Beanie Sigel was sentenced to one day in federal prison on Wednesday (January 9) for a violation of his probation. According to the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick handed down the sentence and also extended the rapper’s probation by 18 months after Beans took an unauthorized trip to Atlantic City and made contact with a convicted felon. The first six months of the extended probation will be served in a halfway house, which will severely limit his ability to travel or promote his new album, The Solution. Although Beanie has recently made an effort to portray himself as a changed man, Judge Surrick explained that he needed to show that through his actions. The MC recently shot an anti-violence PSA and joined outspoken comedian Bill Cosby for a peace march in his hometown of Philadelphia. "If they're looking at you as a role model, you've got to do the right thing," Surrick told Beanie. In 2005, the Rocafella artist served a year in federal prison on a gun conviction.