In an interview with MTV News on Wednesday (November 28), Cash Money founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams explained his side of his November 27 arrest on charges of marijuana possession. He disputed reports that a pound of marijuana was confiscated from the RV he and his entourage were riding in when they were pulled over in Kingsport, Tenn., instead saying that it was a “misdemeanor amount” at best. He also stated that the weapons that were recovered from the vehicle were registered to his security detail, and have already been returned to them by authorities. "The guns we had were good," he told MTV News. "I do carry a gun and I am licensed. Tennessee is one of the states I can tote in. We know the guidelines. They make you aware of everything in [marksmanship] class." Finally, the Cash Money CEO denied that he is married to an 18 year-old woman that was also taken into custody. When the Kingsport News-Times initially reported the arrests, they identified the woman as Brittany Williams, Birdman’s wife. "I'm not married," he explained to MTV News. "Never! Been! Married! Plus, that girl was 18! I don't get down like that! Plus, if I was married, why would I keep it a secret?" He insists that the woman was a friend of one of the men traveling with him. All 16 passengers of the RV, including Cash Money co-founder and Baby's brother Ronald "Slim" Williams, were charged with possession of more than a half of an ounce of marijuana and were released after posting $1500 bonds this morning. They are due back in court on March 18.