J-Hood Preps Debut Album

According to a statement released by the former D-Block affiliate, J-Hood is prepping his debut album The Hood Is Back for release on November 6th. The project will reportedly feature 20 rare and exclusive tracks, although it’s unclear whether any of the material will be the music he recorded while under contract with D-Block. “This is my first indie release for my fans all over,” says Hood. “While this is in the stores, I’ma have The Rebirth mixtape warming up the streets…So whether your in stores or in the streets, your gonna see me!”

Hood recently made news after leaving D-Block, when he appeared on stage with former rival 50 Cent and released a video dragging his former crew’s chain down the sidewalk.

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  • Donpiff

    First.shits gonna garbage

  • Man Listen


  • Ruff Huff

    wow… years and years with d block and all he’s got was some features here and there… been out of d block for a couple of months and already gettin it crackin

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Looks like that guy who just got out of jail for copping a blowski from a 15 year-old.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    He’ll moved about 8k the first week

  • mega_tron_201

    he publicly disrespected D-Block who imo is one of the only few groups whos lasted this long and still rep the streets.
    J-Hood is wack, has always been wack, and will always be wack and PLUS any lil fan base he had is gone now bcuz no one likes a two faced POS.. True Fact >=D

  • Hotshzzo

    I wonder what label its gonna release under?


    What label is he signed to?

  • yung tru

    this nigga ugly as fuck for leavin d-block and besides that he is ugly anyway lol

  • Unknown

    I heard he’s signing to slip-n-slide records

  • Rodjilius

    i think hes gonna be under the same label he released that one hit wonder man video on

  • PBreezy

    J-hood releasing an album?


    pssshh… Nobody that’s who.

    I don’t care if he’s D-block or not. Dude is a rat.

  • ..


    Who The Fuck Is J-Hood?


  • Po Boy

    this kid is gonna throw up the world’s most biggest brick.

  • B.SheldsVA

    I want to see what J-Hood got to say. I am looking forward to his Album. I didnt know homboy left D-block tho. I would have stayed. those cats were real. His flow fits in with theirs. I know he didnt get as much publity(im talking to Sheek louch) as everyone else. Jae Hood is still nice wit the pin.

  • Mr71186

    J-Hood a fuckin clown now u wanna d-block cool no problem but dont disrespect the niggas that gave u a name the lox fathered this nigga and he got the nerve to fuckin to be disrespectful fuck his ugly ass i wouldn’t have promoted that ugly mothafucka either now he wanna be 50 and shit and rock out wit dat fuckin lil ass chin strap fuck outta here dat aint gonna be shit but anotha hood nigga dat didn’t make it….

  • dunfiya

    j hood,why is this dude even gettin an article when has ever been relevant?

  • http://myspace.com/2thapointentertainment NawciouS

    That nigga Jhood is a Wing, Been a Wing and Always will be a Wing.. im From Y.O. and Iknow his Resume.. he aint been to Yonkers out in the public since that youtube video kuz the goonez is out 2 get em now he milk..He banned from Mt Vernon and Now he working on making that Yonkers 2. He not as nice as he may think he is.. and now he just burried himself with that move he made cause dj’s said he getz no spins as of now.. ur thang may have worked for his good if he aint try 2 play Dblock.. like how he did.. He claiming he heard rumors from sheek.. He know sheeks Gangsta..and Know sheek aint got no time 2 be spreading Rumors.. Sheek Will Do it 2 him first then broadcast it if even.. before he gonna just start saying he did sumting that was never done.. Hood Shoulda went to sheek bout that like a man and enquired.. but now he stuck on stupid.. kuz he got sume wing niggas putting the bug in his ear and battery in his back.. DO YALL REMEMBER J HOODS TAILS FROM THE HOOD? WELL EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS JUST A TALE FROM THE HOOD.. HE A WING..

  • darkman

    I could understand where this nigga comin from. Ya’ll fuckas need 2 respect dude grind an stop hating,mu’fuckers like they wanted dude 2 jus b around them an don’t bring out no album. 4 six years dude bin wit dem niggas,2 me he stayed 2 long do ya thing ma nigga

  • Deemoe

    Godzuki is gonna flop…. he has no fan base except for the niccaz who live in his building..

  • el

    hey, whatever happened with d-block is in the PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the dude is talented.

    im gonna cop all his new sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

    this guy has the ability to actually “bring ny back”.

    listen to his bars………


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