In a new interview with Rhapsody, New Jersey rapper Joe Budden talks about everything from being a singer-turned-rapper to his comments about Saigon. He also explains his feelings about Jay-Z that led him to record his recent diss song "Talk 2 Em" from Mood Muzik III. Check out this juicy excerpt:

“Talk 2 Em’” seems to be getting the most attention from people that have heard Mood Muzik 3. Why did you decide to go at Jay-Z?
Joe Budden: That’s exactly how I felt. On Mood Muzik, the stage is all Joe Budden so I get to do exactly what I want. It was disrespectful, but it was a diss with a point: Stop rapping. Hang it up. You’re getting paid to be a president. Be a president. We loved you as a rapper. One of the best to ever do it. Now it’s time to do some other things.

Do you really hate “Roc Boys”?
The video is amazing. I’m just not feeling the song at all.

Do you really think the new generation is gonna remember Jay as Michael Jordan getting crossed by Allen Iverson?
If you look at it today, a lot of these younger people didn’t experience Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, and the things that people my age have come to love Jay for. The younger generation is like, eh, f*ck it, whatever. They don’t really respect it. I don’t think he puts that fear in any artists like he once did. It’s like Shaquille O’Neal now. Shaq was one of the most dominant people to ever play. Nowadays, he’s still worth something, but it’s just not the same. Everybody is calling American Gangster a concept album. It’s a Jay-Z album. He’s talking about the same exact sh*t he’s talking about on Reasonable Doubt. Where’s the concepts? He just needed something to attach it to, which he did. He needs to be a president and start putting out some f*ck*ng artists. When I start getting into saying things about Jay-Z or Def Jam, I’m not speaking to try and get anyone to feel the way I’m feeling. Which is why I say it’s not a diss. ‘Cause I’m not trying to sway anyone’s opinion.

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