LINK: Diddy Responds to Assault Allegations

According to a Reuters article, Sean “Diddy” Combs addressed the rumors about a recent nightclub assault during a press conference yesterday. “It was something that was just totally overblown…I don’t fight over girls!” he reportedly said to the room full of reporters. “I am a human being and I will get into an argument at times.” The questions come after a police investigation was launched into an alleged fight that Diddy had with a man named Steven Acevedo over a woman. When asked if there had been any legal repercussions, Diddy added, “They looked into it. There are so many other things going on in the city.”

Read the full article HERE.

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  • hassan

    you are famous rich blk male.why are u still on the clubs and gettin into fights over chicks.i just dont understand this dudes..i respect niggaz like dr.dre.never heard or seen him on the media.he stays quiet relevant and enjoy his money.

  • Ghost Deini


  • Pimpin’ Pens

    I don’t fight over hoes either!

    Peep the blog

  • vega Diamond

    This is Cool,

    But Listen to My Shit, had some pusy ass nigga called pretty ugly talking shit… so I had to burn him for a warm up, who’s next…listen

    Now Listen to my shit!

  • buck jones pony

    We know you dont fight over girls… you cry your heart out and make songs like “This is what I Need” or sit in the shower with Mario Winnins with the water runnin

  • Pimpin Pens

    i dont fight over hoes i let the steel hit ya

    peep game at

  • mike

    We know you don’t fight over girls bitchass motherfucker, you fight over boys. Diddy you is crazy wack.

  • Mr.Defrosted
  • ghisfr

    That`s why Dre can not be richest than Diddy – Let find the reason! You don`t understand the industry. I am French, my friends know much Diddy than your Jay-Z or whoever, the thing is: being a good artist doesn`t mean being influential or popular.
    As a super EGO, I give him a credit for “I doesn`t fight over girls” as ME, but I can fight to protect girls: look the difference.