With Nas' Greatest Hits album hitting stores this week, Rolling Stone caught up with the Queens vet and got him to break down the making of the songs on the compilation. Nas gives his insider perspective on each track:

"Hate Me Now" featuring Diddy, from I Am?
"It was a track for Foxy Brown, and she didn't want the record, she didn't like it. It fit with my album,
I Am?, so I did the track and it sounded perfect for Puff to be on, so I gave it to him, went to the studio, and he rocked it, knocked it out. I wanted him to talk that shit on there, because that 'Victory' record was my favorite record, with him and B.I.G., and I just wanted him to talk some of his shit on there. I had him screaming a whole bunch of wild shit on here, and cats were slam-dancing to it in New York. It was really crazy, out of this world."

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