In a new interview with HHNLive, producer Digga reveals that he actually owns the Diplomats brand that Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana have built into a household name over the past seven years. Digga, who produced hits like 50 Cent's "Many Men" and Young Gunz's "Can't Stop Won't Stop," along with the majority of Cam'ron's first two albums Confessions of Fire and S.D.E., told the website that he can back up his claims:

"This is the first time I ever spoke about this in an interview. Me and Cam are the founders of Diplomats...Anyone that really knows the history on me and Cam knows this. I own the Diplomat brand and I have paperwork that says so. Not Cam, not Jimmy. They have been using the logo all this time without ever hollering at me...I decided to step away from Cam because dude is selfish."

Digga also talks about how his role in seminal Harlem group Children of the Corn has been marginalized:

"I don’t get many opportunities to speak but it seems like there is some type of conspiracy when these guys don't mention my name. I released a CD called "Children Of The Corn-the Collectors' edition" a few years ago. I produced that entire CD. On top of that, I was signed to Priority Records in 1996 under the name "C.O.C" with Cam and Bloodshed. I just wanted to clear that up because Duke knows me and he knows he never rapped or made beats. So when you ask him questions about C.O.C, it’s weird especially when he doesn't mention me."

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