Second Morgan State University Student Sues Lil Wayne

lil-wayne.jpgAs previously reported on, a Morgan State University student, Tyrique Layne, filed a suit against Lil Wayne for $1 million in damages after she received a “serious closed head injury” when Weezy threw money into the crowd during his performance at the college in October 2006. Now, a second Morgan State student is suing Wayne as well. According to the Daily Record, 20-year-old junior, Carlisa Dixon, was “impaled” by a metal pole after chaos broke out when Wayne threw money in the air before performing his song, “Money on My Mind.” During the melee, Dixon was pushed into a “bicycle type metal barricade,” which punctured her lift thigh, requiring surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dixon is seeking $1 million in damages from Wayne and his record and touring companies. Dixon is also seeking $1 million from Morgan State, claiming they failed to manage the October ’06 concert properly.

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  • Fire

    *Thinks of “Gold Digger” when reading this story*

    That’s all that bitch is trying to do, get money in what she views as an easy way. To the people suing Lil Wayne: what do you expect when someone throws money? Look out for yourself. You couldn’t do that, so shut the fuck up and get out.

  • Trizzle


  • ya boy skella

    see blacks fok can get paid if they got enuff money to get a lawyer r 1 to take tha case; them hoes bout to b rich. too bad they gotta do it to r own, specially weezy. dat shit ill n a hoe

  • scrilla

    That’s all a hoe tryna do is get money from real niggas. GO FUCK with them pussy ass niggas to get ya money BIATCH!!!

  • texasleen

    damn weezy better call akon and do the remix to that im sorry song he has out…bitches always trying to get money but 2 mil cmon now

  • Young L

    Fuck these faggots who keep suing

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  • Dan99

    lol, people trying to make money of lil’ wayne that’s all it is. But making it RAIN is never a smart idea.

  • nellz

    How a bitch get imapled…and is jus now suin?

  • Dumbass

    Ya’ll are dumb as fck. How bout the victims in this case. Throwing money in a crowd is down right stupid. It causes chaos. If we didn’t throw the cash, this could have been prevented. Naw, lil dickhead wants to make it rain! And you commenters stop hatin on women so tough. Ya’ll act like it a sin to get what you deserve. A close head injury is nothing to make fun of. Oh girl is suing now cause the her surgey and treatment bills are final. She can get the exact cost of the medical bills and get pain and suffering costs.

  • Beef

    hey dumbass, you are a dumbass. I’m not sayin it isn’t right for her to sue but fuck her for suin for a million dollars. Fuck…anyone woulda probably sued him for 1 mil just cause he has it (which aint right to me that’s why I’m sayin fuck her) but that doesn’t mean you should defend her case dumbshit.

  • Daniel

    Wow who do you think your suing. Just his lawyers alone will eat you alive.


    This is America, land of capitalist oppurtunism. This shit’s been going on for years. Why not sue a bastard for a mil if you could get it? But just cuz the plaintiffs are Black girls they’re gold-diggers? [They prolly are, but damn....]

  • Neka

    during certain events there is something called assumption of risk. However the person having the event has a responsibility to reasonably protect you. Lil wayne throwing money into a crowd full of broke college students didnt act responibly. I know he is your favorite rapper but wrong is wrong and those people sueing have viable claims.



    Ain’t this lil *igga learn from PACMAN JONES. This is gonna be one expensive ass show’n out for da young boi….makin it rain, folks getting hurt ain’t it cuzzo.

  • Dumbass

    Awww, did I strike a nerve Mr. Beef? Like I said, she’ll get her money. You should study law…..dumbass.

  • Stupid rappers

    Co-sign Dumbass. The victims should get paid. Sounds like Wayne was the proximate cause of the foreseeable injuries to me. How can you throw money into a crowd of broke people and not expect something like this to ocurr i.e. Pacman Jones incident etc. These guys need advisors at their hips- Ignant rappers..

  • Rsenal

    I co-sign Dumbass above. Of course Wayne was the proximate cause of victim’s injuries. How can these ignorant rappers expect to make it rain on a campus of broke university students and not expect people to pounce on each other etc.? All so he can go home and say he “made it rain” i.e. Pacman jones etc. These guys need advisors attached to their hips.

  • incognegro

    when you got money you cant trust nobody always keep your g up

  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    So because Wayne threw money and people can’t look out for themselves and make sure they don’t get trampled by other university students trying to get money, he should be sued? Those girls are at the college level of education. They should have enough common sense to exhibit self preservation (i.e. not getting hurt). I mean, he should pay out a little bit, but not a million fucking dollars, hell, maybe not even a few thousand. Maybe a C note each if anything. I hate it when people anywhere exaggerate the amount of money that they need just because they did something stupid.

  • va anonymous

    and she’s suing almost one year after the fact? she on some bullshit. that price she’s askin for is absolutely outrageous.