LINK: “J.R.” Rotem Is Britney’s Baby’s Daddy?

In the new cover story of In Touch, hip-hop/pop producer Johnathan “J.R.” Rotem confirmed that he is the father of Britney Spears’ new baby. The celebrity gossip magazine reports that on November 14, Britney confided to her freiends in an email that she was four weeks pregnant with her third child, and that she was sure that “J.R.,” who she has been reportedly seeing on and off since they worked together a year ago, is the father. “Britney’s not looking for another husband,” an insider told In Touch. “But she does like having a man in her life.” When the magazine asked J.R. about the rumors, he said simply, “It’s true.”

to read the full report.

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  • stoneyisland

    Since when did pop music bullshit become a hip hop topic? must be a slow day in rap news huh? somebody let Foxy out of jail:) as for this trash Britney, I guess she wants replacements for the two kids she is about to lose…………….Notice she said she thinks it’s ole boys, Brit has had more dick then a urinal at madison square garden during the playoffs……

    • Bol

      Why would it be posted in the Need to Know section if XXL didn’t think this was something you need to know?

      You act as if XXL will publish anything that’s vaguely related to major label rap music with seemingly no regard for its relevance to the hip-hop community.

      *goes and watches the new Miller Boyz video*

      • Grapes

        TECHNICALLY, J.R. has done some shit for hip-hop, so it could be considered hip-hop news (although I think it’s complete doo-doo). AND urinals don’t get dick at MSG because New York teams suck plain feces (with the exception of the Yankees who, if I may add, are not going to win a championship anytime soon with A-Rod on their payroll).

  • pee

    stoney if you know so much about hip hop you would know that jr iz one of hip hop producers right now! but true it iz slow in hip hop cuz who the fuck cares about britney shit!

  • Tyler

    dat nigga is frontin’. . . I’m tha’ baby’s daddy. No rubber, always.

    • 414chrome




  • Ego

    What a douche,
    that dude is solely responsible for some of the most god awful music of 2007.

  • Exclusive


  • http://sladnmg;lsd sadgsdg

    not really u fuckin monkeyyyy… JR ROTEM is a HIP HOP producer… just cause he’s white u assumed he’s a pop star ? I guess Eminem is the greatest pop star alive lol

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    He better go get tested

  • SmokeInYaFace

    in related news:
    JR has clamedia

  • haha!

    read this, vomitted in my mouth, and vomitted again for good measue!

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  • loony T

    Go JR.

  • british B

    I aint ever heard of a keep a bitch baby but this seems like one I would not loose out my seed to a mad biatch like tht who cant even get her own kids in check fcuk tht


    If you didn’t wanna read this why’d you click on the link?

  • Mike Diggs

    shiieeet!!, I would of cummed all up in that bitch too….a big thick, fat ass nutt.

  • g stacks

    could be jr writer

  • ill_fittin

    this is such a shame… with all the information and knowledge we have about sexual diseases, a seemingly level-headed man went up inside a seemingly crawling disease bag raw… and to think i liked his music. kind-of. some of it. i think…

  • http://XXL.MAG.COM TBABY


  • BigBaby

    Whatever these fornicating sinners get, they deserve it, period? The wages for sinning is death!

  • Casper

    I would have done a Mr Marcus and skeeted on her forehead

  • Latino Heat

    to that nasty muthfucka that said “no rubber always” its nasty muthafuckas like you thats fuckin it up for everybody. yall are the reason im scared to even get head from a bitch i dont know. i hope your dick falls off and you and everyother raw dickin muthafucka die a slow aids related death. as for j.r. that bitch aint worth keepin, you fucked up cuz.

  • niggafrommemphis

    Nothin personal,but I never heard of that cracker before and if anyone knows,who is he producing?You know,everyone except blacks,can tell blacks how to be black.We can’t tell others shit.You can’t open a store in a white neighborhood or a hood of mexicans and arabs,most of us don’t have stores in our own neighborhood.I’m saying that to say this,FUCK THAT BOY!! (who happens to be white)eminem ain’t shit either.Niggas don’t have to listen to em,as long as white people take theirkids to walmart or kmart,he’ll always go platinum.

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