Diddy Sued for $19 Million over Biggie Recordings

biggiechain.jpgSean “Diddy” Combs is being sued for $19 million by a former associate over audio and video recordings made by Biggie in 1994. According to the Associated Press, James Sabatino—who who was once named as a person of interest in Big’s 1997 slaying and is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges—claims he paid for a trip the rapper took to Miami for a recording session. In his suit, Sabatino says that he owned the resulting 17 minutes of vocals and 90 minute video tape because he covered the rapper’s travel expenses, and Diddy agreed to that deal. When Biggie was murdered in Los Angeles in 1997, Sabatino says Puff agreed to pay $200,000 for the material and made an advance payment of $25,000 with the balance due within 60 days. When the rest of the money never came, Sabatino says he repeatedly tried to collect, but was wary of discussing the debt. Puff was questioned by L.A. authorities about Big’s murder and told them he did not feel Sabatino was involved. Sabatino—who was scheduled to meet with the rapper on the night of the killing, but never showed up—felt the mogul might change his story if he was pressed for the money. According to the lawsuit, Diddy didn’t want to pay because he felt it would look strange that his company was dealing with a suspect in Biggie’s murder. His suit seeks $19 million is actual and punitive damages.

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  • Quezzy

    First bitches

  • y-roc


  • y-roc

    2nd biatch!!!

  • DreDetox2010

    First Bitches

  • http://bmpbeatz.com LMAO LMAO



    Mo Money Mo Problems!! Puffy is probaly somewhere with one of his effeminate “ManServants” getting a French Massage and letting Fonzworth Bently lavender him down with the finest oils which can be imported from Saudi Arabia. Puffy needs to ‘pull a R.Kelly” and stop being “Trapped In The Closet”. Seriously I believe that Mr.Puff-N-Stuff knows a lot more than he lets on about the Murder Of Biggie, but, like the FunBoy that he is, he’d rather go snort Coke with Madonna at a private Estate in the Hamptons.

  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    Damn Its diddy diddy that messed up u know bread is coming out is pockets forreal

  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    Damn Its diddy diddy that messed up u know bread is coming out is pockets forreal

  • ddot

    Wow. 10 years later and people are still fighting over biggie scraps. That is just sad.

  • http://n/a kentageous

    shit just dont change for hip hop. with all these execitives in the game making hit records they never took the time to pay ya debt and move on with life. look at u now…..look at you now! sad world we living in

  • Biggie

    diddy did it

  • Rodjilius

    chicago papii said what i wanted to say…. but its true mo money mo problems i shouldnt have to say anymore

  • WIKY


  • fuckdiddy

    damn he went from being owed 175 large to suing for 19 mil…some bullshit

  • Worley

    P. Diddy

  • Yamajesty

    Well, like the other dude said. Diddy did it.

  • http://www.soulink.net brothercool

    puffy wont have to pay a dime , dude just trying to get the spot lite off of him , if he were that smart he wouldnt be in jail now.

  • http://www.soulink.net brothercool

    puffy wont have to pay a dime , dude just trying to get the spot lite off of him , if he were that smart he wouldnt be in jail now.

  • Triple D

    what didn’t diddy do?

  • Frank White

    shiiet, who wouldnt wanna go snort coke with Madonna at a private Estate in the Hamptons…

  • Matsala a.k.a. The President

    Like Diddy said himself several times, “Diddy did it” he did it, messed up on this one. What the fuck was he thinking?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Matsala a.k.a. The President

    Eyo, I ain’t got no beef with Diddy but this time he fucked up and he’s gonna get what is coming his way. One way or othe other this shit was gonna come out either through James Sabatino or some other fake ass niggas out there. Anyway gthe damage is done.
    One love niggaz

  • http://yahoo.com moriri

    opps he did it again.thats Diddy for you.you do not mess with the nigger,just look at what happend to BIGGI

  • mick

    good, take that devil for all he has got

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Take that Take that Take that.

  • T.O

    “but Diddy lawyer so good, that Diddy got acquitted”

  • 4life

    thangz people do 4 money & fame. its sad, 19million?? are u crazzy fool? so wat u paid the travel expenses, but 19mill is just crazy, even in america thats crazzy.

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  • bottom boi g

    man read between the lines diddy paid dude to take out biggie dude did it diddy paid him a few dollars when the blues got suspect on dude diddy backed off to try to hide it and he left dude out to dry like he did shine. Diddy is a doul dude.

  • http://XXLmag.com MUFFLE

    I belive Diddy didn’t pay him I did 2 videos for him(the mad rapper& a biggie video)and its here its over 8 years and i haven’t got paid either!!!!!!!!!………Paece…….

  • Precious

    Diddy is an under cover fag and an asshole anyway…I hope he gets all his money!

  • diddy is a b*tch

    well to me that means diddy was about the money and what he can do now off of biggie that ran new york b.k. baby r.i.p


    I always thought Diddy was somehow involved in the murder of Biggie..He is the only person that profited..Look at him…Sell your SOUL to the DEVIL..It all comes back to you!!

  • kool motion plfd n.j


  • julie

    You people need to leave puffy alone! You just want money from him. Because he big in the world!

  • julie

    hay KOOL MOTIONPLFD N.J you must be so stupid. what are you trying to say that puff had something to do with it. You must be crazy. Puff would never do that.

  • Big Block

    Gotta Be Kidding!!! Just because you take care of some expenses for an employer doesn’t mean you are entitled to the profits of the venture. Reinbursement, yes. But if this guy has proof of the agreement, ie. contract, then he is entitled to the agreement. Anybody with any brains would have maintained possesion until they got paid…would’t you??

  • http://aol Candygirl

    no matter what,,,money talks,and Diddy will walk away squeaky clean,whether he had something to do with it or not,but we all know he was behind the limelight til Biggies death,and then came shining bright.

  • http://aol Kia from chi-town

    I always said Diddy put the hit out on Biggie, I don’t like that punk, his bitch ass gone dance all around paying Sab his money, but how due you sue when it was a murder for hire job?

  • barbados

    19m aint nothing to puff,made much more off of big

  • Lil Mz Hydro

    Sabatino and diddy knows who is the real killer.
    They aint talking
    everything done in the dark will come to light.

    Believe what I tell u
    I think diddy had biggie killed
    My Opinion
    Just like everyone has a A hole
    I got my Opinion
    And just expressing it

  • Serenity

    This is so High—larious! The whole world hates on Puff. All I can say is that he is a shrewd businessman and that he will continue to evolve in the game. From street-hop to boardroom deals – nobody can touch him and the creme de la creme colored people love him. As long as he has paper he will continue to thrive. Look at R Kelly. That is the bigger crime; this fake ass singer who claims to be the king of R&B is going out on tour. You people should focus on the real criminals. I don’t think Puff did anything to Biggie. I don’t care if he is in the closet or not. He isn’t screwing little girls like Kells, while we buy his albums and concert tickets and step our dumb asses up the street in the name of love. Further, if Puff is screwing over dumb ass rappers and members of the entourage because they are just trying to get a deal – and they sign away their lives – that is too bad. Welcome to the game, bitches!

  • macboy

    you gotta be kidding me about this man! we wants 19 million for a record that was 17 mins?


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  • Crystal Cornitcher

    It is clear Diddy not only knew about Biggie being murdered, but I am willing to bet the farm he put the contract out on Biggie. I believe Sabitino, a witness to the arranged hit, collected part of his money from Diddy, called Biggie to meet him, and now wants the rest of his money. Its sad when entertainers become worth more dead then alive, obviously!!!!

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