biggiechain.jpgSean “Diddy” Combs is being sued for $19 million by a former associate over audio and video recordings made by Biggie in 1994. According to the Associated Press, James Sabatino—who who was once named as a person of interest in Big’s 1997 slaying and is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges—claims he paid for a trip the rapper took to Miami for a recording session. In his suit, Sabatino says that he owned the resulting 17 minutes of vocals and 90 minute video tape because he covered the rapper’s travel expenses, and Diddy agreed to that deal. When Biggie was murdered in Los Angeles in 1997, Sabatino says Puff agreed to pay $200,000 for the material and made an advance payment of $25,000 with the balance due within 60 days. When the rest of the money never came, Sabatino says he repeatedly tried to collect, but was wary of discussing the debt. Puff was questioned by L.A. authorities about Big’s murder and told them he did not feel Sabatino was involved. Sabatino—who was scheduled to meet with the rapper on the night of the killing, but never showed up—felt the mogul might change his story if he was pressed for the money. According to the lawsuit, Diddy didn’t want to pay because he felt it would look strange that his company was dealing with a suspect in Biggie’s murder. His suit seeks $19 million is actual and punitive damages.