Former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh and underground duo dead prez will get together for an unlikely onstage pairing at the upcoming Behind the Boards event in Atlanta on November 1. Conceived and organized by The World Famous Mic Club and BMI Atlanta, the Behind the Boards events feature exclusive Q&A sessions with renowned Hip-Hop producers, which offer audiences an inside look into their creative process, music and lifestyle. Described as “Hip-Hop meets Inside the Actor’s Studio,” past Behind the Boards panels have featured accomplished producers Diamond D and 9th Wonder. "We're seeking to provide balance, artistic integrity and truth in an industry where these very valuable commodities are in short supply,” said Andre Lett, also known as DRES the Beatnik, host of The World Famous Mic Club. “The DJ/producer is the backbone of the music of the culture, but without providing light to all facets of the culture, we're doing the generation that comes after us a grave injustice.” In addition to the performance by Mannie and dead prez MCs M-1 and sticman, the event will also allow up and coming producers to showcase their work. Prior to the show, amateur producers will be given one minute to play one of their beats for a panel of industry insiders, who will in turn pick eight participants to battle onstage during the show. For more information, or to purchase tickets for Behind the Boards, go to