Suspect Arrested in Georgia for Murder of Fabolous Associate

Authorities announced on Wednesday (December 5) that they have arrested a 26 year-old Brooklyn man in Atlanta in connection with the stabbing death of Fabolous associate Shamel “Money Mel” McKinney. According to the New York Daily News, Anthony Taylor, of Prospect Park, could be returned to New York as early as today to face murder charges for the November 23 stabbing that took place in front of Manhattan nightclub Duvet. Investigators believe that the two men got into a fight inside the club when McKinney tried to rob Taylor of $10,000 worth of jewelry he was wearing. McKinney ended up with a knife wound in his chest and later died. Cops believe McKinney was a member of Fab’s Street Family crew, who they claim have targeted celebrities and club goers for robbery in the past. The rapper has denied that he was present at Duvet on the night of the incident. McKinney’s aunt Shirley expressed joy upon learning of the arrest. “He deserves to do the time. You can run but you can’t hide,” she told the News. “He deserves what he has coming.”

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  • manamongst

    So….let me get this straight, this nig&% gets robbed and stabs the cat that try’s him and he gets locked up for it.

    • 5hunded

      shit son .. fab mus b feelin reaaal bummy right now afta wut transpired..

  • Lola

    Night out on the town: $3,000.00
    Luxery Car to ride around in: $65,000.00 Plus
    Fancy Jewlery: $10,000.00

    Working Security…… Priceless

  • Lola

    Night out on the town: $3,000.00
    Luxery car to ride around in: $65,0000 plus
    Fancy Jewlery: $10,000

    Working Security: Priceless

    Remember its always important to spend your money wisely before worthlessly

  • dmoney

    What…kills me is that this has nothing to do with Fab so why don’t yall (XXL) please take down his picture and put up one from the guy that got stabbed.

    • nappy_pappy

      no shit!! fuckin media outlets are always the first to make some shit look like sumthing it aint. Like when biggie and pac were beefing, the media quoted that shit as west vs east. I love this site and this magazine but no shit take the pic down of fab he wasnt there u cocksuckers…My question is how they gonna persecute him when he obviously was defending himself, try to take my jewelry u get stabbed too bitch…im sorry to his mom for her loss but your son was not a functioning person in society, he out there robbing ppl… he got what he deserved.

  • UPTOWN 125th

    What kinda sh!!T is that?? If somebody try to poke you then you are supposed to sit there and let them? I know if someone ran up on me, they gon catch a few of them thangs!

  • DevilintheFlesh

    start printing that on black T’s…lets make a movement outta this shit. I know i’m sick of it. Some fuck nigga tries to rob me im gonna split his wig.


    I agree with you Manamongst on this one. This is fucked up them weak ni99as robbing people. If it was me I would have shot him and Fab for that shit. The nigga was defending himself. and tell his aunt that her nephew shouldnt been out in the club robbing niggas. They be listening to be 50 cent “How To Rob”

  • Worley

    So a dude tries to rob you, you stab him and then you go to jail. The police would prefer that you get robbed and the case go unsolved. Then they can get all that extra overtime looking into unsolved cases. Whole lotta bullsh*t.

  • r0k

    i really cant imagine this will stand up in court….the guys actions are what got him killed….its like running your car into a brick wall then blaming the wall for getting in your way..

    so all of you….lets be careful and watch out for any brick walls….its the holidays we cant have any more walls going to jail =/

  • ragrago

    dis guy has da perfect defense…he can use da feds talkin bout fabs crew notoriety in his defence..dair past robberies he feared for his life he cud get a manslaughter cop a deal…but murda one please no..fabs boys mum needs to check her boys resume bfor she chat bout people gettin wot dey deserve live by da gun die by da sword…

  • Rednose pit bull

    if he gets a good lawyer,he will beat it on self defense

  • damn

    This some fucked up shit right here. I seen in the news the other day some cracker ass old man from Texas shot and killed 2 duded for breaking into his NEIGHBORS house. AND ITS ON TAPE! Not even his own house. And the dude still aint been charged yet. Cuz hes a fuckin cracker. But they go get this nigga all the way from Atlanta to charge him and try his ass. This is some bullshit.

    • r0k

      they arrested him because it was a high profile case and obviously in the news….don’t you notice this is a new site?….

      the guy in Texas should be locked up but there is new legislation passed in Texas saying that if a neighbor had asked you to watch the property while they were away you have the right to use force you seem necessary…so lay off the racial slurs until you become educated enough to comment on such things.

      i swear to god i sometimes wonder how people like you don’t just accidentally drink a bottle of bleach to help with natural selection.

      • damn

        Whatever kid. The neighbors never asked that cracka ass old man to watch his house. He got involved because he wanted to. That shit was flat out unprovoked murder. It wasnt like the dudes were robbing his crib. So take them cracka ass balls out ya mouth wipe the shit from your eyes from kissin CRACKA ass and pay attention bitch. And you claim this Mel bullshit is a high profile case? Bitch this aint heard of anywhere but hip hop websites. Check the world news and see how many times that CRACKA from Texas is mentioned. So take your stupid ass bottle of bleach and stick it up your ass.


    Let me break it down for you.
    A cat can rap but he’s soft so he need’s people around him to feel secure and legitimize the tough talk in his rhyme’s.
    Rather than paying them he goes to club’s & industry function’s with crew so they can do what they do.
    That soft rapper is just as much to blame as the goons cause he gives them cover and access to spot’s.
    Dude got what he deserved!!
    Fuck a knife, I would’ve snapped his neck since he obviously got the drop on him ouside the spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ONLY THE LAME NEED CRUTCHE’S FAB)

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    Are people really trying to justify black on black crime because of some jewlery. I agree, dude shouldn’t have tried to rob anyone, but he deserved to die because of it? I see how the minds of this culture are being sabotage by this dog eat dog bullshit. Willie lynch my niggas–look it up.


    Are peole really trying to justify black on black crime because of a piece of jewlery.I agree dude shouldn’t have tried to rob anyone, but did he deserve to die? I see how the mionds of this culture have been sabotaged by this dog eat dog bullsjit. Willie Lynch my niggas– Look it up.

  • pepa

    That dude and Damn…..that cracker who shot the
    2 intruders is still getting investigated, in texas they passed a law saying you can protect a
    neighbors house if they told you to while they are away (thats what
    they’re investigating)also, fab wasnt even at the club so saying he needs people around him to feel tough is stupid because he wasnt even there. Yea it is fucked up that he’s getting investigated for protecting himself but i doubt he’s gonna go away for long if at all…still gay tho.


    It’s called self-defense Troubl-man.Do you think that was the first time an incident happened with them fake jack-boy’s? Sebastian Telfair was so shook up after his ordeal he started carrying & got bagged with the gun this past summer.

    By the way willie Lynch was about dividing our people using skin shade & putting the old against the young to better control us.

    This is about some fool ass negroe who tried to rob somebody and caught it.His mom should’ve told her son every action has consequences & life ain’t a music video.
    Besides, I see alot of unity amongst my folk on this site who agree with me.
    (You heard GangStar,stick-up kid’s is out to tax!)& that cat got it,lookin’ for a rep!!!!!!!



  • Koolkidkulture

    Cats are still snatchin’ chains?


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  • unity

    i want to send my condolences to money mel and i family fab please hold your head up..1


    thats good he got stabbed and die, thats what u get for trying to rob some1. fuck fabolous 2 for encouraging that STREET FAM BULLSHIT. HE’S DA ONLY 1 EATING SOME HIS TEAM GOTTA SETTLE FOR HIS CRUMBS. and to the victim family the real victim is da dude that was defending himself. i hope he gets acquitted but hes black too so i dont see that happening

  • http://XXL JACOB