Pitbull Debuts At #50, Freeway Slips To #80, Jay-Z Holds Down Top 20

In a slow week for hip-hop sales, Miami rapper Pitbull had the week’s highest Billboard chart debut at #50, selling 22,398 copies of his third album The Boatlift. This was less than half of the first week sales of his 2006 album El Mariel, which sold 48,000 copies and debuted at #17 on the Billboard chart last October.

In other chart news, Jay-Z remains the only hip-hop act in the top 20. His album American Gangster sold an additional 51,979 units, bringing it down three spots to #17 with total sales of 694,954.

The only other rap releases still in the top 50 are Soulja Boy’s Souljaboytellem.com, which sits at #36, and Kanye West’s Graduation, which sits at #48. Soulja Boy sold an additional 34,303 units, bringing his total to 415,549. Kanye moved 23,425 albums, giving him a total of 1,737,445.

Freeway’s sophomore album Free At Last, which debuted last week at #42, slipped down to #80 this week with an additional 13,271 units sold. His total sales now sit at 49,384.

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  • drew216

    1rst bitches

  • pitbull

    yh that how we latinos do it…..what?? #50?? …so i didnt come in the top five… I QUIT THIS FUCKN JOB….lmao

  • Dr.Sperm

    Ghostface come save us!

  • princerudynasim

    rofl lmao @ freeways record sales, he shouldve handed them shits out for free like cam

  • Invictus

    Damn, that’s crazy… Kanye ain’t sold 2 mil. yet. I wonder what’s 50′s soundscan sales lookin’ like. Nonetheless, Jay “My man”… is still holdin’ it down… Thank god.



    To the QUEs

  • http://www.myspace.com/damaris377 Money On My Mind

    Album sales aint like they used 2 be they just keep going down it’s on be hard for Hov 2 go Platinum but he’s hove so he’ll do it and shit Freeway album was straight to me but i guess niggas aint like it O well FIRST!

    • nappy_pappy

      yea this is terrible 22,000?? dont nobody buy shit no more they just download internet has killed it

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    LOL @ Freeway

    Ghostface won’t sell 30k

    LOL @ NY Hip Hop



  • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

    LL kinda made a good point. Besides Kanye, no other rapper on Def Jam or Rocafella has really gotten a good push except Jay. “Jay Z does a good job of promoting Jay Z” LL said. Hov sold 51k last week, which is like the 5th week. His sales has drastically delined and thats better than Freeway’s total. Free didn’t get the push he needed to have a break out single. The messed up thing is the Freeway’s album is good. But without the correct push this will be like his last album which was one of the most slept on albums of the year. Just stating facts.

  • b-ease


    jays not hitting plat??? kanye’s not gonna go double?!? crazy times…


    jAY-Z IS THE PRESIDENT OF def jam L.A is the CEO. Jay does not control everything L.A is his Boss. LL last album Mr.SMITH was wack as hell.You as an artist have to make your own buzz!!! Him talking about jay is how he’s making his buzz. Ghost time is up, no ones interested. Ghost does get busy but that hold WU-TANG thing it’s over. Freeway does have a good album,but he pushed it back so many times every body was checking for him any more!!!

  • The Game Ain’t The Same

    It’s sad to see these types of numbers for artists these days, but all that means is that it’s time to change the format of selling music.

    In response to Young Deuce:
    Jay don’t know how to market others. When he was with Dame, Dame did all the marketing, that was his job. Don’t get me wrong, Jay is an excellent business man, but for himself.

    Their ain’t too many rappers on Def Jam anymore. Now I like LL, but he needs to understand that this ain’t the same generation anymore. His audience is grown. His last album was ok, but had no kick to it. It came and went and he mad at the marketing. Your leading single was with J-Lo.

    The problem with marketing a artist is that it costs money, alot and these dayz the outcome for doing all that marketing doesn’t pay off. We are going to see alot more marketing on the internet now. I think Jay over did it with Kingdom Come. At least for the AG album he didn’t as much. With Freeway and Beans he didn’t market outside the area and that’s not a good look. But it is time for Jay to do some rethinking bout his position cause when you see Def Jam, u think Roc-A-Fella now and it shouldn’t be that way. Ne-Yo, Jeezy, Rihanna and Luda are his money makers. and if you recall, the marketing was tough for all three albums.

  • Latino Heat

    thats a damn shame that soulja bitch is selling so much. also a shame that freeway is bricking so hard. his shit is straight heat. go support scarface and ghostface. i know nobody will, but it would be nice.

  • LOL

    freeways album is the shit.

    if this was 10 years ago he would have sold 100k plus by now.

    The industry fucked itself over.

    These albums have need all over the internet.

    They should have started to look at downloading since 1999, when murda muzik, got bootlegged like a mofo

  • NIG


  • BIG O

    im a jay z fan and he is good at getting his people to come correct and put out some good albums.but goddamn why doesnt he give anyone marketing!he is fucking over his own boy freeway by not pushing him right.most niggas aint even know that his or beanie sigels shit was even close to coming out.there isnt even a video for roc billionares.jay is slacking.maybe he should deal with the artist and la reid do the marketing

  • WTF Son!

    Who said Ghost’s time is up. GTFOH with that shit. Ghost’s album is a “CLASSIC” and TRUE HIP HOP FANS no it too. It’s real hip hop. It’s complete creativity which most of the ignorant newbies ain’t got. Ghost even broght Meth back to true form. Listen the lyrics brah. The beats and lyrics match. I see why he was pisse at RZA cause that WU album ain’t where it’s suppose to be.

    I feel that Freeway had a chance to get better sales, but the problem is the internet. You can be the Hip Hop’s/Rap’s biggest fan, but I guarntee that you’ll download an album before you buy it because the technolgy is there to do that. You almost don’t have a choice. That’s the way the game is these days, not to mention how easily an album leaks weeks or months ahead of time so what’s the point of marketing? Everybody knows Tuesdays are release days.

    If I was an music artist, on my release date, I’d hit the streets with my street team and sell them shits out my trunk for like two weeks. I’d doin like a presidential candidate. I betcha you’ll see some loot.

  • nellz

    wow…how did freeway sell less than pitbull??…i didnt even know that nigga had an album

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  • DirtDogggy

    They say “numbers don’t lie”

    Fuck outta here with that slogan, it’s evident they do.

    Get your sport games or doctorits up kids, rappers need to start slinging heavy and rhyming all while watching over their shoulder for the hip-hop pigs just to make a dollar.

    High risk, low reward = stupid game.

  • fireforreal

    American gangster is more street than commercial so it’s going to reach plat slower.Look at how long it took reasonable doubt or even the blueprint compared to hard knock life or bluprint2.I just wish Freeway would have came out with less competition out or have gotten promoted better.

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    soulja boy > freeway ? wow, beans better invent a new dance or something before he becomes brick #2 for the roc! i got to ask this question, other than the camel and kanye, is the roc back?

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  • Caesar

    Who’re those pretty chicas on Pitbull’s album cover? *jizzes self*

  • princerudynasim

    the reason freeway didnt sell n never will is because when he came out he had all the hype he was gonna be a star n what he do?? drop one of the worst rap albums in rap history. have ya heard his first album?? if u have go ahead n u will understand me

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  • White Guy

    Good. Now Black people can learn some humility once and for all. See why we don’t let you run for office? You don’t even know how to act with wealth and power. Blacks always misuse their freedoms.