T.I. Due in Court Today, Lawyer Denies His Guilt

T.I. is scheduled to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman at Atlanta’s federal courthouse today at 3:00 p.m. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & firearms are expected to hold a press conference following the appearance. Tip was arrested a few hours before he was scheduled to perform at the BET Hip-Hop Awards on Saturday (October 13) and is now facing a series of federal weapons charges. His attorney, Dwight Thomas, told the New York Post that his client is innocent of the charges levied against him and asked that the public refrain from jumping to conclusions “He’s not guilty. There are two sides to every story. We are asking everyone to withhold judgment,” Thomas told the paper.

The King of the South was taken into custody in a midtown Atlanta parking lot as he was picking up three machine guns he allegedly asked one of his bodyguards to purchase for him. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that rappers Young Dro and Mac Boney of Grand Hustle, as well as T.I.’s girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were also taken into custody at the time of the bust. While Dro and Mac Boney were released without charges, Tiny—perhaps best known for her stint in 90’s R&B group Xscape—has been charged with possession of marijuana and ecstasy. “We’re going to be all right,” Dro told the AJC. “It’s just a mistake. Everybody’s entitled to some. We’ll be OK.”

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  • Daddy Long Drawls

    1st damn thats messed up Fo the King

  • geo

    having all that money in the bank nigga still trying to fuck aroud in the streets man niggas need to grow the fuck up or give that money to people that really need it…..

    • subdue

      Think about it man! the niggas best friend n partner DIED in that niggas arms. shyt shawty.. i’d have an guns too. the nigga raps about it. at least he aint lyin. take the nigga out tha hood but not the hood outta him. i mean one or two will do it.. but i dunno about the arsenal of guns. he aint off shootin them, so he’ll be out soon enough.

  • http://www.myspace.com/krazy_sexxxy_kool king_of_gq

    HOPEFULLY DA KING WILL COME OUT OF THIS WITHOUT ANY PRISON TIME…BUT once u fuck wit da feds they gonna trap ur ass….

  • http://www.myspace.com/gemstardagoldenchild Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Aint a damn thang change he still keep dat thang right up under his shirt……it all fun n games until somebody get hurt

  • http://www.yahoo.com what it do

    T.I.P keepin it gangsta

    • Chubb Roc

      When keepin’ real goes wrong.

      Damn, T.I.P.

      You should be playing “CHESS” not checkers.

      Thats why you have goonies!

      I actually feel bad for dude,but he dropped the ball on this one. All the $$$$$ in the world can’t save him, he got caught red handed(according to the press).

  • Ja

    T.I deserves prison, those guns were going to be used on somebody’s child, i hope he wont be a p***y and try play the Race card,Political prisoners like the Jena 6 are more deserving of our support.

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Why did he need machine guns and silencers?
    He is gonna do some serious time for this I think.
    Prodigy got 3.5 years…….

    • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Fog-Brain McBain

      and don’t forget the othe 20+ found in his walk-in closet that were illegal too….

      but he’ll be aiight, they just want some heavy $$$$ for the Holidays……

  • osc-ceo

    man Ti is fucking crazy…i don’t wish no jail time on him but he asked for this one.

  • klaw


  • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat deandrethegreat

    ti u see this is what dave chapelle was talkn about when he said keepin it real goes wrong.
    u see a split decision could cause everything
    u earned go down the drain.u not only jepordizin urself but u jepordizin everybody
    thats involved and everybody that down witcha.
    tip or ti or whoever u is need to sit down and do a self-analasis and make a decision on whatchu wana do…u cant stratle the fence.

    and u know what tip i was gone ask u to do
    a duet wit tiny…thats a bad bitch..u gotta protect her tip u gotta guide her in the right way.

    tip u forgot what u came for….u see u gotta get in da game get rich and get out.u see all them trophys u won at them different award shows and shit?how would u feel if u had to give them trophys back a earn them all over?

    now adays tip success is hard to come by…
    and playin ketchup is harder.these rappers that have the bentleys and rolls royceses in they video dont even own them…they playin the roll real tuff but in reality they out there hurtn.i know u heard of a couple of industry cats gettn they cars repoed…..me personally i rather thro 80 thousand in a old school caprice than drop 60 thousand at the car dealership.

    u see tip these niggas is street punks…
    these niggas ride around on twenty eights
    wit eight dollas in they pocket and no oil in the engine…then when shit go bad they fightn
    a million dolla case wit a public defender…
    me personally i got 50 g’s under a attorney i aint tryn to take a long journey.

    u see tip im religious and god always send me subliminal messages and my only friend in this world besides my girlfriend is creflo dolla.u see i picture goin to court like goin to heaven.the judge is god,the attorney is jesus,and the district attorney is the devil,
    if u found innocent u gotta sencond chance to redeem yoself,if u found guilty u goin to hell.

    so tip i hope thangs get better for u man
    because imma make thangs get better for me.

    get at me

  • stoneyisland

    Not guilty huh? lets check the facts… Just like Mike Vick one of his crew had been Donnie BRasco’ing the nigga, had TI on tape not to mention he was arrested buying the guns from his bitch ass judas bodyguard. SO he’s not guilty huh? they tapped his phone for a fews prior to scooping him up in a parking lot, not guilty huh? a convicted felon arrested WITH a gun in car, automaticaaly violating his parole, not to mention the nigga has been in custody since his arrest, hit with felony charges. This aint no hip hop police bullshit, if you think federal charges are a joke ask Vick. T.I acts like he is the hardest of the hardest, a 5’7 150 pound muthafucka with his head alwyas tilted to the side. I’ma go on record as saying I wish him luck, because if he goes to jail niggas are gonna be feeling him and I aint talking bout his music:) he better learn to braid hair now cuz he gonna have to do hair or box every nigga in the joint:) Big things poppin has a WHOLE new meaning in prison sun:) LMAO at this stupid muthafucka….

    • nappy_pappy

      damn u hit that right on the nail…he fucked. Way to go T.I.

    • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat interscope jackson

      well i aint ti nigga and im ready to slap yo muthafuckn head off yo muthafuckn shoulders.

      ti a real street nigga

      u see ti and micheal vick never changed
      the shit they got caught up in was the shit that they used to do……

      the money will never change vick or ti
      leys embrace them instead of tryn to break em down.

      so if u gotta a problem wit tip u gotta problem wit me….and i will give a nigga some life changin money to dust u.
      and while its goin on imma be on christmas island….

    • ms. squierrel

      f*** you lane a** n***g tip is going tobe alright by the grace of god he will be okay thank you Jesus.

  • samurray2005

    One False Move and It Is Back To The Big House!!!

  • jburg

    man why does money make niggas think they are untouchable? machine guns? what you building an army? the feds gonna take that niggas cookies!

  • http://xxlmagazine brandon johnson

    Fuck these rappers are so fucking stupid. How you gonna buy 3 machine guns. Your never gonna fire it. Fucking wanna b’s. If you want to have a machine gun join the army. See you in 3-5 years homie

  • og bobby j

    phone calls and wires dont lie….he gonna cop out and do atleast 7 years off this….there aint no defense for the gunz in his whip and car….he slipped and they got him…consider the “KING” dethroned…..LUDA

  • jburg

    hey stoneyisland you right! the feds don’t bullshit, they don’t go after you unless they got your ass! 95% for their bust take plea deals! ask vick he know them well! good luck niggas hope you live up to the tough talk, looks like somebody gonna get HURT!


    If he didn’t do it then the FEDS need to stop witch hunting.Hopefully it will all work out and he’ll released with no strings attached.BUT If he did it give him 50 yrs cuz that just prove he is a stupid NIGGA and i Mean NIGGA . You have a good life and your buying machine gun. Cmon. who is that NIGGA gonna shoot. Some of you might say why capitalize the word. Cuz if he did what they say he did then he is a NIGGA a dumb NIGGA and I don’t feel for him at all wow. let’s see who will be the first idoit with a free T.I…. With all that said he is still Innocent until proven Guilty

  • Da kidd Marvel

    Damn,aint dat a bitch…i mean how u gon b on the top of the world wit every1 at ur feet and u gon do sumthin so stupid,for real,who u finna spray up wit Machine guns kid.i hope he aint put in for time but he had to realize wat he was doin. The streets aint the only ones hearing everything…good luck tip gettin rid of dat shit

  • kdizzle

    Keep it real TI… Real STUPID!!!! Damn I thought this nigga was smarter than this!! A classic case of “When keepin it real goes wrong” I hope he beats the rap but my motto is “When you do stupid shit, stupid shit happens to you”

  • http://DoubleXL B-money

    Dis nigga really is as crazy as his split personality y would u buy a machine gun…TIP in my mind is a G always and foreva but dis shit is plain dumb…like buck said ur aint a boss if u neva took a lost but in TIP’s case dis one gonna cost!

  • old school king

    Actually this is one of the few times I support a rapper in trouble with the law. Because i’ve seen this dude on a lot of positive shit lately. If he needed them guns for some problems of his own that go much deeper than rap, then it’s a shame the FEDs got him.. whatever he does and how he handles his beef is his business, but it must be pretty serious to warrant these kinds of guns.. he spread a lot of positivity tho to the people that followed his career.. that part makes me wish him luck and hope they dont lock him up for 50 years or some shit

  • Fixda

    Yo WTF about the silencers?Nigga was trying to do something crazy?Goodbye Tip

  • Worley

    What’s interesting is the reflex that seeks to deny subjectivity and agency among a certain demographic. When discussing rappers, skeptical, mostly middle-class individuals, will usually assume one of two postures. The first says, he is not a thug, a hoodlum or who he says he is. The other responds to the rapper that embodies his lyrics with: “when keeping it real goes wrong.” It’s as if you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    TI is a millionaire who mostly had guns in his house. White dudes from the NRA pester Capitol Hill daily about their right to do so. He may get with the full autos and the silencers, but all that other stuff might be cool runnings. White men, especially white men in the south, will not allow a legal precedent that deprives them of the right to have guns in their homes.

  • http://myspace.com/wilpowermusicproductions Sir Wil

    Hey everybody, this is Sir Wil of myspace/wilpowermusicproductions. I just don’t get this fascination with artists and guns. We all know the trouble you can get into for having weapons, especially the kind T.I. is in trouble for, why risk your career and your freedom?

  • Greg

    luckily for his ass he recorded 2 plat (or soon to be) albums and hell have money when he gets out in like 5 years min….trappers try to sell their albums by getting people to believe they are still the same people they were before they were famous….yeah it might have worked but when u carry all these guns around you pay the price….hopefully jeezy read this and put his ak at his moms retirement home and some soprano shit

  • diggsy

    I bet you niggaz think I’m livin it up
    Til you see polices laughin as they pickin me up
    Went from seeing how many bitches I could fit in the truck
    To three hots and a cot, is you kiddin or what?
    Fuck how many millions I got, nigga, so what if I’m hot
    When I got prices on my head, feds rushin my spot
    A million haters want me dead, forced to carry a gat
    “But you’s a seven-time felon, what you doin wit that?”
    It’s a Catch-22, either you lose or you lose
    That’s the way the game structured, for real, niggaz to suffer
    And I ain’t neva been a buster, always stood on my feet
    Like a man prepared to take whatever coming for me
    A pussy nigga or polices with a warrant for me
    I’m a G, prepared to die for what’s important to me
    Look anybody in the eye who say he want it wit me
    Put up the house and bet the odds if it’s comin from me
    Ol G’s say I need to learn to be patient
    You telling me with these seven years of probation
    Pistol charges and a host of other open cases
    If niggaz only knew the kind of time I was facin
    I try to keep it to myself, but sometimes I couldn’t take it
    Got four kids, the smiles on they faces
    Mean more to me than my crown and my bracelet
    Take that away from me, and my life is butt naked

    • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat deandre

      fuck u u bitch ass nigga

  • minneapolis,Mn

    Reply to :diggsy

    Good sh*te homie..that some real sh*te that you spitting.

  • Trickdd


  • BirdsFlySouth

    Let’s count this guy’s blessings.

    1. God gave you strength to survive the “TRAP”

    2. God gave you musical talents

    3. God gave you a stage for your voice and opinion to be heard all over the world.

    4. God gave you 5 HEALTHY children and wife.

    5. God gave you millions of dollars.

    6. God spared you during a shootout.

    How do you repay him? You go buy 3 machine guns with silencers. Good for that idiot.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Hopefully the “King” gets 10 years to teach you idiots there’s no such thing as above the law.

    Keep locking these idiots up until they learn something. If that doesn’t work let’s execute them.

  • Maxwell

    CO-SIGN!! CO-SIGN!! CO-SIGN!! Real black people unite, we are not all NIGGERS!!! Never ignorant getting goals accomplished, that’s a n.i.g.g.a., these fools are just NIGGERS!!!!

  • Emilio

    T.I great artist.. but you dont buy machines guns by yourself.. pay someone else to buy it for you.. you are also not Pablo Escobar to need all that ammo.. I hope your millions can buy you freedom.. so u can keep makin great records.. good luck!!!

  • loren

    hey i don’t think its right what they did to T.I first of all that all sounded like a setup and how is TMZ always around when something goes down make you wonder if their setting all these things up so they can keep their snitching jobs. Another things the same people that didn’t pass the gun control law when they had a chance are the same people trying to prosecute T.I. FREE T.I.P………FREE T.I.P………..FREE T.I.P

    • ummm???

      how the hell did it sound like a setup?? it sounds to me like he made a deal, talked on the phone about it, then went to pick up the illegal guns.. and TI is a convicted felon, so gun law or no gun law, he’s still fucked.. he should absolutely not be freed.. but i do hope that he doesnt do decades locked up…


    I think his excuse will be that it was not his voice on the tapes, and that he thought that he was going to pick up some apple pie, vitamins, and milk.
    Who’s voice was on the tape you may ask???
    Either 1 of the following 3 people….
    1. Chris Crunk from the Russ Parr Show
    2. Rich Boy
    3. Someone Lil Flip paid off to set him up.

    cya TIP, you going down like Pac…big rap star turned potential movie star…killed in the Pen.
    Holla, should’ve studied Jigga’s BluePrint!

  • http://www.myspace.com/the_thug_bible The Thug Bible

    How T.I.P. f*cked up! He should’ve schooled under an O.G. like me:

    (for those who still want to play)


    1. Never get your own hands dirty

    2. Always send a nigga to watch the nigga you sent and then send another nigga to watch HIM.

    3. Arrange a drop…i.e. NEVER GET YOUR OWN HANDS DIRTY!

    4. Don’t brag about what you got…real bad boys move in silence (KRS-1)

    5. NEVER SH*T WHERE YOU EAT (u should’ve had a stash house seperate from the crib)

    6. Never let niggas get in a position to F*ck you; get a go-between n*gga to handle that sensitive sh*t..

    7. Put the fear of God in niggas.

    8. NOTE TO WANNA BE THUGS: SILENCERS add YEARS to your sentence.

    9. Guns is for pussies. Real thugs don’t need a gun. Get good with your hands. Penal Code – 120.00 assault in the third degree (w/o a weapon) A misdemeanor; Felony assault with a weapon Penal Code – 265.08 criminal use of a firearm in the second degree C violent felony

    dAMN NIGGA, I’m going to miss you…please don’t make no wack ass jail tracks like Shyne…start piling your shit up now so Tiny and your kids can eat…u going be gone a minute fam…one love



  • subdue

    minneapolis,Mn …you are a fucking moron. thats T.I Live in The Sky.. dumbass. niggas should be educated before replyin on this shyt

  • http://yahoo alex

    keep yo head up t.i we love u