A 25 year-old associate of rapper Fabolous was fatally stabbed at the Duvet nightclub in Manhattan on Friday night (November 23). According to the New York Daily News, Shamel McKinney staggered out of the club at around 3:30 in the morning and collapsed on West 21st Street with knife wounds to his chest and back. Witnesses believe that the Brooklyn native was stabbed after he ended up in the middle of a fight between two women, but the victim’s brother said he had nothing to do with the altercation. "He wasn't with the girls. He was just standing there," Darryl McKinney told the Daily News. Police later found a bloody 7-inch switchblade inside of a dumpster near the scene, although they have not named any potential suspects. According to a report from amNY, McKinney, who was known to friends as “Money Mel,” was wearing a medallion with Fab’s Street Family crew’s logo. Mel, who was described as a loving father to his two sons, was also an aspiring rapper. Various reports have suggested that Fab may have been partying with McKinney at Duvet earlier in the evening, although the rapper’s lawyer has denied that his client was present during the incident. "I think police confirmed that my client was in fact not even there," attorney Alberto Ebanks said. "He has reached out to the family and extended his condolences." Police however, dispute that account and insist that witnesses have placed the rapper inside the club at the time of the stabbing.