Scores of Lil Wayne fans were disappointed on Sunday night (October 21), when the self proclaimed Best Rapper Alive failed to show up for a scheduled performance in Wilmington, NC. According to ABC News Channel 3, Wayne was scheduled to appear at the New Hanover High School, but for unexplained reasons he never made it to the venue. The concert sparked controversy in the surrounding community when it was first announced earlier this month, and the local school board even tried to have it moved from the high school’s Broden Hall. The board cited Weezy’s recent arrest in New York on weapons charges and his supposed gang affiliation as potential the threats to public safety. The concerts promoter eventually won out over the concerned locals and the show was expected to attract as many as 4,000 people. However, ABC News reports that the crowd that showed up on Sunday was only a fraction of that number. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Wayne was not happy with the turnout and the show had not generated enough money or interest.