Beanie Sigel Sentenced to 1 Day in Jail, Facing 6 Months in Halfway House

Beanie Sigel was sentenced to one day in federal prison on Wednesday (January 9) for a violation of his probation. According to the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick handed down the sentence and also extended the rapper’s probation by 18 months after Beans took an unauthorized trip to Atlantic City and made contact with a convicted felon. The first six months of the extended probation will be served in a halfway house, which will severely limit his ability to travel or promote his new album, The Solution. Although Beanie has recently made an effort to portray himself as a changed man, Judge Surrick explained that he needed to show that through his actions. The MC recently shot an anti-violence PSA and joined outspoken comedian Bill Cosby for a peace march in his hometown of Philadelphia. “If they’re looking at you as a role model, you’ve got to do the right thing,” Surrick told Beanie. In 2005, the Rocafella artist served a year in federal prison on a gun conviction.

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  • Eprices

    My site is more important than Jail Time. Help young business men.


    Aint nothin to it. Gansta rap made me do it!!

  • Dubbs

    Damn Beans!!!


    damn beans wake the fuck up dude you only had like 30 days left on probation ………now that shit ccrrraazzy

    • TRUST

      That’s some funny sh*t!

      “now that shit ccrrraaazzzyyy”! Beans was killin’ me with that when I first heard it.

  • texasleen

    hip hop police is always watching

    • Mr.Wang

      Yeah my nigga! Shit dem niggas is always around. But yet we always see Paris Hilton and da rest of dem sluty ass white bitches.

  • tonemoney89

    first…keep ya head up..cant wait for the album.peace

  • niggafrommemphis

    THis is gettin dangerous yall.Beans was just sayin that he got 30 somethin days left on parole and after that,he out.Not to say he didn’t violate,but that had to have been at an earlier time than the interview they had of him and free.I don’t need to even type any further on this.Let that be a lesson to everybody:East Coast,West Coast,South and North,we all black (niggas).

  • Kappa9

    There goes that march with Bill Cosby.

  • houston’s finest

    i wonder if jay will visit beans THIS TIME?

  • Mac Sleepy

    Modern Day Slavery!… How the fuk You Give a ni66a So Many Years On Paper wit All These Restrictions ? You Know A Ni66a Bound to Violate. And There They Go Reachin In A Ni66a Pocket and Takin Away His Time (which is money as well)… Fukked Up! How He not Gone Talk 2 Convicted Felons!?!? This System Is Fukked…. How can You Reform When The Odds are Stacked Against Ya?

    • Caine

      I feel you homie, but in da same breath, you gotta say that niggas need to take responsibility for their actions. If he wasn’t supposed to leave the state, da nigga shoulda got his PO to ok it. Shit ain’t hard. Niggas make shit hard…

      • Mac Sleepy

        i Feel Ya Homie……

  • 5yearslockdown

    I mean if ur from pa u kno how strict parole is here. if ur within 20 feet of an open beer ur goin back to jail. i mean the best thing to do while on parole in PA is stay in the damn house they want u to go back. 6mnths aint nuttin tho. keep ya head up hopefully he’ll have a few widows so he can work

  • F Da Law

    Damn, Dude can’t say whut up to one of his homies? Not paying child support is a felony, should I stop speaking to my niggaz too,lol?

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  • beatz23

    cops are just doin this because he was on that commercial



    How can you can you have any sympathy for Beans? He is a grown man allbeit, a clown, a puppet and incredibly talentless rap act. dude is a make-believe hard rock. Lol @ Beans got tough after he made the State Property movies. lmfao @ beans shooting a dude to look like the man for some coke-head strippers, ROTFLMAO @ trying to create a buzz for a flop record. Ya morons can’t see the reality of this business if someone gave you a microscope and a telescope. Do the math (Beans – Jay-Z = <<<<>>>>) another anecodote in hip hop history, a mere blip on the radar screen for the early 2000′s thats all he is-was rather. Im mad at my self for wasting finger movements on this herb.

  • tha1

    gotta ride wit my killadelphia kats. stay u beans……1


      Iz u serious my dude? U gonna share tha cell wit em 2, huh? Jump off a bridge wit em 2, huh? Get off it man. Do he even know u? Real talk, Beans seems 2 not have any sense. He ain’t really THAT hungry no more, cuz he had minor success, so y not jus fall tha fuc back n chill? I mean, peep Freeway. Chillin’. Young Chris-chillin’. But bottom line Beans, if u knew better, u’d do better. Smarten the fuck up Broadstreet Dummy.

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  • Rednose pit bull

    one day?wtf is that? it takes that long just to process in the joint,by time he processed,itll be lock down,then hell spend few hrs in a day room the next day thats it..whats the point?its not like one day will scare him,hes not a 10 yr old,he been locked up before

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  • Jano

    Damn he just made contact with a convicted felony? And what?

    thought USA is the land of freedom…damn siegel…u know how mack come thru on the club tip…

  • Ali

    damn man he really had 30 days left? that’s crazy he messed up man………& word to tonemoney89 I don’t want ya to wait forever for no reason….tha album’s already out

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  • Cali Is Active

    it nothing to Beanie, he’ ll do that with a smile.. oh yeah this order, fuc parole, probation , the judge for extending his parole, parole board, the deputies, cops especially.

  • T lee

    Another album he won’t be able to promote…make the transition don’t fake the transition young boi!

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