In a new interview with GIANT, up-and-coming video director Rik Cordero, who has directed clips for everyone from Consequence to Joell Ortiz, talks about his most famous project, the trailer he made for Hova's "Blue Magic":

"I think what’s special about it was that it captured the tone of a Jay-Z from the Reasonable Doubt era, you know, a Streets is Watching era. I think that’s why it made such an impact on the Internet. It wasn’t a trailer per se—we didn’t cut up Hype Williams’ “Blue Magic” video and said “coming soon.” We just set the tone for something that was so gritty, raw and very different from some of the high gloss productions that are out and think that what it was besides a traditional trailer. It was more like a commercial or promo that had a great, simple story to it; especially if you’re from New York and familiar with these DJs [like] DJ Enuff and DJ Clue. It’s kind of funny [looking at the video]. It is kind of like how it works [Laughs]. Its product that you’re trying to get to the people."

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