make the world of hip hop a better place. And lol at Joe thinking he’s winning.

  • TDog4444

    fat ass needs to retire. hes washed up.

  • gman

    hows he washed up hes hotter then 85 % of rappers today he all over tv with khald in all those videos 50s just jellous cause everyones sick of his same old shit.

    • King B

      Fat Joe hotter than 85% of rappers TODAY??? lol hell no he’s not even within 20% fat joe needs to let it go

    • Fire

      Kids, gman is proof that crack is wack, both the rapper and the illegal substance.

  • murdaface3

    dats wats up joe…i mean come on fif its pointless….besides neither one of you can rap like dat

    tennessee reppa

  • Yamajesty

    50 got more success than Fatass…

  • stuckfresh

    Joe is a real nigga!! 50 is a throw a rock and hide clown!! Anyone as rich as him and has to start fake beef to fell tuff is a fucking goof!!

    • Amsterdam

      correction Joe ain’t a nigga; he a spic!

      Amsterdam is in the building!!!!!!!

  • Kev Lomax

    Winning what? Copper plaques? Fuck outta here.

  • RaisedOnBiggieNPac

    U a Crack Babyyyyyyy that mean ya mama paid me – WILD LINE FROM JOE CRACK

    i agree with Joey Crack 50 scared 2 fight little Ja Rule on one?

    & 2 that dumb nigga SOL Gucci Mane killed them niggas JEEZY sent so get the F outta hurr

    yall 50 cent stans make me sick

  • Prize

    OHHHH! Get Em Crack!

  • kingequalityvictorious

    Yeah most of yall sound crazy they want you to get caught up in all the hype just for a buck Fat joe is that nigga for real the last albulm was fire yall niggas know curtis is fallen off plus you dont want to mess with a whole bunch crazy ricans them nigga our deep ass hell

  • droopey

    50 can suck out. his constant beef and gangsta persona is ridiculous needs to learn how to get along with people.

    yes 50 your rich we get it now sheez.

  • ME


  • I RUN THIS..

    VIVA FAT JOE VIVA..lmfao..Joey Crack iz my hero..i lyk da way he sayz hez gon kip tellin 50 to suck

  • dark vanilla

    Fat Joe makes a good point. Beef iz sooo overrated! All artist like Game, 50 cent, Ja Rule, Fat Joe r gonna do iz talk shit to each other. They aint gonna do nothing. They r jus gonna talk shit. In fact, there hasn’t been a real rap beef since Bad Boys vs. Death Row.

    • Mr.Wang

      I agree aint shit really happened

      joey crack need to stop stressin 50

    • Afi K. James

      You speak the truth, joe makes a good point, although he’s lousy, but he makes a point

      as for 5-0, I Will despise him to the day I Die.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks

  • KKK-Man

    Are you fuckin stupid. him and ja been in 6 ONE ON ONE FIGHTS get the fuck outta here





  • noid

    then why the fuck did fat joe run at the mtv awards?why didnt he stay and fight.that fat ass got his wife and got the fuck outta there.give me a break.

    • BAzOOKA

      i AGree wit u, Y DiD HiS FAt AsS RUN. B-CAUse Fat-bOy dON’t wANt it!

  • texasleen

    fat joe is just saying the truth all this shit is dumb its all about making money and 50 isnt hurting anybody look at all the rappers he has had beef with most of the time they just ignore him

  • BAzOOKa

    sOMeBODy pUt sOMetHiNg iN JOe’s mOUtH,CAUSe My zipPeR iS StUCk…tHiS NigGA iS A FUCkiN stUpiD! wHeN 50, cAMe 2 tHe brONx, wHeR wAs tHiS FAt MOtHerFUCkeR? iN miAMi, tHAts wHeR. 50 & JA, HAVe REAL BeEF, AsSHOLeS..JAdA,GAMe,KANye,JOey,wU,sHyNe, DAt’s ALL MUSiC BeEF. JOe dON’t B iN fOrreSt Pj’s ANymORe…


    OH! y He rUNNiN ArOUNd wit A wANNA B- pistOL Pete! tHe rEAL pistOL Pete iS LOCkeD Up, ANd He FrOM sOUNDvieW..He GOt LiFe wit No PArOLe

  • Jack

    Fat Joe will be forgotten about in one time since his once loyal fan base has already given up on him since he went ringtone now it doesn’t matter what tough talk song fat joe does he’s still a ringtone wanna be southern sell out. 50 sells products fat joe sells his self. and unless 50 can re invent him self for his next cd he may be forgotten about to. if fat joe is gunna get touched up it will be by young buck cause he gets wild or it will be by tony yayo cause he’s not a rapper he’s just 50′s goon.

    • Afi K. James

      5-0′s already forgotten, because people have turned on him, I Don’t care how much this clown sells products nor any of the garbage, he still sucks as a rapper and always will, I Hope he’s on the same boat as MC Hammer & Limp Bizkit, cause this clown is there.

  • bK

    Damn NiGAA joey round here Aint No one Messin with him GOts our hood on his back!

  • moresickaMC

    this beef is boooooring. NEXT

  • Esco

    Man 50 is garbage, dude is about to be in for a real wake up call when his bitch ass falls off hard and the rap game leaves him behind. The days of the candy gangster are over, Ill take weezy and Kanye anyday over 50′s candy ass.

  • Vicious Seiger

    What do you do when your career is slowing down and no one’s talking about you as much as they once did. You got it! Start Beef. Joe, 50 – how about talking about something that really matters besides Bitches, Blunts, Bucks & Brew. This is some old BS that no one should care about in the first place. Joe and 50 are turning into this generations DJ QUIK vs MC EIHT meaning having a beef that should have either been squashed years ago or here’s a unbelievably new tactic – IGNORED! Same dumb bullsh!t, new dumb generation. Hip Hop needs to Man Up!

  • Boricua Rudebwoy

    please get da fuck out of here hatas…… da don is nasty on dis record. got damn.. big up big up!!! rudebwoy en la casa otra ves nigga!!!!

  • mike

    Fat Joe do your thing. Can’t wait for the album. Curtis is culo, and Fat Joe is right, curtis is not going to do shit, he’s police and he knows that. Curtis is a coward, and his lyrics is mad weak right now, definitley weaker thaN Fat Joe. And according to this blog Fat Joe the wackest rapper that ever lived. Basically curtis is not beating my man, or making him disappear or whatever it is that you dudes be thinking that curtis does to people. curtis tells that’s about it.

    • Afi K. James

      Fat Joe do your thing. Can’t wait for the album. Curtis is culo, and Fat Joe is right, curtis is not going to do shit, he’s police and he knows that. Curtis is a coward, and his lyrics is mad weak right now, definitley weaker thaN Fat Joe. And according to this blog Fat Joe the wackest rapper that ever lived. Basically curtis is not beating my man, or making him disappear or whatever it is that you dudes be thinking that curtis does to people. curtis tells that’s about it.

      You speak the truth and worse 5-0′s approval rating is at an all time low.

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    yo man, fuck this shit am sick and tired of these niggas wth their bull shit beefs.Thought this shit ended years ago, dunno why 50 in own Joe’s dick talking this and talking that. The nigga should be worried about his fucking group that is slowly falling off.and he needs to get back in the booth and improve his lyrics coz they weaker than a gay-bitch’s gangsta.”take the horse around the carousel/explosion explodin in the hotel” what kinda bull shit is that and why he hating on the KOCH shit ,is it coz he now realises that Joe is in a better position than his bitch-ass,man fuck that nigga!. this nigga came in the game thru beefin and saying he got shot 9 times like a real bitch, what nigga gets props for being shot , thought only niggas that pulled the trigger got props, and nany ways he should pray that Supreme don’t get his bitch-ass,fuckin -faggot.G-UNOT!