Ludacris Wins 2007 Spirit of Youth Award

ludacris-piaget1.jpgLudacris and his charitable organization, The Ludacris Foundation, will receive the National Runaway Switchboard’s (NSR) 2007 “Spirit of Youth” award at the annual Spirit of Youth Benefit on November 1 in Chicago, Ill. The “Spirit of Youth” award recognizes individuals who help to keep America’s runaway children off the street. Luda raised awareness for the cause on his 2006 hit, “Runaway Love,” off his Grammy Award winning album, Release Therapy. “Since Ludacris and The Ludacris Foundation have been involved, we have experience a 50 percent increase in calls to our hotline, and the number of visitors to our website has increased more than 60 percent,” says NRS executive director, Maureen Blaha. “I am extremely happy my association with the National Runaway Switchboard has had a positive impact on reaching our to runaways and potential runaways,” Ludacris said in a statement. “When I wrote the song, I wanted young people to know running away from their problems is not the answer and that they did not have to face every problem alone.”

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  • Fire

    Way to go Luda! Keep doing your thing and helping people out. It’s awesome.

  • picasso

    Man that’s great. Take that Bill O’Riley!


  • Hendrick from South Africa

    That’s one way to reduce the running away of children from their homes. I give Luda a run of applaus, big ups Luda. You lead by example.

  • Hendrick a.k.a. Matsala

    Luda, big ups man. That’s how to deal with situation of running away from this children.
    One love for Luda

  • mrbillcollecta

    See this is what the craft is about. Uplifting others and helping out. Walk the walk brother!!!

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