Infamous Mobb Returns With New Album, Reality Rap

Mobb Deep protégés, Infamous Mobb, will release their third album, Reality Rap, on November 6 through Sure Shot Records. Comprised of Ty Nitty, Gambino and Godfather Pt. 3, the Queensbridge trio first appeared on Mobb Deep’s 1996 LP, Hell On Earth, and have since released two albums — 2002’s Special Edition and 2004’s Blood Thicker Than Water, Vol. 1. Their new LP, Reality Rap, will feature production by Erick Sermon, The Alchemist, Mobb Deep’s Havoc and Dilated People’s Evidence. The tracklisting for the album is as follows.

1.) Capital Q (produced by E Blaze)
2.) Who Can You Trust (produced by Urilius)
3.) Border Line (produced by Enrico Alexander)
4.) Betti Bye Bye (produced by Erick Sermon)
5.) Itz A Gift (produced by Steve Sola)
6.) Blauu! f/Havoc (produced by Havoc)
7.) Get It Poppin (produced by Sid Roams)
8.) Streetz Of NY f/Erick Sermon (produced by Sid Roams)
9.) Music 4 The User (produced by Evidence)
10.) We Here (U Know) (produced by A Dog)
11.) That Smell (produced by King Benny
12.) Reality Rap (produced by Alchemist)
13.) The Cypher
14.) Double El f/Big Noyd (produced by Chaze)
15.) Closer (produced by Sid Roams)
16.) Handle Ya Business f/Prodigy (produced by Steve Sola)
17.) Hustle Hard f/Alchemist (produced by Alchemist)

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  • what it do

    Mobody cares about these week ass niggaz. 2pac too them out from day one. and TRU LIFE had them niggaz shook

  • newt

    Here’s another album that’ll sell about 3-4 thousand records. You guys are a huge joke. Don’t quit your day job cause I know rapping aint paying your bills

  • Stu

    Their new tracks sounds quite good, I heard one of them on MySpace.

  • t.c.

    Tru life turned nun after the mobb retaliated on him nobody knows what happened except them but look at the beef dvd again and you’ll see tru life in the second interview lookin’ real hurt and prodigy and hav murdered pac on drop a gem on em’ i love pac like everyone else but he got murked lyrically on that track and G.O.D. from the infamous mobb is one of the best queensbridge lyricist without a doubt!

  • what it do

    Fuck mobb deep and there muthafuckin mama.

  • IM3

    Good Alumb/Beats.

  • Mike

    G.O.D. is the only one who’s dope lyrically. Twin is weak, and Nitty is right down the middle. If G.O.D. pushes himself lyrically he can be on Prodigy’s level. It is almost as though G.O.D. has to degrade himself lyrically to stay within the realm of his team mates. They rhyme the same thing EVERY song. Production is always dope!! I just wish they lyrics would match their production. I mean how many ways can you say you get hi, you are gully, have gone through struggles, and have guns?? We already know that QB is killer. Still I support them because they are really hustling to make their money legally. Much respect.