Belo of Chicago Group Do Or Die, Pleads Guilty to Murder, Gets 10 Years

doordie.jpgDarnell Smith, otherwise known as Belo Zero of the Chicago-based group Do or Die, pleaded guilty on Thursday (October 10) to second-degree murder in the 2002 shooting of Raynard “B-Dog” Pinkston. According to Chicago’s CBS 2, Smith will receive a 10-year sentence under a plea agreement. Prosecutors say the rapper shot and killed Pinkston after warning the man to stay out of a fight that was occurring at 2310 S. State. Earlier this year, Belo’s girlfriend Felicia Hamilton, was convicted of obstructing justice and communicating with witnesses after it was discovered that she offered them $1,000 to change their testimony. “I think it’s a good outcome, and I thank God for it,” said Pinkston’s brother D’Angelo Dixon. “I’m glad that guy got 10 years.” Smith will be formally sentenced on November 8.

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  • Bol


    • sandra

      shit, it just goes to show to stay the fuck away from the ickes. you wanna hang out in the projects, hang out in the extensions or fucking altgeld or something. stay away from fucking state street, or the police will fuck you over.

  • stoneyisland

    damn this thugging love bullshit:)

  • geico lizard

    why would you waste your time going into the rap game if you are going to stay out in the streets and sell drugs or kill people. they also messed up by offering only a grand to witnesses people want more money than that

  • b-ease


  • Durty


  • bizzle

    Damn aint this some shit…pull up in a ca d i ll bumpin ac

  • Stu

    Sounds like dude deserved it.
    Probs get let out early though.

  • I – Menace

    As much as I LOVED Doe or Die, I guess this means their DEAD! See if he’ll be a po pimp or if he’ll get po pimped behind bars. I guess with all this bubble gum rap out this is the only news we can get now!!!

  • dsread

    I am just thinking man that’s twisted well all I can say is do your time learn from your experiences and try and be a better man but if his girl was trying to pay people off chances are he wont learn and it’s just be more more of the same

  • deandre

    any real nigga know that for a m 10 aint shit
    hold ya head boy…u will be home in 8

  • Trickdd


  • Unknown

    Free Belo? HAHAHA!!! You commmit the crime, do the time!!! He got his chance, but threw that away by killing another man. I hate when fans try and stick up for these rappers, but do not know their personal life structure. When you see these dick riders wearing “FREE BELO” or something, they’re just promoting more this bullshit. The man needs to learn from his mistake. How unfortunate.

  • Autumn

    what the fuck dont be posting free belo shit. the dumb ass killed someone. his ass should be under the jail. fuck that shit. what a fucking loser



  • NAG

    man i remember listening to DOD the first time. i found this scratched up ass DOD cd on the side of the road in ’99 or somethin. that was in north dallas too, real talk. 10 years for a murder is cool, its like that nig has been runnin around for 5 years. that is cool.

  • Ziploc Moe

    If your alias is B-Dog, you aint no muthafuckin preacher. That nigga probably brought the shiton himself.

  • what it do?

    Keep ya head up Belo

  • AL BOO BOO 408


  • AL BOO BOO 408


  • TripleX

    only 10 years? come on man he should’ve got life, he killed a man, DAMN!!!!

    btw who is Belo?


  • rizzle

    dis for autumn and geico lizard FUCK BOTH OF YALL.see dats whats diff in the rap game have rappers and you have real niggas just doin it to get if u livin dat life why turn studio. so yes belo must had beef wit dude. yall dont kno the whole yea keep talkin what cha dont kno ya heard me.and fuck you to triplex.
    let dat be one of your guys or some shit and ya’ll woud be screamin free him too so…ssshhhhhhh

  • Chuck Taylor AKA Fuck Haters

    I’m going to shot somebody so I can get locked up and fuck Belo in his ass and stroke his dick off until he cums. Than he could suck my dick and we could make out with cum. Hold Your Head Up Faggit

  • Chi-Kilo

    stay up, stay safe fam.

  • sean_izzle


  • meezy

    he got love 10 years.. Belo stay strong…

  • JPrince

    smh @ u fukin dumbass niggas talkin about “Free Belo” or “hold ur head up” what about the nigga he merked? what about his family? you lil dumbass niggas need to grow the fukk up. yall watch to many movies

  • Nigerian Nightmare

    I see majority ppl are still stuck on dumb. “Hold yah head up” You gotta be fucking kidding me.. That dude deserves to be in there longer. Damn idiots!!

  • sandra

    shit…it goes to show to stay the fuck out of the ickes and the dearborns. you wanna fuck around in the projects, go to the fucking extensions on 35th or altgeld or something. believe me, i used to live in the ickes and i voluntarily moved out because of shit like this. although he did get a good deal. if i fucking got caught on a murder rap, believe me, i’d be sitting in 26th and cal for a minute before they even sentenced me to life.

  • Football live streaming

    I fully agree completely!!

  • cichlid pictures

    That’s some enlightening read..