Witness in Notorious BIG Lawsuit Changes Story, Implicates Wallace Family Attorney in Scam

biggiechain.jpgIn a bombshell development in the ongoing story of the murder of the Notorious BIG, an incarcerated witness has recanted his previous testimony and implicated the attorney representing the slain rapper’s family in his lie. According to a report by the LA Times, inmate Waymond Anderson, a crucial witness in the case, now says that he lied about former cops David Mack and Rafael Perez’s supposed involvement in Biggie’s 1997 murder. Mack and Perez are both currently incarcerated on unrelated charges. In an August 20 deposition, Anderson changed his story and said that he had been approached in 2001 by fellow inmate Kenneth Boagni who asked him to participate in the lie in exchange for payment from Wallace family attorney Perry R. Sanders. Anderson claims that Sanders personally offered him money during a phone conversation and that Voletta Wallace herself made and offer of $150,000 in a message sent through another inmate. Sanders flatly denied the allegations and noted that he was not retained by the Wallace family until after Boagni had left prison where he and Anderson were incarcerated. The attorney is now accusing LA Times writer Chuck Philips of influencing Anderson to change his story. Earlier this year, the Philips wrote an article for the Times that challenged Anderson’s conviction for murder and arson. Philips and Times editor James O’Shea called Sanders claims “idiotic” and “utterly groundless.”

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    Is’nt Chuck Philips the same guy who wrote the story that Biggie had Pac murdered? I smell a conspiracy.

  • http://www.union.edu d bags



    one day the truth will come out you can not hide the truth forever.R.I.P BIG

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Its been so long, who even wants to know? All we need to know is that BIG is gone, and he’s never coming back. Let the late great one rest.

  • 20/20

    They’d convict Lee Harvey Oswald of killing BIG if it could keep those fucking Ramparts pigs out of trouble.

  • The G.O.A.T.

    I agree wit EReal, however, B.I.G.’s mom needs closure. Any mother and fathers would want to know what happened to their loved one. Very sad.

  • Worley

    Sounds like Waymond Anderson got himself into a sticky situation behind bars and this is the only way he thinks he can get out of it.

    Testimony from the jail house always has the promise of freedom as its premise. Sorry Waymond, you will have to get “familiar” with Adebisi.

  • Michas

    EREAL, MANY people STILL care. Those cops are who the TV show “THE SHIELD” is based off of. Crooked cops running around assisting in assasinations of people is a problem no matter HOW long it’s been. And I think that if you were murderd you would want the case solved. Solving this case could facilitate Pacs murder being solved…no REALLY solved. When Black Icons are murderd it deserves the same justice as if a white star is murderd. PEOPLE CARE!

    As far as Waymond, someone got to him. This case IS against the LAPD and the city of LA after all. it’s obvious someone got to him. I hope the case can move on without him. BTW Diddy needs to stop partyin and help out his supposed best homie BIGS MOM!

  • Pure

    Let the late great veteran be.


  • BronxChic4Lyfe

    It doesn’t even matter that much anymore. Just let B.I.G and 2pac rest in peace.

  • Jerrard101

    LMAO, shit I can’t stop laughing at the comment above me! Good one! Adebisi!!!

  • http://xxlmagazine.com incognegro

    Thats fucked up i bet that theres a lot of people in on this whole damn thing,If that can happen to biggie with witnesses around that could happen to one of us.fuck em all

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