Beanie Sigel Drops The Solution on December 11

After a two year hiatus, Beanie Sigel is set to return on December 11 with his fourth studio LP with Rocafella Records, The Solution. Weighing in at 17 tracks, the Broad Street Bully promises The Solution will offer listeners an alternative to what they are currently hearing on the radio. “I realize that the game has changed, everything sounds the same, very repetitive,” says Beans. “The Solution is the answer to all of that. For those that want to here a little rock, jazz or soul, I got all of that!” Tracks include “I’m In,” which reveals Beanie’s “lady’s man” side over a sample of the Luther Vandross classic “Make Me a Believer;” and “Children,” a track addressing fatherless youth with a soulful Marvin Gaye rendition. The project features production from The Runners, Dre & Vidal and Eric Hudson, as well as guest appearances from Styles P, Scarface and Raheem DeVaughn. The first single, the R.Kelly featured “All of the Above,” is set to officially hit radio on October 29, with a video to follow shortly thereafter.

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  • Beav


    • Slim

      I’m glad Beans is back. Go get’em bra.

  • complexndope

    Didn’t this dude kiss Peedi Crack on the lips just a little while ago???

    Sit your cross dressing AZZ down!!!

  • The Kanadian

    That 1st $#!t or ALL CAPS $#!t is al straigh nonsense, Cut it out. The editors shouldn’t even let those posts through. As someone who visits this site often, I don’t want to see that nonsense any mor, It’s just Bad m’Kay!

  • Bk Cyph

    damn that single is trash! I dunno about this one- Beans have been wilding lately.

    I hope its as good as B.Coming but i doubt it will be.

  • Bk Cyph

    damn that single is trash! I dunno about this one- Beans have been wilding lately.

    I hope its as good as B.Coming but i doubt it will be.

  • Y~D

    DA BROAD STREET BULLY BACK N DA BUILDING IT’S A RAP!!!!! da solution gon be one of da best albums dis year besides american gangster!!!!…..IT’S DA ROC

  • Lo-Doe

    Glad to see Beans officially back on the ROC. This album, I hope it really pops off for him because he’s a good talented artist. The joint with Styles gotta be nuts. He should add Bleek as a guest appearance because I hear he’s back in the studio (Check out Memphis Bleek & Akon- “Never Forget Me” THIS IS THE BEST JOINT I HEARD ALL YEAR). I know Dame salty. “The Solution” have to be a good album because Beans & Freeway killed the joint “LIFE” and that had a rock-n-roll production to it. A lot of cats like that watered down snap crap and southern music that is trash. Artists that come out with trash cannot be taken seriously because in 10 years you wouldn’t be able to play it. That’s how I look at the rap industry today. I like Jeezy now (the feeling is starting to fade) but in 5 years can I actually play Jeezy and think that it is timeless??? We actually have good artists, that are underrated (Beanie Sigel, AZ, Jadakiss [The Lox], JA RULE [I'ma die hard Ja Rule fan, Black Rob [He's a beast] Hell Rell [cop the new album "For the Hell of It]). As I’m naming cats (I could keep on going) but most of these cats are from New York. I’m a Chicago cat & all we have is Kanye, Common, & R. Kelly. Twista is horrible now. I support his album sales but he’s gettin too much into that down south shit. How could he call his new album “Adrenaline Rush 2007″??? This is an embarrasment to his debut (The original) “Adrenaline Rush” they cannot be compared. I just realized I came off the topic of Beans. Sorry Beans. EVERYBODY, GO OUT & BUY BEANIE SIGEL “THE SOLUTION” THIS WILL BRING GOOD MUSIC & OVERSHADOW ALL THE TRASH.

  • rock

    @The Kanadian :

    You are 2nd.
    If you were first, you wouldn’t be such a hater.

  • the yo yo

    the yo yo

  • c-dog

    Nah y’all got it wrong Beanie is wack – he fell off real hard after his first album.

    Plus he old as a mothafucka, that man must be at least 40 years olds – wtf is he still doing rapping, him Nas, Jay-Z and Wu-Tang should all get the hell out of the game, they leeching the this rap shit right now and balling blocking young talented rappers.

    At the end of the day, too many grey-rusty-has-beens right now – thats whats fuckin up the game.


      Really? That’s what’s fuckin up the game? I thought it was stupid shit like Solja Boy, Jibbs, Hurricane Chris, Young Joc…all these gay ass dances, fake ass hustlas and ring tone rappers. You need dudes that have a sense of hip hop’s history to keep it balanced. If that’s all you have to offer…shut the fuck up. And for the record, I partially agree with you, Beans had like 3 good songs in his whole career…that muh fucka is wack

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  • P

    here’s the real solution, take your peedi crack kissin ass to the brooklyn bridge, bring bleek and all ya phones with ya, watch state property 2 and then kill yourself please!!! beans aint shit, str8 up garbage

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  • Jordany

    Kanye West – Graduation – Sept, 11th (in stores now)
    Little Brother – Getback – Oct, 23rd (in stores now)
    Jay-Z – American Gangster – Nov, 6th
    Freeway – Free At Last – Nov, 20th
    Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told – Dec, 4th
    Ghostface Killah – The Big Doe Rehab – Dec, 4th
    Styles P – Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman – Dec, 4th
    Beanie Sigel – The Solution – Dec, 11th
    Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 3 – Dec, 11th
    Nas – Nigger – Dec, 11th
    Lupe Fiasco – The Cool – Dec, 18th
    Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter III – Dec, 18th
    Wu-Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams – Dec, 2007

    Hip Hop still alive, i just hope ’08 gets even better.

  • Lion2GunzUp

    Yup….. that list is the shit!!! dec gona be hott. Buddens, wu, wayne, sai, an nas. how the Fu*# will i know what songs to bump in the trunk! Lion

  • The one

    Man that cat need to get his shit right he just need to make a hit man this cat full of shit hoecake ass pussy make a fuking hit and shut the fuck up got dam

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